I returned to work today after 10 days off of listening to my 11 year old talk non-stop, 100 miles an hour, without making any point to what she was saying. 10 days of listening to both my kids bantor back and forth without any meaning behind it. 10 days of doors slamming and kids I have never seen before running in an out of my house leaving thousands of dirty cups, glasses and dishes. 10 days of listening to the basketball bounce up and down on the driveway. 10 days of the dog chasing the cats, stealing food and standing at the front door barking at every other kid going down the street who was on Spring break. 10 days of my mother calling me every 30 minutes and wanting to know what was new.

I was never so excited to hear my alarm go off this morning. I couldn’t get out of bed fast enough to take those rugrats to school. I couldn’t wait to get in the car all alone and take that long drive on the freeway to work in total silence. ahhhh!

Although, I teach adult education in a technical school, my employer for warned every student in there not to make excessive noise because I was coming back and she didn’t want me to go home. She even bought me a large Starbucks coffee for my return. Of course, while I was gone there was major drama and upon my return everyone felt the need to hug me for coming back to restore order, even my employer who doesn’t hug anybody. You could have heard a pin drop in there today. BTW, this is my NO DRAMA year and I have made sure everyone knows it. Although, I tried three times to go home, but wasn’t allowed for fear from my employer taking retribution from the students. Once was for making a comment to a student that wasn’t the thought in my head, which was a major blunder, the second time was for a major cramp in my foot that I crushed three bones in last year and have nerve damage and the third was the school nurse calling to tell me my daughter was sick. That call sealed my fate of staying at work for as long as possible. I went so far as to get my brother, that I rarely talk too, to pick my child up and keep her the rest of the day.

Just when you think you are dreading getting up and going to your job, keep in mind, things could get worse at home.


7 thoughts on “Working

  1. That story brought me to my knees as I took my vacation last year during my kids Spring Break. I now get why my ex went on a trip with her girlfriends during that time. I was a lunatic before the week ended and hired a maid to clean my house when they left. I don't think I have laughed this hard in years. 

  2. I choose to think it was “Stereo Terrorism”, inflicted by the school districts believing children should have time away from their studies in the Fall, Winter, Spring and All Summer. If children were in school more there would be less noise, less laundry, less mess and more learning on how not to agitate their parents when they are home.

  3. I have known this Princess for a long time and I have one thing to say. She is always on a roll. It never takes much to get her started. If you think she is funny typing her stories, you should see and hear the expressions she gets telling them. Spending an evening with her gives you a new awareness on how you should perceive life.

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