It is interesting to note that in the 3 days of trying to write this blog, I have had it deleted by the computer 3 times. Spiritual values run very deep when they are Ancient teachings and I now know that what I was taught at a very young age is not suppose to be shared with the entire world, for whatever the Ancient source’s reasons. So, I need to limit my information, but need to make a point about the “Pagans”.

I have encountered many people who claim to be practicing paganism. Making your hair black, wearing black cloths, outrageous makeup, piercing any part or all parts of your body (that actually disrupts your bodies energy flow with the Universe), researching information on Wicca and Druidism, looking to join or joining covens as a means to get away from Abraham’s teachings, does not make you a true “Pagan.” You have no clue what you are doing and the idiots who claim “Pagan Ritual” are idiots because they do not understand the true Spiritual Belief System that was connected to the people before the writings of Abraham. Those writings of Abraham spawned the religions of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

I am not a complete fool. I studied History of the World, including all the major Religious beliefs. Those beliefs and rituals, including the Buddhists and others, are based off of THREE values, which is LOVE, HONOR, and BELIEVE in a Higher Spiritual Power greater than you, who can raised you to a higher level subconsciously that you will practice with others consciously and on a daily basis. That is your lesson in this life.

What all of you who are trying to practice or think you are practicing is neo-paganism, which is a post Christian or maybe better said “new age religion” that doesn’t include the writings of Abraham. I can almost be assured that none of you even know that Abraham spawned the religious movements of the Churches today and I can tell you honestly that you have no clue who or what the “Pagans” of the Ancient Past were. They were human beings, like you, with the knowledge, of this Earth’s values and honored it and respected it.

The majority of the population, including the Churches, really don’t pay much attention to every society as a whole. If you understood the Earth’s past and it’s people, before Abraham, you would see that the common logical ideals that we have today, came from the “Pagans”, including our modern day implementation of our calendar and holidays, which centers around the changing of the seasons.

What I am trying to get across in this blog is that the Pagans Did Not practice the modern day witchcraft and druidism that you read in novels or see on T.V. The next time you walk outside, notice the Earth. The plants, trees, and above all the flowers and keep in mind that, although the Pagans Higher Power was the Goddess, as their view of reproduction could only come from a female that could bring forth new life on this planet and reproduce beauty and wealth. Any animal and most plants that cannot reproduce life on this planet is considered male, which in ancient writings the word “fe” meant, “great wealth brought forth”. Reproduction was wealth to an under populated planet and the almighty strength of the male was needed in the animal kingdom, to bring forth the wealth of society, be it male or female.
Women do get irritated that everything about them, including the names they have been given, like fe”male” and wo”man”, have the male or man counterpart connected to them, but society after the writings of Abraham became all about MEN and their strength in what they could accomplish for the female. Without that almighty testosterone, we would be a dead planet of humans.

If you are female, love men, regardless of their hormonal intellect, it’s just instinct to give you strength and endurance to carry on. Males lack the emotional conscious that woman have. If you are a woman, love yourself for your superior power in being able to bring forth new life on this planet. If you are a man, still living, be thankful that the woman of your dreams hasn’t killed you or at least kicked you in the balls. Did I say that out loud? I do apologize.

(A side note:) Men and Women were brought to this planet to bring forth wealth, including life, and multiply, to gain knowledge of their existence and grow to a Higher realm Spiritually. Gay people, (and I have gay friends and students) are here to keep population down and overcome and learn their role and place here, which includes acceptance and non-acceptance of their actions. We all have issues (karma) we need to overcome, forgive and accept. Major Earth drama, like tsunami’s, earthquakes, hurricanes, major flooding and wars, are all in the recycle nature of this planet and solar system. Take heart, we are right where we are supposed be, but………………..the more love and compassion you put out to others, regardless of who they are, what they believe, and their lifestyle, the more you will receive from the Universe in return.

May your Higher Power guide you to a better life.
I am done with the information I have printed, that was greatly given to me through clairaudience, my studies of History and the way of life I was taught. I had information that I typed, deleted 3 times during this post, which, I guess I wasn’t suppose to share with the world.


10 thoughts on “Pagans

  1. I went out tonight with someone I met 2 days ago. She was all about fitness and looking awesome and sexy, (which she did) but she drank a lot of alcohol. The more she drank the more stupid she started to sound to me and  for the first time I realized that I was changing my views on many things, including attractive shallow women.  After reading this post I still have a long way to go, but you have helped me to open eyes.

  2. What is up with wordpress this week taking forever to download? Anyway thanks for clarifying this for me Kimberley. Now I have fuel to present to the neo-pagan punk;)

  3. I read this before work this morning and I am so glad I did. I have a male chauvanist boss who called me and another female employee low life females without a clue. I was ticked off and some of the things you wrote about men and women went through my mind. I can't beleive I said this, but told my boss "if you think woman are low life females then who gave birth to you cause it sure as hell wasn't your daddy." He fired me.

    I was feeling pretty spunky and happy about it all and by the time I got my things together 2 other woman quit. So the 3 of us went to bar across the street. The company I work for is mostly woman. 130 woman to be exact. Within 2 hours they all walked out and we were all jammed in the bar across the street for a major bitch session. 45 minutes later the owner of the company pulled up in his new mercedes and went inside. 10 minutes later my boss was leaving with all of his stuff. Another 15 minutes passed and the owner comes across the street to the bar. He walks in the door and yells "all of you need to get the Hell back to work." My boss was fired and I was promoted as the boss in my department, but was told I needed to take the rest of the day off and get sober first.

  4. First of all I have to say that this post has given me a new perspective of my oldest kid who has made the claim of being all into paganism. My wife and I thought is was phase and he would get over it, but it has gotten worse. He comes home with a new body piercing or another tatoo all the time. You can’t stop an 18 year from doing what the law gives them a right to do. I made him sit down and read this blog to me out loud. He didn’t say much, but I heard him talking to a friend on the phone later that they should think about researching paganism more because he just read something that made them look really stupid. So I congratulate you for getting this kid’s attention and I wish every parent who has this problem would make their kids read it out loud.

    I also wanted to comment that Katie did out do herself and congratualtions on your promotion. And that really is a priceless story.

  5. Not to sure that I approve of my daughter, Katie, going to the bar and getting drunk after being fired, but after all I have heard from her over this job she left me for, I would have at least punched that s.o.b in the jaw when I left.

    Congratulations girl! Nobody deserves it more than you. You have always worked so hard to achieve being you. Just curious what your other half thought, knowing that you never speak up or get defensive over much.

  6. I am not going to say what I first thought about saying, because I know how search engines are about mis-representing comments making it look like the author said it when it was a comment by someone else.

    So, in looking for info on Samhain and the Celtic New Year I stumbled onto your posts of Halloween, Samhain and Pagans. With the season fast approaching, I just want to say I learned a whole new world on what I actually thought this time of the year was all about.

    Your an awesome lady. Thank you.

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