Wheels within Wheels

The mystery of North and South polarities. The Path Beyond’s, celticprincess© August 22, 2006. There is a Universal harmony that extends out through time and space and conceals it’s mystery’s within our planet and each one of us on this planet. We are so synchronized within the perfection that most of us loose sight of our direction and just live day by day. My 73 year old aunt told me that she thought and thought about the meaning and reason of her life on this planet and couldn’t come up with one thing as to why she is here. The sad part is she was raised all her life with spiritualism, but has never applied it to herself or her life. It’s time to change the thought process within the world of energy we live. Those that have lived in a daily routine of home and work are truly missing out on the mysteries and codes of their own life and its purpose. One of the most fascinating mysteries is that of the North and South. The Northern Hemisphere has a stronger polarity (magnetic energy) than the Southern Hemisphere and work in opposite directions. Water, hurricanes and tornado’s spin in a clockwise motion in the Northern Hemisphere and a counter-clockwise motion the Southern Hemisphere. Astrologers correctly chart planets in a counter clockwise movement while the Ages move clockwise. There is a description in the Bible as Wheels within Wheels, allowing those to understand a concept of forward and reversed movement in our life. Most of us are taught these movements of these Hemisphere’s in school, but what we aren’t taught is that Universal Law, that the North will, has and does predominant over the South. When the North and the South are in opposition the North will always win or there will be a draw and no one wins. Consider the War between the States. The South lost that war that was doomed from the beginning, since our Capital was North of the conflict. Consider the thousands of Americans that died in South Korea and South Vietnam in a no win situation that was doomed from the beginning. However, if you live in the Southern Hemisphere and are in conflict with the Northern part of the Southern Hemisphere the Southern portion will win or it will end in a draw where no one wins. The closer you are to the magnetic Poles the more power you have over your opponent. If there is opposition between the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere the Northern Hemisphere will win, as it has a stronger magnetic energy. In personal dealings, keep in mind that you are more likely to win an argument if you are standing North of your opponent. From what I have observed and experienced I have to tell you this. My former employer shares an office with her teachers. Although, she is getting into more spiritualistic avenues she hasn’t come across the North and South Mystery. Her part of the office sits South of the teachers and every time she has a conflict with a teacher she backs down and the teacher wins or it becomes a situation where no one wins and both sides are mad. Her partner’s office is North of the main office and when she confronts her partner on any issue, her partner always controls the decision and wins because my former employer always sits to the South of her to discuss the issue and she is always mad when she walks out of her office. Personally, my house faces North and South and when my teenagers get into an argument it is usually in one of their bedrooms or the hallway that faces North. For me to resolve the argument I have to call them into the living room South of their bedroom’s and stand North of them for the discussion or it will become out of control and becomes a no win settlement where everyone is mad.The next time you have to confront someone make sure you know which way is North and try standing North of your opponent and see what happens. You just may be surprised.(As a side note, since I originally wrote and posted this on Doctors Buzzard’ s Psychic Psycho-Rama). If anyone has viewed the amazing photo’s from NASA’s Space Gallery of Deep Space Galaxies, you will notice that Spiral Galaxies spin both clockwise and counterclockwise. There is also an interesting aspect when you view their Nebula pictures. Many of the Nebula formations look very similar to Angels with Wings, Human Faces, Wizards, Dragons, Devils and Evil Spirits. It kind of gives perspective to the Bible term “As Above, So Below.” As we view anything in space as above us. Oddly, the Ancient Celtic people built structures, like Stonehenge and many others, to view more than the Solstice’s in the sky, thousands of years ago, as well as the Egyptians, Inca’s and many other tribes on this planet. It kind of makes you wonder about the ancient cave drawings of UFO’s, Space Beings, Sun’s, Planet’s, and our modern day speculation and sightings of UFO’s, as well as many monoliths that are standing across the planet Earth today. It does not even begin to cover the Major Religions and their God’s and or Goddess’s. Are we alone in this Universe? Think about it and let me know, but put your prejudice aside, because this isn’t a debate of right or wrong or even religious. It’s more of a possibility vs impossibility question.

Happy Holidays to All

OK Lucky you got your Christmas wish I’m on here. It’s been a busy year with 2 kids and 7 rescue animals to tend after and out of Country Company who came to the desert to get warm and a day later we have a blizzard, so to speak, that came down from Colorado.  The Northern part of the State received massive snow and left kids stranded at school with no way to get home but walking.  In fact, my daughters friend had to walk home in tennis shoes.

