Loved Ones and Blogging

It was not much of a reality, over the last year, that I would ever get this blog set up. I am not the greatest computer wizard (okay I lack computer skills altogether) and in looking at the whole set up I felt like I was reading the alien language from the planet Zoldor and my comprehension level was zero. To further complicate my frustration I had to deal with several dramas, that I would just have soon been on Zoldor to avoid.

After completely alienating my computer from the internet for 4 days, by my own hand, giving up blogging was my biggest option. I had to have a childish tantrum just to get my 7th grader to fix my internet. There is nothing worse than an anal retentive 13 year old with a teenage attitude. You must become their child to get anything out of them, but it was worth it for a moment. (I choose to look at it as an evasive parenting skill tactic.) Plus I threatened to take all of his eletronical equipment away.
Three days ago, my 13 year old walked around the corner behind me and made a comment to me that really meant nothing. In that split second I had chills as I whipped around to see who was really standing there. It was my 13 year old son, but it was a comment my father once made when I was 13, in my fathers voice. I just stared at him. Three years ago today my father passed away and my son held his hand as he died. Last night, out of the blue, my son got up without a word or attitude and in 15 minutes set up this blogger and named it. He really is a good kid. So, here I am, as we move from the now into The Path Beyond.


2 thoughts on “Loved Ones and Blogging

  1. WELCOME! It’s about time your voice can be heard on the World Wide Web! Watch out world! The Celtic Princess is now connecting with all of you, and she won’t be silenced. And she shouldn’t be. Just be warned! She shoots about as straight as they come. So watch out if you oppose her. You’re entitled to your opinion, and she’s entitled to hers.

  2. I have read this post a zillion times and laughed hysterically every time I read it. I just love your comment on having your teenager do something for you that you don’t get, been there done that and I am so happy I am not the only one who has to rely on their teenager to get things done you don’t understand. Thank you for just putting it on the table.

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