My Son

I suppose it doesn’t take a whole lot to get a woman all emotional and get her tears flowing when the male testosterone creature type humanoid is the one doing it to her. Nothing brings on emotions and tears to the eyes of a woman faster than her male teenager, with a hormonal attitude, honoring his mother.

My son had to write a one page essay on his Aims test today about the person he admires most. He chose me. I was totally speechless. When he told me what he wrote about me, I started to cry. I sat down and thought about the last 13 and 1/2 years with him.

He was born a 10 lb 4 oz baby, by C-section, with a big head and his eyes wide open for the first nine months of his life. He needed to eat every two hours and I sat in a rocking chair about 20 hours a day singing to him and feeding him, hoping at some point he would fall asleep. He just stared at me the whole time. When he was 9 months old, I could no longer live without sleep, I didn’t even know who I was anymore and couldn’t concentrate on anything. I put him to bed and he screamed until his voice was gone and finally conceded to sleep. The next night he had no voice to keep me awake and gave up his ability to keep me at his side and be a pain in the butt. 2 weeks later I found out I was pregnant again. I was soooo depressed. I just started sleeping. I wasn’t even suppose to be able to get pregnant after falling and hitting a concrete floor that bent my pelvic bone.

By the time my son was 15 months old he started having those awful tantrums and would throw himself down and slam his head onto the tile floor. 3 months later, after his new born sister came home, he was all excited. Called her baby and smiled ever so nice when he looked at her. I was sitting in the chair breast feeding her one evening and he happily walked up to her, smiled and said baby and then punched her in the forehead, which is probably why my daughter acts the way she does today. A week later, my daughter was sound asleep in her cradle carrier on the loveseat. My son was watching Barney from the chair across the room. I stepped outside, for less than 30 seconds to turn the water on to my plants. When I returned, I gasped because my daughter was not in her cradle carrier. As my eyes adjusted to the light inside, my son was sitting there next to her cradle carrier and holding her in his lap, supporting her neck. (She was a tiny baby compared to him) Not wanting to panic him, as he had a tendency to just throw things in the floor he wasn’t suppose to have, I let him know I was happy he was holding his new sister and casually sauntered up to him and sat down with the two of them.

My son didn’t get much better as time went on. His tantrums became almost impossible to deal with and not being much of a spanking mom (as it made the nerves in my feet hurt to think about hitting one of them), my son tried, over the next several years, to kill his sister. He had several means, one prompted a lady in Target to call the police on me because my son was trying to choke his sister to death in the basket while I was trying to by a babyshower gift and I smacked his arm. Needless to say I left without the gift. However, every time I went to the grocery store he had to pull one of his almighty tantrum antics and being almost fed up with it I swatted him on the butt, thinking I was going to prison for doing so. It was in the frozen food isle on senior citizen day and an old man turned around and started clapping, which got the rest of the old people in that isle to clap. I left the basket and went home thinking I was going to be just like Jeffery Daumers mother on t.v. one day, trying to explain why my son was so psychotic.

Time out for him was NOT an option as he would destroy his room, which made me have to take him to the doctor when he pulled his mattress off his bed and tripped over it and broke his nose. Thank goodness my doctor understood, he had 5 kids. He asked, when my son was 4, if I ever spanked him. “Ummmm, not really no.” He said, “You need too. He doesn’t know his limit until you set his limit”. It was another six months, after my son was so mad at me for sending him to his room and came out with a rubber baseball bat and hit me so hard in the back I fell down and he stood there smiling. When I caught my breath and stood up, the limit was set. My son will tell you he actually saw fire shoot out of my eyes at that moment. He started to run and I grabbed him by the back of the shirt and swatted him 3 times on the butt. To this day, he has never raised a hand to anyone.

I really couldn’t have asked for a better kid. He is a straight A student, recieved a Presidential Award of Honors, was in Honor Band and just recieved a Student of the Month Award. He played Little League Baseball, but is in now all into Basketball, as he is 6’0 at 13 and wears a size 13 mens shoes.

He’s been through a lot for his age of 13 and 1/2. He insisted on sitting with me, at the age of 4 at my grandmothers death bed. He insisted on going to Hospice with me, at the age of 9 and held my fathers hand when he died. His father was bi-polar and tried to kill him and at 8 years old and he forgave him. Last year he had to deal with his father committing suicide.

What he wrote in his essay on his most admired person, was ” My mom is my most admired person because she is very respectful to me and teaches me the things I need to know about life and my life. She’s not afraid to discuss any subject with me. She is smart and sometimes I think she knows everything about everything because she always has the right answer. She always supports my decisions, but still gives me her advice, but lets me decide for myself, unless she thinks it really isn’t good for me. She is always there when I need her and leaves me alone when I want to be alone. She is funny and a cool person to talk too and will even sit and play video games with me or watch a movie I want to see, even if she doesn’t. I really love my mom and I am so glad she is my mom because I know I will be a better person because of her.


7 thoughts on “My Son

  1. That is a wonderful story. I hope I can raise my own kids off the principals your son has listed about you. He sounds like he will be a very special adult one day.

  2. Reading this story with my wife, I will honestly tell you she gave me that look of “now you see what I went through with the kids, while you were at work.” Just wanted to comment that MOMS raising their children are great humans with so much strength and endurance and they should be honored by all sons and daughters and I am calling my Mom right now, since your 13 year old made me feel stupid.

  3. This story is priceless. I hope you save it forever because one day you will need to remind that male child that the reason he married that woman he is mad at was because she was the closest thing he could find to his Mom, but she is not is Mom.

  4. Guess my last comment on this subject was lost. I thought about what your son wrote about you all day and realized my son hasn’t spoken to me in two months and won’t until I contact him. I can’t change the past, so tell me how to make it right in future.

  5. You go mom. Maybe you need a blog to release and voice your life. Love you.

    Kimberley, thanks for all your advice to Bea, my mom, she is so much better about her, since you have been in her life.

  6. First time leaving feedback as I have left that up to Jim, but I read your page on Friends and Family. I have a son diagnosed with ADHD. He was put on medication and the side effects have been awful. Can you tell me how to fix it without meds? Sounds like you have come upon something I haven't heard of before and I would love to hear about it.

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