Mother’s Day

I asked my mom if I could write this on her blog, so I got permission. I am the daughter of the celticprincess.

Well, we all know it is Mothers Day on the 14, and I’m getting my mom something very special. I wish I could tell you now but my mom might read this and find out so I will let her tell you after Mothers Day, Kapesh! Okay, since it is Mothers Day, we all need to thank our moms, even if your mom might have slappped you in the forehead right before you get out of the car to go in to grocery store and leaves a red spot, it doesn’t matter. You all should thank your moms and tell them you love them even if you don’t get her a fancy present, or if you make a card, it is the thought that counts. That is what my mom always tells me. I think all moms are great. I know my mom is, even though we have those goofy times where we mouth off to each other as a joke. (if I really mouthed off to my mom and was being serious) well lets just say I would not have any teeth left. I will never forget all those times we went to convenient store together. I did spend lot of time with her and her lovely credit card, lol. It does not matter how much time you spend with your mom, what matters is that you only have one real person in your life you consider your mom. You all need to cherish them even if they call you a slave child. Well I have had some really wacky times with my mom and I am sure you all have had some goofy times with your moms! I just have one more thing to say! I LOVE MY MOM!

I am writing this now because my mom almost died this last week. The doctor was giving her medicine that she was deathly allergic to and when she complained of symptoms he just told her it was working and not to worry about it. I was so scared. My dad died last year and my brother and I didn’t know what to do for her and didn’t know what would happen to us if she wasn’t here anymore. She has taught us everything and takes care of us and even when she gets mad at us we know she really loves us.

My mom said our dog saved her life. She was so sick when my brother and I were at school, but our dog got in her face and started whining and pushing her with her nose to get up and licking her and she wouldn’t leave her alone until she got up and well my mom finally called another doctor and they took her in and told her she had been poisoned my the medicine she was getting because she was allergic to it.

My mom is getting better everyday and she and our dog spend a lot of time together. When she is well enough I know she will be back writing everything about everything and being funny and goofy again.

So, please, no matter what, on Mother’s Day, tell the woman you consider your mom just how much you love them and how thankful you are that they are still here for you to talk to. I am saying it this way because my mom had her grandmother for a mom and my friend has her aunt as her mom and my other friend has her step mom for a mom.

We Love You Mom and Happy Mother’s Day.


12 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

  1. OMG! I thought something was wrong when there was no posts for days. Let your Mom know I am praying for her and hope she is back soon.

  2. We are also praying for a full recovery. Let her know our thoughts are with her and don't worry, God would not take her away from 2 wonderful kids like you.

  3. OMG!!!!!! Been going to Church and Sunday will ask for a full blessing of your mother. She has helped me so much.

  4. Coming in from a night out and reading this made my heart sink. Was wondering what was up, but……you know we all have things to do. I will give my full attention to praying your mom gets better. Let her know we are all missing her and will need her back. Don't worry kids, she seems like a very strong person and I know she will recover.

  5. I just wanted to say that as sick as my mom has been she is still the best mom in the world. I went to the movies tonight with my 2 friends and some hispanic teenagers tried to start a fight with me and tried to beat me up. I was so upset when I got home and my mom went balistic. My best friends didn't know what to do and made some bad decisions, but my mom taught me all the right things to do and I didn't listen to what she had said. I know better now and I have to take self defense because I let somebody else tell me what to do when I knew it was wrong.

    I just want all the parents out there to teach their children not to be mean to other people even if they are a different race. We are all people and we should be nice to each other.  My brother and my uncle were so mad, but they made me feel better.

  6. Your mom is right and you need to listen to her. It is best that you get self defense in this day and time. Especially for females. Don’t be upset, you are safe now and remember to listen to your mom and not your friends when you know they are wrong.

  7. Blaise, I love my mom the way you do. I don’t really know what I would do without her.

    I have read other posts by your mother and she is a smart mom and trying to protect you. Someday you will understand the strength girls have to overcome the most powerful people and the most awful things that hurt us the most.

  8. Katie is right Blaise. Take a deep breath, try to understand that no matter how sick your mom is she will always find the strength to protect you because that’s what Moms do that love her children to death.

  9. Hi All! I am feeling better everyday, although not fully recovered, but I getting there. I wanted to thank all of you for the e-mails and prayers and comments left on here.

    Thank you too for your comments to my daughter who is still very upset over being threatened and physically abused by teenagers at a movie theater. It has enraged my neighborhood, as we do not live in gangster land. Hopefully I will feel well enough in the next few days to post my fired up Aries opinion over this and similar situations going on all over. Love and Light to All!

  10. Ut Oh! Welcome back princess. Glad your feeling better. I will wait in anticipation for your next post. This ought to be good and I can almost say I am already agreeing with you before you even write it.

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