Sarcastic and Snappy Comebacks

Katie, let me give you clue to those statements you wish had thought of after the fact. I was raised in a family full of boys. There is only a female born in my family about every 24 years. All the rest are boys. There are 1000’s of boys in my family. I was the youngest of 3 children and yes the two older ones were boys. Something was always blamed on me to take attention off of something they did wrong. My father was military, but not stupid. He knew that when I made a sarcastic remark over the accusations that one of my brothers blamed on me, it was my brothers who were at fault over something else they did. My mother on the other hand, to this day, believes that boys always tell the truth and girls are liars. (probably because she was as a child) It’s kind of funny, but after all these years, when my mother accuses me of something I didn’t do, my brothers always defend me. It’s only because they know I will lay waste to them by my mouth and my Sarcasim and Snappy Comebacks. It has always been my only line of defense in my brain.

You have to practice and utilize each scenario in your mind in order to have a quick comment when someone is blaming you or are giving you grief. Keep in mind that the things in life, that annoy you the most, you have to be prepared in advance with something to say to the person who is agitating you over something that really annoys you. The best time to jot down your thoughts is during pms, as it gives you the most dramatic and evil comebacks to someone who just grates on your nerves.

On the other hand, I am a double Aries, who could careless if I hurt your feelings because you made me mad, hurt my feelings, insulted me or blamed me for something I didn’t do. Being an Aries child I have found that humor in sarcasim and snappy comebacks benefits me more than the venom. (although I have tendency to use venom on occasion) It comes over insecurity of whether I can handle your attitude and the way you are treating me. I was taught to treat everyone with love and respect, but when I am not treated that way in return, I don’t know how to respond with out being honest over the way I feel at that moment. I find that others don’t know how to accept an honest opinion and they in turn walk away without response or say something that just doesn’t fit the whole scenario, or make light out of everything in their life, so they don’t feel bad over their actions.

Take heart, Katie. Just be who you are and if others offend you, make you feel inadequate, or insult your nature, they are the ones who have a problem. Love, respect , and accept all people, regardless, of whether you are given it back. You are teaching them a lesson on humanity.


I just had to post this, since in the last few weeks I have had so many people read this post all of a sudden.  I am going to give you one Comeback, but you have to say it right, then turn and walk away from your opponent.  This will leave your opponent without time to respond and feeling rather defeated for the moment.    First you must look at them like they are completely stupid, then you must enunciate the word “ISN’T,…(2 second pause) THAT nice”.  Then walk away shaking your head.    They may be mad and respond with a quick and loud “YES IT IS”, don’t give them the benefit of making you mad, just keep walking.  They have no control over a conversation that they are searching for a meaning when there really isn’t one.   My best friend and I always used it on students with great success.    As for my brothers always trying to blame me for something to take attention off of them, well, I was around 9 years old when my father confronted me on something one of my brothers accused me of doing when I didn’t even know what he was talking about.  I looked at my military father (you know daddy’s little girl) with my big green eyes and said “, “It’s not my fault my brothers are liars and retarded I’m not their parent.  He didn’t have a response,  However he did charge down the hall taking his belt off and hitting it against the wall all the way down the hallway. My brothers, who were laughing in their bedroom, weren’t laughing when he hit it against their bedroom door.


8 thoughts on “Sarcastic and Snappy Comebacks

  1. Thank you Kimberley, I’ll practice this and keep it in mind as the days and weeks pass. This has given me an inner strength I didn’t think I really had to handle this new position.

  2. Katie, don’t stress over the small stuff. Remember who you are and what you are there to do. I appreciate a woman boss who is in control, but still has a heart with those doing their job. Male bosses aren’t like that. They are control freaks and jerks.

    Kimberley is right, just be who you are and love and respect all of your employees.

  3. Haven’t been in here in a while, but I fell over laughing at the typical work day and Doug’s classic comments coming from the heart of a man in an estrogen world. I’m right there with you Doug. I learned my lesson on that issue a long time ago.

    You’ll get in sync Katie, it takes time to become the B word to men in the workplace. You have a right, though, to be that way because men are slow in developing skills when they are looking a good looking woman.

  4. These comments seem interesting and I have to agree with the men on this, but of course, I always try to look at a womans point of view, which never works for me because I don't understand their minds. They think differently and get really cranky when you aren't doing something you don't know to do in the first place.

    I gotta agree with the way Kimberley handled her situation with this student. I would have been terrified to tell someone I was going to throw them through a second story window. Women can get away with that kind of stuff and I can tell you from experience they would get away with it because they use their hormones as a reason to be insane, and it's okay with society. Hey, it's okay with me too. I have a mom and girlfriend that was all excited that Kimberley didn't take any grief off of this person.

  5. Way to go Kimberley, you made my daughter, Katie, think for herself for a change, instead of listening to what everybody else would do and following their bad advice. She is acting stronger now and for the first time in her life, let her brother have it over the way he treats everyone. That’s an amazing first. I love you and don’t ever stop blogging.

  6. This comeback works best with stupid annoying people who think they always need to interrupt you when you are talking, by telling you to “shut up”, because they want attention. Quickly say to them, “Shut don’t go up prices do”, and walk away. They really have no comeback other than calling you a “B” word. Just keep walking and don’t allow them to have any power.

  7. Here’s one of my favorites that I use quite frequently with stupid people.

    “Were you raised in a barn or were just born stupid?”

    When dealing with my arrogant boss and he says something really stupid, well, I just say, “Of course you are greater than God and you know everything, unfortunately none of your ideas work. He hasn’t fired me yet, but he calls a Board Meeting for a POW WOW session.

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