The Lesson

I was spiritually raised on “The Lesson”. Everything we go through comes to be a lesson learned or ignored (so you can keep having issues in your life to eventually learn that lesson) I try very hard to learn my lessons as soon as I am confronted with them, as repetition, when the lesson becomes long, boring or annoying gets on my nerves. These are the lessons that were instilled in me as a child by my Great Grandfather, who lived in the old ways of the deep Spiritual Celtic Tribes and my Grandmother who became a Christian Ordained Minister. (this would be a father daughter issue that I had placed upon me growing up), but I actually Loved the experience when I became an adult because both Worlds have helped me through a very trying life.

Lesson 1: Love and help all that you can in any situation, even if that person or situation is annoying or ugly, but smile like you are having a great time. (Smiling is Love and the situation will turn out to your benefit)

Lesson 2: Forgive every situation and everyone who hurts you and ask for guidance in Love. If that situation or person is wrong for what you Need it will be taken out of your life.

Lesson 3: Protect, teach and take care of your children and family and Love them for Eternity.

Lesson 4: Learn as much as you can and do everything to the best of your ability, especially in your career or job, even if you don’t like what you are doing, as there is a reason you are doing it.

Lesson 5: There is a lesson to be learned in each human you meet or encounter. Pay attention to your interactions and feelings with people. Learn what you dislike about them and never use it on others, learn what you Love about them and implement it in your life.

Lesson 6: Fear is an emotion, Love is a better emotion. Contemplate and act upon releasing your Fears to the Universe and releasing your Love to the Universe. You will receive only Love in return. Spiritual, Mental, Material and Physical wellness will always follow you.

Lesson 7: Positive and Negative polarities do exist. Love and Hate are your examples.


4 thoughts on “The Lesson

  1. Very Powerful Lessons. Whoa! Should give everyone a thought about the way they live their lives. I am taking a second look at myself.

  2. I am now thinking how jealous I am that you had these lessons that you were raised with because I wasn’t and I feel like, at my age, I now have to start from scratch. I agree with Jim these are powerful things to consider when living your life. I would like to know more about the Old Ways as it seems to fit in more with how I think. I for one didn’t learn any of these “Lessons” in a Christian church.

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