A Typical Work Day

I was ask, by a friend of mine, to post a letter I sent to him. He had sent me an e-mail and when I answered it, I found myself expounding over my work day yesterday. He thought it was worth sharing with the rest of the world.

As I have noted before, I teach in a private technical school. I have been a certified and licensed teacher for 31 years and have taught in my profession for 26 years. In all of those years I have spent countless hours in on going education and retraining as progress moves forward and new things are developed. I am explaining this, because out of the seven other teachers I work with, only two of us have an extended educational background. The other five are incompetent fools and very new to the teaching profession, some without much education on educating. Their means of educating is controlling what they have no control over. When you work in an artistically inclined profession you cannot control the creativity of an artist, you can however, threaten them with bodily harm when when they get in your face. Which brings me to yesterday.

I have always had students of all races and backgrounds. Every once in a while I come across a student who pushes my buttons. Yesterday was one of them. This is the letter I sent in part.

‘I got an award at work today, as the best and most favorite instructor, out of the seven that work there. I’m not sure why, as I threatened to throw a gay male student (who dresses like a woman and wants to be referred to as a woman) through the second story window onto the asphalt parking lot below. He was irritated with me because I won’t refer to him as a she or her. I told him he will never know the joys of experiencing pre-menopausal PMS and if he didn’t get his attitude out of my face I was going to show him exactly what it was by throwing him through the window. I did, however, tell him he probably wouldn’t die, as the cars below would break his fall before his as-by-d’phalt hit the ground. He got out of my face. I ended my point by telling him that he was insulting my species of the human race, as there is more to Women than slinging their hair back and swinging their hips, he does not have, to and fro. I was agitated enough at that point that I yelled at the clinic floor instructors for not doing their job and then got on the microphone and yelled at the student population for their lack of sanitation practices and cleaning up their messes. I got applause from all the clients and half the student population. So, I went in and ask my boss to fire me. She gave me an award instead. It was a no lose situation today.’


6 thoughts on “A Typical Work Day

  1. I can only imagine the scene. This was too funny. I have seen others deal with the same thing, but I don't think I would even know what to say if I had to encounter it. I certainly don't recall anyone ever quite using the terminalogy you did.

  2. I almost died laughing. I can definately relate to this scenario, as I also teach in adult education, but wish I had thought of your comebacks.

  3. I've gotta be honest here. I certainly can be entertained by a woman, who is higher up than you in the company, when she is yelling at another man over his stupidity with her sarcastic and snappy comebacks. I just don't ever want to be the man getting yelled at, which is why I keep a calendar of those deathly female outbursts in the office, so I know every month which dates to be at my highest intelligence. If I am feeling really stupid that week, I just call in sick.

  4. I really can't say who was funnier here tonight, Kimberley or Doug. I think that are running neck in neck at the moment. I can't remember laughing this hard over the truth.

  5. I was really rather down tonight after an extremely awful week at work, so I went into the bedroom to read awhile. My wife, Sharon, who posted earlier came in to get me to read this blog and the comments.

    I have to say that after I was done laughing I feel a whole lot better. That comment Kimberley made a while back about “your only given what you need”. Well, I definately needed this, thank you for being here. And Doug, that was a classic man that I gotta remember.

  6. I’m thinking that maybe I need a few lessons in those sarcastic and snappy comebacks. Even though the company I work in is mostly woman, since my promotion, I have 4 men that work for me and 2 of them are gay and the other 2 are arrogant. I could use a few sarcastic and snappy remarks right about now.

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