Beauty and the Beast

I have a karmic value of claustrophobia, which prevents me from going to a movie theater or being in an enclosed structure without windows. I have been working on it, however.

When my children want to see a new movie at the theater, I still can’t go with them, but they will go together, but feel bad I can’t go, so they ordered Netflix to get the movies at home so we could watch them together.

My son made me sit through three hours of the newest movie version of King Kong, tonight. During that whole movie I had flashbacks of my childhood and the Drive In Theater, that my father used to take me too. My first memories of movies, which was at the drive-in, was, “Darby O’Gill and the Little People, King Cong vs Godzilla and the Love Bug.”

Although, I have seen all of the King Kong movies and I don’t know why, except maybe a fascination with fantasy vs reality.

At my age today and after 3 hours of an Ape movie, I realized tonight there was an actual meaning behind King Kong, which came to me watching this movie. How could a male Ape (living on instinct) from the distant past be so absorbed, protective and caring of a human female of today? (INSTINCT BETWEEN THE MALE AND FEMALE???)

If that is the case, how come MEN of the present are so aborsbed in themselves and what they think is possible or impossible, that they can no longer care, protect and love a female counterpart on instinct, with their logic of non involvement and commitment?

Are human males losing their natural instinct of love and companionship????? If that is the case, this entire planet is doomed and the human souls that inhabit it.

BTW, I haven’t been the only human female that had this perspective. Over the time this movie was originally released, I have had 22 women ask me almost this same question.

Guess the women want to hear from the male testosterone creature type humanoids on this one.

So what do you have to say????????????????????


12 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beast

  1. Guess men need to be kicked in the butt over their stupidity with women. I am not afraid to say that men don't understand things the same way women do, but I have found that flowers, jewlery and kissing ass are the one things women do appreciate and I do my best to play that part for that estrogen type humanoid.

    BTW, I loved the newer King Kong and you are so right about instinct with a monkey as opposed to human men.

    See, I made you feel better by kissing ass:) men just need to practice saying the right things to keep peace in a relationship because women are always right and men are stupid, except when it comes to mowing the lawn, making home repairs, leaving work 10 minutes after we get there to come home and change your flat tire. We are the physical labor for every female we are with and always pray that our wife will have a boy so we have someone down the road to drink beer with as we labor on the female demand;) I love and respect women, otherwise I would never get laid.

  2. So that's how it works Doug. Guess it's time for me to re-think the female syndrome of men and come up with a new plan of action.

  3. I don’t usually leave comments on blogs I read, but this one is very interesting. I am also going to have to agree with Doug. Life is all about men catering to the needs of women who manage the money, the house, the kids and everything that men don’t, because they are too busy drinking beer and helping their sons along.

  4. Never thought that I would read about any man that would agree on who and what women were all about. I am liking this and I have to say that I kinda of felt the same way as Kimberley after seeing King Kong. I just never expressed it out loud, which is why I love reading everything on here, because this is one woman who isn’t afraid to say what she thinks.

  5. Okay, Jim is my husband and we have 4 boys. Yes!!!!! You go Kimberley because everything you said is so true and everything Doug said was just so honest coming from a man, which is the most unusual thing I have ever heard from a man. I now realize why Jim acts the way he does with me. I think you should rename this blog to Sex, House, Car, Lawn and Beer.

  6. I read this blog. Went and rented King Kong and my boyfriend, who lives with me, got into a fight with me over this whole blog and everyones comments. I am in my room on the computer and he is on the couch after drinking a 12 pack of beer, so I can’t say I disagree and maybe I should start dating Doug;)

  7. I hate you Doug. My wife attacked me over this and layed down her law of order. I am so screwed after 10 years of marriage and won’t be able to get away with anything now. What’s the matter with you man, spilling your guts all over the place?

  8. Men aborsbed in themselves huh? And women aren’t? I live with two female type creatures and they are more selfish than any man I’ve ever meant. They take & take & take and when ask to help clean the kitchen(which they messed up) all I hear are excuses why they can’t do it. If you women don’t like the selfish man, find one whose’s not. Yeah it’s not easy, but they are out there. They may not have 6-pack ads, or Brad Pitt good looks. But they are out there. Look beyond the surface and you may find King Kong and not some Ding Dong.

  9. I’m guilty, I admit it. I definitely lost sight of male and female relationships. It’s a give and take on both sides. It’s a no win situation when someone in the relationship is selfish. I’ve been with selfish domineering women, which led me to be that way with woman. Negative experiences produce negative results in others, so, I changed me and attracted different women and I am just lovin where I am now. Nobody’s perfect, until we change the way we are to get what we really want.

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