Love and Valentines Day

I taught in a technical school that services the public and came in contact with over 100 people a day. The most dramatic and emotional day in a years time has always been Valentines Day. It is to be a day, in the minds of most, of True Love, and the giving of treasures, that are to make pure emotional happiness with you and the object of your desire, where everything in your life just seems to be perfect. If your Valentines Day falls into this catagory, CONGRATUALTIONS! You are a minority.

It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, rich or poor or somewhere in between, Love comes with emotional feelings from inside our soul that every human seeks. The longing for a companion, that just simply, makes you smile, makes you happy and calm, that you can think of a million things to talk about and do together. You can even stand with your True Love and watch your house burn down and not really care much, as you still have each other and know in your heart you will build a whole new life together. I have seen it and heard it over and over. I live in the Desert Southwest and listened and watched last summer 4 of my students and their True Loves and 3 clients, watch their possessions and homes go up in flames. Nothing was more precious than saving their lives together and they all said one thing. “As long as we are together, we can rebuild anything we have physically lost in our lives.

Yet, on last years Valentines Day the majority of people that came and went were depressed, lonely or mad because they had not found someone they could share love with on a long term basis. To many issues here, to many differences there, controlling, non-controlling, unfaithful, family controlling, distance issue and the list went on. I was so tired of listening to all of this I bought each of my kids a box of candy and took them out to eat Lobster for dinner. I gave them plenty of Hugs and I Love You’s and received the same in in return.You don’t have to be in a companionship relationship to show Love, you do have to be in a realm and mind frame to give Love to everyone. It doesn’t matter if it’s your family, friends or a stranger. If you want to receive Love you must first learn how to Give LOVE and when you can accomplish that one feat, watch the circle of your true friends and Loved ones grow.Only Love Is Real.


5 thoughts on “Love and Valentines Day

  1. I must have missed this post when you wrote it almost a year ago. After months of reading your blog I just want to tell you how much I have grown up as a human and have learned to love from my heart a heck of a lot better than I did in the past.

    Thank you Princess, you are an amazing woman.

  2. Katie and I were wondering why you hadn’t posted anything for Valentines Day, until we searched your past posts.

    This post made us both take time to reflect on Love and what it really means. Okay, so Katie cried for 2 days over it and you wrote it last year. The crying is definetely a girl thing, but you just got to love those girls who give so much to those hard a** men, who lust instead of love women.

  3. Hey, if you are into contests there is a great contest on YouTube for Valentines Day. The contest is to create a video for the holiday. Actually its two contests, one is to make a video talking about your great love and the second is to actually do an online video proposal called “Will You Marry Me?” Here’s the URL Right now there are very few entries so you might have a good shot at winning.

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