For most people in the Northern Hemisphere summer is a time of warm temperatures, getting out doors for camping, fishing, boating and playing in the water. It’s a time families take vacations together to relax, rest and spend quality time with each other. Most school age children have extended time away from Teachers controlling them in the classroom and Principals punishing them for wrong behavior. It’s a time that parents are totally responsible for the actions of their children.

Unfortunately, my children have 3 months off in the summer as opposed to the year round schools who have about 3 weeks off in the summer. I don’t know about you, but I don’t get 3 months off from work during the summer, which means to me, that it would be another 3 months of my cell phone ringing, at work, every 10 to 15 minutes, from 2 teenagers fighting with each other and making a abusing the very house they live in. This means I would have to go outside, down the stairs, into the parking lot, out in the sun, in the desert heat to use my MOM tone on them. The thought of having to get in my car that will be over 200 degrees to come home to kill one of them just doesn’t sit well with me, as I work 16 miles away and losing time at work and wasting gas, at the price it is, just means that they don’t get any junk food all summer, their main staple. Okay, I had to weigh the pros and cons of that thought. Junk food verses gas and loss of pay. hmmm!

Fortunately for my children I would never kill them, I would, however, have no problem putting them into the concrete and block wall for making my blood pressure rise and ticking me off. I could leave them to kill each other, but I would be charged with neglect because I went to work to house them, clothe them, feed them and put braces on their teeth. Summer is a no win situation between the school districts, the law, working parents, and the rug-rats they gave birth too.

I have taken a less stressful approach to summer break this year. I have a really awesome employer, who understands my plight of being the only person in my children’s life that takes full responsibility of raising them. I don’t have family and friends who can physically help me on a regular basis. My oldest brother suffers from progressive MS, but he will take them to school if I just can’t and pick them up from school when they are sick. However, he is not capable of disengaging their opposite attitudes and fights for 3 long, extremely hot months.

I choose to put money aside for me to take a vacation in the fall, away from my kids, house, and animals. Keeping house, working a job and raising kids alone is a 24 hour a day job and single Moms do need a break from routine. My children’s father is deceased and his family doesn’t even communicate with my kids. I do have someone who will sit with them and referee for the short time I am gone. So this year, I have opted to take my vacation money and put my kids into the YMCA for the summer. I chose to put them at one close to my work and if there is any problems I can go get them down the street and bring them back to my work to make them suffer a long boring day in their world. Although, my employer and students will see to it that they are thoroughly entertained and fed. I love my children to death, but I hate their teenage attitudes. If I acted the way kids do today back in the 50’s and 60’s my father would have knocked me into next week. I never gave him a reason to do that, so I never learned how to do that. Although, my oldest brother has been there, but I didn’t want to ask him how it was done.

I just want to say one thing. I have taught in elementary education and now teach in adult education. Teachers, regardless of what age group they are involved with DO NOT get paid enough to put up with some of the $hit they have to contend with. So the next time your community wants to vote for an increase in teachers salaries, let them have it, because they are with YOUR kids most of the day. Stop and think about it.


8 thoughts on “Summer

  1. OMG! You just nailed the entire summer break of what my wife and I deal with in our teenagers. Thanks for answering my question about your kids being perfect. I think the YMCA would faint if I sent the neo-pagans in for the summer. Maybe I should call them to find out. They could use some Christian values right about now.

  2. I have been reading your posts for sometime now, but have never posted a comment until tonight. I don’t understand your logic over sending your children to a facility that teaches Christian values, when you do not practice Christianity, which I am sure your children, being raised by you, do not understand.

  3. Obviously, Ryan, you must have missed the post on the fact that my Grandmother was a Christian Ordained Minister, who raised me. I have never denied my children the knowledge of any religion. They are free to make their own decisions as they enter adulthood. They have been exposed to many avenues of religion and spiritualism. The one fact that led me away from the Christian Holy Bible was that information in the Bible is incorrect. The Roman Catholic Church is responsible, as factual history shows over the Romans trying to take control over the people and lands of Europe,and used ancient writings to benefit their society of slaughter and control, of what they considered the entire Earth.

    When you experience 1000's of Catholics praying and blessing a cactus in front of a Mexican food restaurant, because someone thought it look liked the Virgin Mary, then there are issues with how far the interpretations and perceptions of ancient writings, that modern day man views, as Holy Spiritual Truth.

    According to the Christian Bible God created the Universe, this solar system, this planet and Adam and Eve in 6 days. Some very prominent Christian teachings view this Earth as being 6000 years old and modern man walked with dinosaurs. According to proven scientific forensics, the Earth and this Solar System and the Universe is billions of years older and modern humans did not live during the time of dinosaurs.

    If taught values of life and love of all things, and a belief that there is more than we, as modern humans understand, whether it be Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Wicca, Atheist, or pre-Abraham writings, is wrong, then why are you questioning my belief and what I teach or allow my children to know or experience? Maybe it's you that needs to step back from your Christian design and take a look at the bigger picture of why you are really here.

  4. This is a really deep and an interesting turn of events for this blog. I was going to bed, but got a little fired up over these comments. Being a patron here and understanding the life of the celtic princess. It seems to me, and I am a Christian, that accepting, loving and going out of your way to do good for others is what God intended you to do. HE judges you in the end. Kimberley has told stories that do make you think again about how you interact with other people. I find her amusing way of telling things she knows and experiences quite comforting for everyday life. I love reading her writings and I wish she would write a book.

  5. Geez, all heck breaks loose when I go out of town. I think Ryan you should keep reading this blog and trying to learn why you are dsyfuntional, but you still need to keep your mouth shut cause you sound like an idiot. The best part is Kimberley’s kids sound more intellegent, loving and giving and have it more together than you.

  6. Geez, I go out of town and all heck breaks loose. I think Ryan you should just keep reading this blog and learn something and maybe ask questions of things you don’t understand. Kimberley’s kids seem to have it more together than you.

  7. Wow! I can't believe anyone would think that any values, regardless of where they come from, would be wrong. Gee, Ryan, I have to agree with Kimberley's response and Katie's views on this. Sorry man, but you need to get a clue.

  8. Dang! I guess I missed some important stuff being sick this week.

    Ryan! If you think you came here by accident, you didn't. This woman has a way of drawing those that need enlightenment to this sight and you have been chosen dude.

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