I am not a racists person, but I find that too many from other races and countries are. I live in the United States of America. Where do you live? If you are living in the United States, to my knowledge, after 50 years of being born and raised in this Country, when my family came from someplace else, I have adapted and accepted all people legally being here as “Americans”. That is what this Country is all about. Our families are from someplace else, but those born and raised here are from this Country. It is our Country. Those coming here legally are citizens of this Country and consider Americans. Those living here illegally, because you can make more money in this Country, want the rights of all citizens who work and pay taxes, but you don’t pay taxes. You want the State benefits, I don’t get, being a single mother raising 2 children alone. Yet you go to our hospitals for medical assistance that you receive and can’t pay for, but my taxes go up to cover the cost of your medical care. I can’t afford to support you. You want welfare I can’t get, you want jobs that I can’t get. You steal, you harass, you murder, and bring illegal drugs into this Country. You cheat others because you think this Country owes you something for nothing. Your kids get free public education. What documents did you provide to get them in public school? I had to supply plenty of documentation to enroll my kids when I am a citizen of this Country, but you didn’t. You hold marches for your rights, but what about the Rights of those that are legal , who pay taxes to support you. I should not have to work to support you and your family. That’s your job.

I have dual citizenship with Great Britain, but I don’t run over there for free socialized medicine. I am not a user and you come here to use the people of this Country to support you and benefit you and we pay for it in our taxes.

It’s all about what you think you can control and get away with and not pay a price. The key words are control and users. You come here to have your children, so they are citizens, which you assume gives you the right for benefits that those born and raised here can’t get. What the majority of you don’t see as parents, you are raising your children to be just like the governments you left. Get a clue. When you allow your Gangsta children to abuse, harass and harm the other children of this Country, you are no different than the governments you came from and you have changed nothing about your way of life.

You will never take the United States of America down to your level, so maybe it’s time all of you actually took responsibility for your actions, especially, when it comes to raising your children, by being kind and helpful to others instead of abusive, users, troublemakers, and control freaks.
Sorry, I didn’t post this in Spanish or any other language you might speak, and I speak 5 languages, but the main language of this Country is English. If you want to live here, you need to learn it and so do your children. We are NOT the Country you came from and get tired of dealing with your attitude when you are NOT even a citizen of this Country and you raise your children to be just like you.

My children lost their father to suicide last year because of your get quick rich means of bringing methamphetamines into this country illegally. You don’t care who you kill, but my children do.

You hide behind your almighty values of showing up to Church every Sunday and praying for forgiveness of something you know is wrong. Guess what, you are not being forgiven when you walk outside and sell a rock. You really don’t seem to get it and only add fuel to your own fire of your life.

I have issues with abuse in any form and I would fight to the death to see to it you are eliminated from this Country. My opinion is not going to change any time soon.


4 thoughts on “Illegals

  1. I wanted to be the first to post a comment when Kimberley told me what she wrote and asked my opinion. I was born and raised in Mexico. When I decided that I could have a better life in the U.S. I took the time and effort to go through the process to come here legally. The opportunities in this Country gave me the motivation to be something I could never be in my own country. I came here for education that I couldn't get at home and ended up in the technical school that Kimberley teaches in. She was not only the most awesome and educated teacher in my field, but she is the most awesome human I have ever encountered. She knows so much about everything, is so talented and genuinely loves everybody. When she told me what my people from Mexico did to her daughter and her friends I was ashamed and mad of my own people.

    Ought estar avergonzado por tus acciones. Si no puedes enseñar a tus niños a amar cada uno y a no abusar de ellos entonces mereces ser enviado detrás a casa para vivir la vida que funcionaste lejos de.

    And I can post that in Spanish! Don't worry Kimberley I didn't use any bad words;) I think it's funny you know 5 languages and one of them isn't Spanish.

  2. I am so happy you are back. You must be feeling better. After reading this post I do have something to say. Even though I live in a small town, we too have illegals living here. They are hired to do menial jobs because they are cheaper labor. I think a lot of Americans appreciate the fact that they do struggle financially and can find someone to help them that doesn’t cost as much as a major company. Most I have encountered are very good at what they do and honest, but like you I have a problem with some of the attitudes that they give me and the fact that when they do something wrong they blame it on not understanding English. I also see their children hanging out on the corner when they should be in school, then hit some of the stores and steal. I have even had their parents steal things from my home. How we raise our children and what they see us do is very important.
    I have to agree that if you want to live here you need to be legal in this Country and know that you must pay the price for your wrong actions, like every other citizen in this Country. A lot of times, the parents need to pay the price for their children’s actions and maybe things would change. And like you, I cannot afford to support the taxes that keep getting raised to cover the cost of those that are not here legally.

  3. After reading this my wife and I had a 3 hour discussion about this very fact of child abuse from other children. You only know what you are taught. Where we live, there are plenty of abusive children, but I have found that a lot of the children abusing children have doctors, lawyers and politcal parents, who seem to never have time enough to pay attention to their kids. They are just too busy with work and making money. Neglect with children will get you as much as teaching them wrong behavior.

    We don’t disagree that if you come here from another Country you need to do so legally and you need to learn the American way of life without predjudice.

    Everyones comments are interesting and diverse. We are looking forward to see where this blog goes.

    By the way, Welcome Back Kimberley, we missed you.

  4. Dang! I thought you would never come back. Excited to read this post and agree with you 100%. Not going to get an argument out of me on this. I have gone through a lot of stuff at work over this very thing.

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