ADHD means Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Most children who absolutley drive you crazy with their non-stop talking, excessive eating of processed carbohydrates, (like spoonfuls of sugar or pasta or anything made from sugar or flour), excessive messes and clutter, always telling you they will, when they won’t (and don’t), getting in trouble for not pay attention to what they were told, who don’t remember 30 seconds later what you said, (lack of concentration), have hard time understanding school work and don’t care too, getting in trouble for just about everything, always interfering and over rationalizing someone elses conversations and as they approach their teen years, have a high level obsession with alcohol and or drugs, (and have obsessive, compulsive behavior), stupid antics to get attention, and extreme weight gain, usually are signs of ADHD. The medication that is prescribe by the medical profession can have extreme side effects and can cause more problems than the ADHD.

There is way around all of this for everyone who has it or is dealing with it in their child or an adult. It doesn’t require great effort, but a minor diet change. Eliminating processed carbohydrates from the diet will bring a noticeable change with 24 hours. By replacing processed carbohydrates with natural carbohydrates will NOT cause any withdrawl symtoms. The best part is you can eat as much as you want or need in a day, without weight gain or side effects. Natural carbs come from fruits and vegetables. By eliminating processed carbs (anything made with sugar or flour) and replacing it with natural carbs (fruits and veggies) the hyperactive antics disappear within an extremely short time.

Does this mean you can never have sugar or flour based products? No! It means that the majority of your daily diet consists of fruits, vegetables, real butter, (not margarine), milk, fish, and lean meat. Broil, boil or barbacue your meat products. You can have rice as long as it is long cooking rice and not minute rice. Snack foods like potatoes chips should be replaced with corn chips. Real cheese should be used, instead of jared or canned cheese. Lunchables and Lunch meat should be illegal.

Processed foods are a deadly enemy to humans. Stay out of the fast food resturants. Make an effort for the health of yourself and your children and stop being a lazy American. Think before you put it in your grocery basket.

There are schools across the country for children that get into trouble and can no longer attend public or private school. Some of these schools have changed their dietary programs for troubled and unruly children. These children are totally different than they were before, just by a change in diet and the cost is the same for the schools who serve processed carbohydrates to the students. We need to get a clue on what we eat and how we treat our bodies. How long do you want live?

Too add a note, ADD should be treated the same way. I saved this part until now,as when I posted this blog I had done this with my daughter who was diagnosed ADHD. At the end of the first day, her comment to me was, “I don’t feel so slow and I feel different when I think, like I am clear.” She is going to be 12 in a few days. Oddly, what she thought to herself as “slow” everyone saw her as hyper. She went from being a straight D student to getting on her last report card 4 A’s and 2 B’s. I ventured out of just my own kid and having a student who has a son, that was so bad with ADHD, he was on the edge of being classified as mentally ill. She decided to help me in this experiment, as she felt totally hopeless. She changed her sons diet and after one day, she told me that “it was so weird, that for the first time in his life he was calm and actually sat and watched a whole t.v. program and wanted to talk about it afterward.” She told me in his 15 years he has never watched more than 3 minutes of t.v. and never thought of talking to her about anything he just experienced. She too had refused the medication the doctors were insisting on and lived a frustrating life with her child, who craved sugar and ramon noodles. She is a wonderful woman with a great since of humor and was overwieght when she changed her sons eating. Since she, herself cut out the processed carbs, with her son, she has lost 30 pounds. I just got her results today. Thanks Nancy, for helping me with this.

Do your own experiement and see for yourself!


6 thoughts on “ADHD

  1. Thank you so much for posting this. I hope everyone becomes aware that the ADD and ADHD kids deserve better awareness in diet and exercise because if you really think about it, so many kids are diagnosed with this disorder and one day one of them is going to be President, which scares me to death after what I went through with my son. I was sooooo glad to help you and sooooo happy at the results, that I didn't believe until I tried it.

  2. Totally awesome. We are going through the same thing with one of our children. We are going to try this and will let you know the results.

  3. Always looking for answers on my ADHD kid. This has been the most logical so far and I am going to try the diet change. I’ll let you know if it works for me, but I am almost at the end of my rope with this child.

  4. Needed to leave this right now, because my wife went to the store early this morning and bought all food without sugar, even artificial sugar, and anything that contained wheat or flour. After all day, with the whole family, eating this food, I have to agree with your daughter. I didn't feel so slow today. My ADHD son wasn't bouncing off the walls all day and for a kid who has never asked me to do anything with him, he just now asked me if I would take him fishing. I was stunned. Going to continue this and see where it goes with the whole family.

  5. Just wanted to say that I read both post on ADHD. They explain more than the doctors who just wanted to put my kid on meds without an alternative. Too many people at work told me not to have her put on those meds. Someone suggested I read your posts on here. Glad I did and am happy to say that after 2 weeks with a major diet change, she is a whole different kid. I found out that she is very creative in drawing and I make sure now I spend at least 30 minutes every night having her draw pictures for me. She can’t wait for me to get home these days. Just wanted to share this and the fact that her mother is bi-polar and a lunatic that was on drugs when my daughter was conceived and I didn’t know it. Her mom can’t see her anymore because she is mentally ill. Thank the courts in this State for that.

    Thank You Celtic Princess for your e-mail and the help you have shared, I am so much more relieved than I was 6 months ago.

    Your Awesome!!!!!!

  6. I just read both of your posts on ADHD. My daughter was just diagnosised. This seems to be all too much for me to take in and rather disheartening after reading what prescribed meds can do. I think I will start with the diet change and the Glyco Essentials. Thanks for posting this info, it was much easier to understand than some of the things I read.

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