Heaven knows I was not born in the age of electronics. I grew up watching black and white T.V. in the living room with my family. My first memories of television was in my Great Grandparents house. My Great Grandfather opposed television as it took attention away from things that truly mattered. My Great Grandmother, on the other hand, watched Soap Operas, while she sprinkled the laundry with a coke bottle full of water that had a make shift spout made out of cork and she did all the ironing for the entire family. She also had an obsession for watching wrestling and Friday Night At The Fights. During the hot summer months my cousin and I once talked to each other during “As The World Turns”. We were given each an empty 6 oz bottle of coke and told to go to the “Little Store” and get as much candy as we could buy with a nickel, which came from the deposit off the empty bottles we turned in. My Great Grandfather waited in anticipation for our return, not because anything was going to happen to us, but because he knew we would be so wired on sugar it was great opportunity to have us pick pomegranates and artificial lemons off the hedge (not a tree), in the heat. Being of the foreign Celtic descent we ate a lot of pies, whether is contained meat, vegetables or fruit. To this day I am still mad that I can’t make pie crust from grabbing a handful of flour, throwing it on the counter and sprinkling it with water off my hand. I still don’t know how she did that.

Of course, times change. My father went from being brought up in a City with Al Capone and Baby Face Nelson, to leaving home at 14 and hitching hiking across the Country by himself. He slept in the jails in each state he was in to protect him from anyone harming him. He went to live with his brother in California. My father never went to High School. He met a woman in California and got married and had a son. He was drafted into the Army during WW2. Because of his lack of education, his duty during the war was being a sniper shooter. He killed people he didn’t know and never forgave himself for it. His wife divorced him while he was overseas and he never saw his son again. When he served his time in the military he had no place to go when he was discharged. His oldest sister was married and lived in Phoenix and she told him he could live with her. That’s when he met my mother. My grandparents weren’t to happy that their daughter met and starting dating a divorced man, who didn’t have much education, but boy could my parents jitterbug.

My grandfather was the first pioneer of pilots in Arizona History. He made my father get a G.E.D., which my mother helped him achieve, and put him through flight school. Until my father retired, he was a corporate pilot, mostly for private companies and made really good money. But, I think I would have rather been poor, than to have him gone so much of my life. After he retired, he was in his glory to take care of my children, while their father and I worked. He had such a positive influence on my children that my son, who was 9 years old, sat at his death bed and held his hand when he died.

My childrens father, on the other hand, was a genius when it came to computer’s and programming. I knew nothing about computers or electronics. My first piece of electronic equipment was given to me when I was 10 years old. It was a transistor radio. The funny thing is, I never got rid of that little hand held radio, that I got in 1966. It sat in my dresser drawer, in it’s box, for many years. Sometime in the early 70’s I got a clock radio. By 1980 I puchased a small color t.v. for my bedroom. In 1990 I purchased a stereo system. I still have that stereo system, but recently replaced the power center to it.

Recently, I had to move that stereo system out of it’s cabinet, into an entertainment center that my mother forced me to take because my oldest brother, who moved in with her, didn’t have room for it when he brought in his big screen t.v.

I am so electronically inept that my 13 year old son had to go with me to get a t.v. to fit the cabinet. OMG! I really didn’t know anything about the “new” t.v.’s. It’s hard not to buy an HD t.v. as they are so light weight and thin that one person can carry it. Well, after my son spent all day hooking up the stereo and new t.v. we couldn’t understand why the cable wasn’t working. Not what my children wanted to deal with at the moment. I really am not a t.v. watcher, but my son has a routine when the Phoenix Sun’s Basketball team is in the playoffs. He missed the last 2 games, but oddly, listened to them on my 1966 transistor radio. See how 40 years can still work in this day and time.

