So, Josh wants controversy, to take him beyond what he has already learned in his life. Keep in mind, that when I do controversy, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and belief, as no belief is right or wrong. Even witchcraft and voodoo have a place, regardless of how you perceive the practice. You must accept others viewpoints as nobody is wrong. Life is full of mysteries for most humans and all you know is what you were taught and actually experience. It is up to you to pursue more understanding of yourself and the world you live in with every other human. There are things out there that are beyond the imagination of most people and learning new elements and foundations can only bring you to an understanding of why we exist at all and where we are going with our existence on Earth. Keep in mind that you are only given what you need. To go beyond what you need requires strength, endurance, patience, forgiveness and above all acceptance.

To answer your question, Josh, about my language. Today would not be a good day to discuss it. I was told off by a client, in the school I teach in, who was from Poland and arrogantly talked in Polish to his mother in front of my student and me about my student and me. They both laughed when the man made a comment, in English, that “it’s great to speak a language in front of Americans who don’t know what you are saying about them. In fact, you people don’t even speak English, you speak American, which is an awful language.” hmmmm! Of course I was all fluffed out over the remark.

My students know me a little bit better than this middle aged Polish man and his old Polish mother. When he made that comment every student standing within earshot, including the Hispanic students, were looking at me waiting in anticipation for me to turn into “The Celtic Princess”. I do speak 4 languages, 2 of which, are not used as common languages today, which are Breton and Welsh, although the Welsh, Scots and Irish still educate in their original language, which comes from the Old Celtic languages. What this idiot failed to realize was it was those 2 languages that actually influenced words he and other Europeans use as common words in their language today. I may not be able to speak the fluent language of the different Europeans, but I can certainly get the understanding of the point they are trying to make, which is why it was important for my Great-Grandfather to make sure I knew it as a means of understanding in communication.

To make another point, my neighbors are Bosnian refugees. I was sitting over at their house one day and the wife’s phone rang. She had a 10 minute conversation in a Slavic language that I have never heard before, but I knew the basics of what she said. So many words she used were actual “Old” words of the ancient past. I can also speak very correct English, which, of course, does not hold a candle to speaking American slang. “So, what up hommie G? My home dawg. What up wit dat. Peace up with A down town?, Peace out……” Which would be the language my kids know. Although, they do speak proper English and it is a must at home or they are reprimanded in the Old Language, which is something they try to avoid at all costs. (Well, maybe not my daughter). I can also slaughter the French language, which is a form of Breton, but I did learn proper French at one time. Just entice the French with American Indian turquoise and you will be their friend forever. Speaking of the American Indians, I was taught many words in Cherokee, as my grandfather was half Cherokee, although I doubt I could ever hold a conversation with any Cherokee Indian who speaks it fluently. So now you know that my “awful” American language is my language of choice ;)))

And to those that come to this Country from someplace else. If you feel the need to insult the Americans and don’t want to follow the laws or rules of this Country, then go home!!!!!!


12 thoughts on “Controversy

  1. I have been waiting for something to be posted and getting clue now as to why I do wait impatiently. I have to say I agree with you over the way we, as citizens of this country, are treated by those who come here to live, from someplace else. You said it best. “If you don’t want to follow the laws and rules of this Country, then go home.”

  2. I am from New Zealand and would never go to another country and say anything that wasn't appropriate to someone else living there. Not sure what is wrong with people and some of the comments they make.

  3. It's kind of hard to have controversy, even from you Josh, when the one you are trying to create controversy with is Right, leaving you with a patriotic feeling and defense over how you are actually treated by others coming into your own country. My wife and I have been to Europe and in some countries we were treated differently, in a not so nice way, because we were Americans. For them to come to this country and treat us with disrespect is just wrong. I don't think you are going to get much controversy on this blog with Kimberley. I for one wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of a fluffed out, puffed up, pissed off cat.  

  4. Reading this was the most perfect ending to an awful day with my foriegn boss, who told me if I didn't like his work ethics I should move to Japan and get educated on how long a work day should be and how work is really handled. Thanks for posting this, it made me feel so much better and has given me a reason to look for another job.

  5. Seems to me that nobody here is disagreeing and I am really not sure why anyone would want controversy anyway. Don’t we get enough of that in everyday life. I come here to relax and enjoy what I am reading.

  6. You go girl!:) Open source community needs a haircut and to dress for success by ZDNet‘s Dan Farber — Former Massachusetts Chief Information Officer Peter Quinn, who was deeply involved of the OpenDocument vs. Microsoft format debate, has some advice for the open source community. If you want to get traction in commercial environments, lose the sandals and ponytails, Quinn said. “Open source has an unprofessional appearance, and the community needs to be more business-savvy […]

  7. There is one thing I learned at a very young age from my father, who was a Corporate Pilot for major International Business's.

    If you are trying to sell a commerical product, look, act and buy like the majority of the population in the area that you are trying to achieve success. Without arrogance, would you buy or invest in what you are selling if some dingledorf selling it looked and smelled like he just rolled out of a sleeping bag on the Canal Bank, but you thought his product was cool?

    Are you so sure of your product that the majority of people will rush out to give your product a try? Who are the majority of people who have the money to buy or use your product? Seems to me the Babyboomers, still rule. Get a clue until they are dead. They weren't all stoners, but most of them are now middle aged and your source of income.
    If you want the younger generations invloved, get the language right, cause they don't understand your words of technicality. If you walk the walk then you certainly need to talk to talk.

  8. So Josh, after reading the comment posted here by Lucky7Star, maybe you ought to check out his weblog. He has plenty of controversial subjects. After reading this article on Open Source, I have to agree with Peter Quinn.  This is why I love coming here, there is always new information to be shared.

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