The Valley Floor, where I live had torrential rain and ungodly wind.  I got off easy with Christmas decorations blown down, but my neighbors had massive damage and trees blown down across their property and a huge tree that crossed the main street to get to their property.  My entire neighborhood had clean up crews at their house and I was so thankful I was not one of them.

Thought my cousin was going to have a heart attack over the weather, it’s not the kind of weather she and her husband have ever seen before in their life.  It get’s cold in Great Britain but  it was nothing like what they have ever experienced before.  It’s good Karma, they lived through it and are now taking control of the 8 month old kittens who have no idea what that Christmas Tree is doing in the living room, but it looks like fun to play with and around.

Happy Holidays to all!

Health Care In This Country

I would like to share a personal story about HEALTH CARE in this Country.  I’m not trying to make your decisions, I am however, trying to understand the stupidity of Doctors who use scare tactics if you don’t have Health Care.  I’m not happy over the fact that I am a widow raising to 2 teenage children on my own.  My husband, who was the main bread winner, died leaving me his debt that I am obligated to pay.  I was given no choice.  I applied for health insurance after his health coverage cancelled the policy because of his death.  I applied with a Health Insurance Company, but my children and I were denied because I take thyroid medication and my children’s doctor would not release their medical history because they were minors.  I was never given the option of allowing their medical files to be released.  It’s hard to know what to do when you are confronted with a situation you have never had to handle.  I’ve grown up since then and the stress I went through with my husband’s death that took a while to get over.

In that while of growing up I kept hearing my Great Grandfather telling me as a child to “pay attention to your surroundings”.    What I found in my surroundings was arrogant self serving people who only cared about how much they used you and made in dollar signs, off of you.

3 years and 9 months ago on New Year’s day my daughter was called by a neighbor to come and babysit their 9 year old daughter.  The father of the child was playing golf and afterwards drinking at the “Counry Club”.  The mother left her child home alone while she went to the bar.  The girls were watching T.V. when the father came home and told them to go outside and play on the trampoline. What do kids do when they are told by adults to do something, they usually do it.  My daughter broke both of her lower leg bones in half.  The father had left, didn’t tell the girls and when his daughter called him he refused to come home.

My daughter laid on a trampoline for 30 minutes in pain because the father didn’t believe it actually happened when his daughter called him.  My daughter finally called me and I showed up before the father who was closer to the house than I was.  $34,ooo.00 in medical bills and a lawsuit that has taken 3 years and 9 months to settle and I lost my job staying home to take care of her for 6 weeks because there was no one else to do it. My daughter couldn’t even get to the bathroom by herself.  I was denied State benefits to cover her medical bills because I had a retirement account left to me by my husband.

I was unemployed because the economy fell and jobs were suddenly hard to come by in the state of Arizona.

Fast forward to this year in June.  My 16 year old son, an honor student, was complaining of pain in his rib cage and chest area.  His doctor requested I send him to Phoenix Children’s Hospital.  He was in the hospital 6 hours on an EKG machine.  Three doctors said all he had was inflammation in his rib cage.  He was given Ibuprofen and was fine, until the Cardiologist’s office called to do another EKG.  My sons entire hospital bill was $1300.00 for 6 hours, the Cardiologist charge me $847.00 for one EKG and my son was in that room with a nurse practitioner for 10 minutes.  Several days went by before that office called and wanted to do a stress test I refused because of their prices and the nurse practitioner told me on the phone he was extremely ill and could drop dead at any moment and I would be responsible. I didn’t believe her so she had the Cardiologist call me to tell me the same thing over the phone. They gave gave him an echo gram instead and did not charge me.  They waited a week to give me the result that showed nothing.  So they re-asked for the for a tread mill test at no charge, however the bill came later, over 800.00 dollars.  Then they wanted to do an MRI for $10,ooo.oo that had to be paid up front. He didn’t get the test.

Every test my son had he was told NOT to EAT before that test.  The nurse practitioner showed me a comparison to the hospital tests and told me he was extremely ill.

I’m not that stupid, I got a second opinion by 2 doctors.  I was told to make sure he had food on his stomach before the EKG.  In the end the only thing wrong with him was he drank to much water that flushed all of his electrolytes out of his  body. He was told to drink Gator Aid and he has been fine every since then.  His EKG’s have been normal since.

