The Easter Bunny

This writing somewhat coincides with my April Fools Day blog.The Easter Bunny actually started in pre-Christian fertility lore. The word Easter came from the Anglo-Saxon goddess Eostre, who was associated with Spring and fertility. The hare and the rabbit were the most fertile animals and served as new life during the Spring months. When the Georgian calendar was reformed based off of the Celtic (or pagan rites) of the solstice and equinox, Christmas and News Years were moved to coincide with the Winter solstice and Easter was moved to coincide with the Spring equinox. The Bunny was part of those rites coming from pagan Germany and Britian.The Bunny becoming a Christian symbol came out of Germany during the 1500’s in celebration of “Oschter Haws” (the rabbit) and was brought to America by German settlers in the 1700’s. The settlers built nests for the rabbit out of their bonnets and caps and put them in the garden, barn or private room in their homes . In return the rabbit left colored eggs in payment. The Easter bunny has since become more commercialized and now leaves a slew of pre-packaged Easter baskets full of candy and toys.The first edible Easter bunnies were made in Germany, out of sugar and pastry, during the 1800’s.As a side note, the Easter lilly came from the island of Bermuda, which signifies the death and rebirth of Jesus.Have a Happy Easter, regardless of how you celebrate it, and give thanks that you are part of this diverse planet where there is so much to learn;)


11 thoughts on “The Easter Bunny

  1. Welcome back! This is very interesting and informative. I made my kids read it and I think they learned something that none of us knew in this house. Very cool.

  2. Interesting piece that I didn’t know about the Easter bunny. Great pieces on your grandfather and flying. Other interesting pieces here too. DNA, whoa, going to check that out myself. I’ll be back soon.

  3. This was really cool Mom and my brother and I understand why we celebrate Easter with the Bunny, but we are still wondering why you and our dog and cats are the only ones who really understand the language you speak. I am trying, but I can’t say it like you do by spitting in my throat and the spelling is so different than in English. My Mom is different, but she really is cool.

  4. Okay, third time I tried to leave a comment, lets see if it works. I love the info you give about things and it seems by other comments, no one really knows about. Don't ever stop.

  5. After reading this blog and your daughter's comment, would like to know what other language you do speak. I love the fact that your animals understand you. After listening to the news that Jesus was married with children and just another human and wasn't really what the Christians say he was, I would like to know your thoughts, cause Rome is just a little ticked off right now. I was raised a Christian and I know you have had influences in Christianity, but don't practice it. I see you as a smart and logical woman with a whole lot of Spiritual ways and would like to hear more about what you practice and how you believe because I defiantley have a problem with the Christian belief. Would appreciate your views, even if they are controversial.  Maybe there should a little controversy on this blog to stimulate our minds.

  6. I feel stupid that I know nothing about the past, but in reading what you write I have realized that there is more to life on this planet than we really think about on a daily basis. I am so glad to have connected here.

  7. Oh My! You are the first person I have come across who seems to know more about the Pagan beliefs than anyone I have encountered. I have tried to practice and knowlegde myself in this belief for 2 years and still don't understand the depth of the Celtic people. You seem too! Can you elaborate more on the Pagan rites?

  8. This is really interesting. I always wondered where the Easter Bunny came from. Happy Easter no matter how you celebrate it.

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