When the cable company finally showed up, four days later, it was 112 degrees outside and he had to get into my attic. I was a little concerned over this, as my attic was about 130 degrees. He reassured me he didn’t have to get all the way in the attic, but needed to borrow a ladder. Now I was really worried. My ladder is old and very unstable. The entrance to my attic is under the carport, next to my kitchen. When I heard the kitchen window break, I knew there was a problem. I sent my son outside, as fast as he could go, by the time I got out there I could do nothing but laugh hysterically. All I saw was the cable man running his legs in mid-air hanging out of my attic. My son pulled the ladder out of the window and stabilized it under the cable man, but my son sent me in the house because I couldn’t stop laughing. The sad part was that the problem was the cable 3 way splitter in the living-room. When the cable man realized this, my puppy decided he need to be licked to death to console him.

I was a little miffed over the fact that the cable man called someone to fix my kitchen window and they were there in 15 minutes, on a Sunday afternoon. How does that work on a Sunday? I am stilling waiting for the Auto Glass people to replace my broken windshield that happen last week. I should have had the cable company call the Auto Glass people first.

So where are all of you on electronics? I know I am still in Dark Ages when it comes too electricity, even though I am versed in positive and negative polarity.


6 thoughts on “Electronics

  1. OMG! This is too funny and so like my life. I know nothing about electronical equipment and I am so jealous that you have a teenage son who made you buy a High Definition T.V. I have a friend who has one and the picture is so much better than what I look at on my T.V. I know I would have been hysterical if I saw someone daggling out of my attic, especially if I was responsible for the daggling. I could view this happening to me and became totally hysterical thinking about it. Hang in there Lady, you are not alone.  I can also feel your past.  It was the times and your are right, the times change, but kids still have to go through it and overcome what they didn't like.  Seems to me your kids are doing much better than you and I did growing up and I do remember the 5 cent deposit on coke bottles and the cork sprinkler head for ironing. I just about LMAO reading this, as it reminded me of where I came from.  Like you, I can now use a computer, but still need help.  We'll get it someday.  Thanks for being so honest.

  2. I just about died laughing over this post. I could just picture my ex-wife dealing with this and calling me to help her, even though I am not that electronically inepted. Would you mind sending your 13 year old over to my house to give me a few lessons. BTW, I feel your attitude over the past. My father was much like yours and my own mother didn’t deal with it. She left her children to marry someone else and that someone else was not a father at all. I ended up living with my grandparents and no worse for wear as I learned more from them than I did from everything else in my life.

  3. I was just checking in before bed and I couldn't believe I was reliving my childhood reading this post. Although, I am a few years younger than you, I do remember the 5 cent deposit on coke bottles that my brother and I dug through the trash looking for every summer day. We had a Little Store down the street and nobody in my family was concerned we were gone so long buying candy with the deposit money from the bottles we collected. I'm surprised we lived through those days. I won't even let my own children, with their teenage attitudes, go out alone or with just one friend. They have to go in a group of 4 or more and stay together. I can honestly admit that out of the 4 boys I have, only one has the electronic skills that your son has. I think it's inborn and I don't know who it came from in my family. It just think that particular kid is from another dimension of life. He is all straight A's and perfect, that sometimes it scares me he is smarter than his parents, especially, where electronics is concerned.

  4. Too funny! I am a lot younger than all of you, but I had to call my parents and have them read this post. My dad was hysterical. My mom, well let's just say, thought it was unusual that someone else did the same things she did growing up. My mom always thinks she is the only one who ever goes through anything.

  5. Okay, Josh, maybe I am a little naive about things, so I came on here to read all the things that have been written because you seem to have changed for the better. I admit this Lady writing all of this knows a little more about the world than I do and maybe that is my clue to get more education about life. BTW, this was too funny and I really enjoyed reading her post.

    I just wish my son wasn’t so electronically challenged. Maybe I would have one of those High Definition t.v.’s right now and my old stereo worked. I am thinking that I should have waited to have kids so I could have a 13 year old to be my son in this day and time.

    Josh’s Mom (and Josh was a pain in the b.tt growing up)

  6. I totally agree about the cable company. The service in my opinion now at the cable company is far worse than what it was 20 years ago… They just simply do not care!! They give all of us service people a bad name.

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