DNA Testing #2

Thanks for the question and e-mail Katie on DNA testing. It does take about 3 weeks to get the kit. Another few weeks for the results to be posted to your account after you have sent in your DNA. Anyone wanting to know more can go to:


The kit they send has the information you need to start tracing your ancestors migration from your DNA markers. Watch the CD they send and follow the directions on how to return your DNA samples. I am still waiting for my results, but should have them soon and will post the information when I receive it. I did this to prove a point to one of my brothers, but knowing me, I will be the one to get my butt kicked over it as tracing your family tree does not always give you the technical information about who you really are.

Just accept who you are, no matter where your ancestors migrated from or the tribes they came from, because we are all unique in our own right.


3 thoughts on “DNA Testing #2

  1. Found this site through Yahoo 360. Too cool. Checked out the DNA testing from National Geographic. Blew me away. Thinking about ordering my own kit. Laughed so hard over the Working blog. I have kids and know how you feel. It was the sound of the basketball bouncing up and down that did it for me, I have 4 boys.

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