April Fools Day

I am sure there are many people who don’t know why we even celebrate April Fools Day. It is hard to actually pinpoint a time as to when Aprils Fools Day became a celebration, but is believed to have started around 1582 in France. Prior to 1582, the first day of the New Year was based off the Middle Ages Calendar used in the Middle East. The New Year was celebrated for 8 days beginning on March 25 and the celebrations came to their ultimate point on April 1st, when they actually viewed that as the first day of the New Year, ending the day after. However, the ancient Celtic Calendar celebrates the New Year on November 1st. When Charles IX had the calendar reformed to the Gregorian Calendar, New Years was moved to January 1st.It took a long time to inform the people of this new calendar. Those living in small villages continued with the old way of celebrating News Years as did those that would not accept the new calendar. These people eventually became know as Fools by the general population and some mean and some silly pranks were played on them every April 1st.So, Happy Aprils Fools Day!!BTW, I was taught this as a child and got into a verbal disagreement with my 4th grade teacher over the calendar, which prompted my father to go down to the school in my defense. (The school hated when my father showed up as I had 2 brothers there before me) My teacher ended up researching this and conceded to the entire 4th grade class I was right.


6 thoughts on “April Fools Day

  1. OMG! I will be the first to admit I didn’t know this and the first to laugh over you fighting with your 4th grade teacher. Somehow I can just picture it. I am thinking you were probably always in trouble in school for your mouth, just by the things you write.

  2. I guess I am with everyone else on this. I didn't know where the April Fools Day came from until now. My wife and I are enjoying the information you give on this site. My wife, Sharon, and I were talking about expanding our perception of things, which was influenced by a problem she was having at work. Three days later, in my search on the web for something different, I found you. I gave this site a second thought when you posted that "you don't always get what you want, but are given what you need." I guess we must need you right now. You really are something different from the norm. I just can't understand why you cannot have a successful relationship. You would be so interesting to live with.

  3. Just getting in from an extremely boring and unfulfilling date and reading this was a pleasure. I think I would rather be here than with someone who knows nothing about anything and has absolutley no conversation ability. I, too, did not know where April Fools Day came from until reading this. Thanks for making me smile and think tonight. You were a better date than the one I had. lol

  4. I just have a few points to make. You have not changed your Spiritulism, your ability to communicate your thoughts, your "all will be well" attitude and your happy assed way of accepting life even in the most dyer circumstances. I could say I am somewhat jealous that you are an innocent Aries child and I am a (as you put it) a hyper non accepting stubborn goat, which is why I miss you soooooo much from my life. You kick butt and take names;) Your April Fools Day is sooo like you, but your yahoo 360 on Fear made me think twice about why I ever let you go, because the money I made doesn't hold a candle to what I could have had with you. Just not liking me right now for the decisions I made that you accepted.  Damn!

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