My point to this blog, for those of you who want to call Government Health Care Socialized Medicine I really could care less, you can call it whatever you want.  I have dual citizenship with Ireland, however, when I was living in England I fell and broke my ankle.  I was taken to the hospital, a cast was put on and I didn’t pay a dime of money I didn’t have.  There are millions of citizens in this Country who can’t afford Health Insurance and just can’t get it because of a “pre-existing condition”.

By the way, my son was also denied State Health Care because I receive Social Security Death Benefits that the State of Arizona claims to be more than enough that is suppose to go to health insurance and a college fund.  Obviously, they haven’t checked the price of food, gas or the job market in Arizona lately and I am State Licensed in my profession.  I’m lucky to work 3 days a month.

It’s really sad that political promises  by State Officials are nothing more than promises and a bag full of lies. Be very careful of who you vote for in your State next year.

Buyers Beware of Insurance Companies

There are thousands of people in this Country that judge what they see in T.V. commercials to be the truth to save money on a to good to be true scheme.  At least one Insurance Company that pays millions of dollars in commercial advertising that is the biggest rip off company that you could choose.  If you are watching commercials from Progressive , who offers a multitude of Insurance BEWARE that what you hear in these commercial in not fact based. Progressive uses AUTO OWNERS INSURANCE who actually thinks every accident is YOUR fault and you need to pay for it out of your pocket.

Should you complain about their system and why they haven’t contacted you they will defiantly give you the run around until you get so frustrated you have to file a lawsuit. However, don’t expect that lawsuit to end anytime soon because they will to anything, at all costs, to avoid making a decision.

Unfortunately when my husband died I could no longer afford medical insurance.  My next door neighbor’s father was wealthy and owned a business that was given to her oldest sister. Her sister has a daughter who it a trained gymnast, who has a trampoline.  My daughter was called on New Years Day to come and babysit her 9 year old.  The mother went out drinking with her friends and the father was playing golf.  Since my daughter had taken classes with the American Red Cross and had baby-sat many times before, without any incident, I really didn’t think it was much of a problem.  My concern was a 9 year old child that was left alone, when her parents obviously thought she was unable to stay by herself after they left her alone by herself.    I took my daughter to the house.  The little girl was watching T.V. so my daughter sat down with her.  Several minutes later the father came home and told the girls to “go outside and play on the trampoline”.

When children are told by a male authority figure to go do something, they usually, don’t question the command.  The girls did exactly what they were told.  Unfortunately, the trampoline was broken and the parents knew it. My daughter broke her 2 lower leg bones in half and had to have surgery and titanium rods put in her leg. The child that lived in the house ran inside to get her father, but he had left without telling them.   The child of the house found a cell phone and called her dad.  He was at the drug store buying alcohol and snacks and told my daughter her leg wasn’t broken and to shake it off and walk it off.  After 45 minutes and 3 phones to the father he told my daughter to call her mom.  I got there before the father.  He assured me her medical bills would be covered by there insurance.

Go figure wealthy people with cheap a insurance company that don’t pay on accidents. My daughters medical bills were over $30,000.00.  I was denied State insurance because I had a retirement account that I refused to “give away”.

I filed a lawsuit and it’s been over 2 1/2 years and they refuse to even acknowledge my attorney’s final offer before going to trial.

I am just forewarning you before you make a mistake of using “AUTO OWNERS INSURANCE COMPANY”.  Find a reputable Insurance Company.

The Arrogance of this Country

Since when do the elected officials of this Country try to take away our God given right to make our choices, pertaining to our personnel experiences we came here to work out, all on our own, as they arrogantly assume control of it’s citizens decisions.  When are they going to wake up and realize that this Country is not about them, it’s about WE THE PEOPLE!   These politicians have gone to great lengths to NOT Provide American Citizens with HEALTH CARE!

Think about it!!!!  How many of you are struggling financially?  How many of you have had their Credit Reports ruined because you lost your job and have to wait up to 7 years before it’s no longer on your credit report and can’t get anything done in your favor?  How many of you have had homes that suffered foreclosure and you are not living in the style you had?  How many of you live in a State where your State Government really doesn’t care, because they believe it’s your fault for not being the Almighty Rich Citizen?   Did we all really come here to be rich or do we come here for our personal goals we need to accomplish on our own?

Are you aware that Companies out there are not hiring people, who pay taxes, because they might have a drink or two or smoke. Companies aren’t hiring disabled people because they only want to hire healthy strong workers.  They aren’t hiring older workers because they feel they can’t produce enough.  WHAT HAPPENS TO AMERICA WHEN MOST OF THE PEOPLE ARE OUT OF WORK AND NO TAXES ARE BEING PAID?

