My Mother’s Day

It could only happen to me, but after feeling so much better this last week, my kids were getting me all energized to celebrate Mother’s Day. I decided to cook for my elderly mother, who eats Lean Cuisines as her staple food. She was so excited she could hardly contain herself, as my oldest brother and his wife live with her and never fix food she likes nor can her system tolerate at her age. She knows she can eat at my house any night of the week, but I can’t always have dinner on the table at her eating hour of 5:00 sharp.

So, yesterday off to the store I went get her favorite foods. Thinking the way I do, as a Mom, in the grocery store I got all the necessities first. You know, dog food, cat food, bird food, rat food, laundry soap, toilet paper…. you know what I mean. Now it’s time to concentrate on all the things I need for dinner for Mother’s Day. I get in the meat department and as I am trying to glance around all the men, looking for something to grill for their wives and moms, I get that dry tickle in my throat and start to cough. I tried to clear my throat, but the second cough took me to my knees when every muscle in my lower back tighten up and the pain was unreal. Some big guy helps me up and asks me if I’m okay. I couldn’t even breath nor could I finish my shopping. I held onto the basket for dear life trying to make it to the front of the store. There’s 40,000 people checking out and I couldn’t even perceive standing 2 minutes let alone 20 for a checker. No matter what, Moms never leave the store without necessities. Like an Angel from Heaven a checker walks up to me and tells me she can help me at the next register that wasn’t open. I got the death look from 20,000 people waiting in line. I didn’t care. I made the grocery packer unload my basket and carry everything out and put it in my car, but I wouldn’t let him push the basket. I have an SUV, that sits high and it took me 5 minutes to get into the seat in agonizing pain. I wasn’t even sure I could drive home. It was awful, but I made it home. When I came into the house I looked like the Hunchback of Notra Dame. I was looking at the ground when I told my son to unload the car. He usually does, but I have never told him bent over and looking at his bedroom floor. My daughter casually comes out of her room smelling the freshness of food in the air and asks me why I am walking like I am 102.

During basketball and baseball season I don’t see to much of my teenage son, until his games of the day are over and I am ready to go to bed. He wants to sit down and talk for 3 hours. I didn’t even want any of the cats looking at me for attention, let alone conversation from a kid. With all of the problems I have had with medication recently I was not taking any for pain. I remembered my grandfathers advice for pain when I was 13. “Whiskey”. So I had a few, which at that point was more than 2. I felt better and went to bed with moist heat. It was an awful night. It took me 10 minutes to get out of bed this morning, with my daughter greeting me in her cheery happy voice with Happy Mother’s Day. She proceeds to tell me that she is making me breakfast, but she doesn’t have any flour for the gravy for the biscuits and hot sausage, she has already cooked and I needed to take her to the store, unconcerned about the pain I was in. I stared at her, said nothing and in my night clothes and house shoes, got my purse and keys and looked at the concrete driveway as I breathlessly got into the car. I slapped money into her hand and waited in the car, knowing full well I had no food for Mother’s Day dinner and my own Mother was coming for dinner that I couldn’t physically cook. (my mother doesn’t cook, by the way)

I ended up having to send my 12 year old daughter back to the store, with my debit card (which was more scary than not). My own mother had to take her, which was even scarier, as she is blind in one eye. My son ended up barbecuing ribs, that my mother wanted and my daughter made the rest of the dinner to the satisfaction of my mother. My mother actually did the dishes and cleaned my kitchen, while I sat with an ice pack on my back.

Okay, I had a physically miserable Mother’s Day, but my children made it all worth while, because without them I wouldn’t be a Mom. My spendthrift daughter actually saved her money and bought me a new Ram necklace. And my son made me cry over a Mother’s Day poem he wrote for a school project that I had to grade so he could take it back to his teacher. Well, of course, I am going to share it with you. I’m a Mom and so proud of how far my kids have come after all they have been through in their short life here.

Mother’s Day Poem

written by my 13 year old son

‘Every time you are there,

I am always feeling great.

I am happy I always have someone to listen to me.

You help me when I need you,

and give me the strength I need,

You help me be more respectful and caring.

Your words are like rain drops that fall upon me.

I can easily understand the importance of things.

And everyday is important.

Everyday is a day to celebrate

Everything you have accomplished.

And everyday you are there,

Is always the best accomplishment.’

There are times you never know what to expect from your kids.  There are great days and not so good days, but there are always days they will surprise you with just how much they love you.


5 thoughts on “My Mother’s Day

  1. You certainly made me laugh and cry. You have great kids that have taken great care to make sure they really know you love them. And your right, Moms never leave the store without necessities no matter what.

    I just want to say that my son, who has never seemed to like me his whole life, actually took me out to dinner, bought me flowers and gave me a card, that meant more than anything to me. And he and I are really trying to bridge to gap between us.

    Hope your back feels better soon.

  2. How can anyone but you take such an awful experience, make it funny and very moving? You certainly have a unique way of explaining things. Feel better soon.

  3. I had an awful Mother's Day. Not because I didn't take the time to cater to my mother this year. She loved all the attention I had been giving her lately because I am truly trying to change to be a better person. (more loving and giving and honest with others and myself)

    My other siblings were jealous over how much attention I was getting from my own mother and tried to start a fight that a year ago I would have pursued, but didn't this time. Yes I was called everything in the book and my mom told everybody to go home, but me.

    She told me it was my dad who raised us to be problem children because he was and that's all he knew. He died when I was 14 and I used his teachings to drive my mother crazy as a teenager.

    My mom asked me what brought about this change in me. She doesn't have a computer, so I took her home and showed her this blog and had her read the things you write about life, being a mom and how your kids are, and the knowledge you give to others. Whether you know it or not you are loved by one more person on this planet. My Mom.

  4. After laughing and getting a little emotional over reading this I have a confession to make. I was one of those men in the meat department looking for something to grill. Thank goodness no women went crashing to their knees where I was because I probably would have paniced. Hey I am not too macho to admit that I passed out watching my wife give birth to our first child.

    We think you are a great Mom and by what your 13 year old wrote you should be very proud that he feels the way he does about you and the amount of respect he shows for you.

    Just out of couriosity, have either one of your children ever been bad, or is it just a gene? I have four and I think all of them have a mental malfunction gene from Sharon's father's side.

    Feel better, I know how much back pain can be miserable.

  5. Oh My! I have been out of town. When I read this I too laughed and cried. I can certainly feel your pain over the lower back. I went through the same thing at an Art Fair by sneezing. By the way the man that helped me up, I encountered 2 months later when I interviewed him for a job. We got married and have 3 kids and 20 years later are still happy just being together. There is always something that comes out of the most unusual circumstances.

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