Is dictating to me from another Human this Countries course of action to be our NEW WAY to life?  THAT’S NOT FREEDOM OF CHOICE!

If the Arrogance and Control is to be our new way of life, the FEDERAL Government and Corporations have serious issues.

As long as we still have FREEDOM OF SPEECH everyone needs to express their opinion against the CONTROL of our lives.  SLAUGHTERING THE CONSTITUTION IS A CRIME BEYOND REPROACH.

It’s not even funny to me that Google and their buy out of Yahoo are arrogantly trying to control what’s on the internet.

Let it RIP VERBALLY before you no longer have FREEDOM OF SPEECH and CHOICES TO MAKE IN YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!




Should All Illegal Drugs Be Legalized

If I didn’t live in Arizona and my late husband didn’t die because of the stupidity of himself and the arrogance of the drug runners from Mexico, I probably wouldn’t be so irate over  some of the Dumb-Asses in this Country pushing to legalize ALL illegal drugs.  Are these people really that ignorant to think no one is going to buy them just because they are legal?  There are 900,000 thousand teenagers selling drugs in this Country.  Are all of YOU parents really that stupid  that you just don’t have the time or even care to monitor what your own children are doing?  You brought them into this world and it is your legal right and job to know everything they are doing and the type of  people they are hanging out with.  Of course, kids never like parents telling them what to do, but how much to you really know what these drugs do to the body and the brain of a human being?  

My kids saw what crystal meth did to their father. He became mentally ill from the drug and ended his life by hanging himself, but not before he tried to kill us well over 6 times.  They live with it everyday of their life, since he committed suicide, knowing what they went through with him .  They saw and experienced things kids should never have to deal with in a lifetime. Unfortunately,  The Arizona Courts were not sympathetic and made me beg for two Orders of Protection for my kids and myself.  It was worth it, my son is an honor student and my daughter, well, she is still a bubble head, but she stays away from all kids that have anything to do with drugs, stealing and lying just to cover themselves.

I know who my kids friends are because I have that right as a parent to know everything they are doing.  

Personally, I really believe that we should have our own military controlling the American side of the border, but if you don’t live in a border state, you really couldn’t possibly understand the magnitude of the problem.  We are the highest ranked State in kid napping and illegal drug use.   It becomes just another News story that people just don’t want to hear about because it’s easier not take back control of what is going on around you.  Grow up because it will never get better until you stand up and fight for your rights as an American.  It not just the border states being affected, it has become the problem of an entire Country.

Is Global Warming a Reality

From my best friends perspective, living in Ohio during the ice storm, the Eastern portion of the United States is getting colder in the winter and more humid and weather dramatic  in the summer and from my perspective the Desert Southwest, where I live, it’s getting hotter in the summer and colder in the winter. From the Government’s perspective, based off of millions of taxpayer dollars, people breath to much emitting carbon poisons that pollute the air and have to many children to feed and diaper, too many car emissions that we pay boo coo bucks to get licensed every year, as the Government allows the cutting down of the Rain Forest to rid it of “dead growth”, while they allow the wood to be used to build cheesy homes no one can afford, yet we are funding Banks no one can get a loan in leaving our credit reports ruined, which unable us to move forward in our lives. Too many air polluting cars and earth polluting nuclear waste, not to mention the sea polluting aliens spaceships living in the oceans leaving nuclear waste.  HMMM!

Now we have been accused of being a Nation of Cowards that fight for the FREEDOM of this Country and always have, from that one Government jerk that was born and raised here. Dang, it doesn’t sound to promising for the planet as we begin the movement out of the Industrial Age.  

Everyone has an opinion, remember freedom of speech, which is a must, but not necessary for Government Officials making ignorant comments to the public.    

Things will be tuff for all U.S. Citizens for a while and the world as a whole, while other people quit believing there is no Higher Power or our Higher Power comes from aliens beings. We are in an 11 year, which is a spiritual year. You were given the Power of Choice, make good use of it, cause we may be wrong about our personal opinion’s.

For those who don’t believe in anything changing in 2012, well it may not be a perfect year, but it will get better.  I know it’s a wait, but right now you don’t have a choice.

In the mean time, stick your head out the window and scream at the top of your lungs “I m mad as Hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.”  Then do something about it.