Life is always full of commotion. It seems that just when things start to settle down from the major drama, little things come along that agitate you more than the major things. People who have been a part of your life for so long and honestly care about suddenly disappear. When you ask them why, they make excuses, instead of telling you the truth.

Your doctor, who knows he is giving you medication you are allergic to, won’t even responded to your phone calls. Short of letting yourself die at the hands of the medical profession, you have to find a new doctor who really doesn’t want you to die.

You apply for medical insurance and three different people from the same company call you. One harasses you, the second one signs you up for a policy you don’t want and didn’t apply for, but sends you information on deducting the premium from your checking account that you never gave them the number too, and the third one gives you the technical information you need and tells you to call him back when you decide what policy is right for you and he is the only one in the company that covers your State.

While you contemplate all of these things happening on your long drive to work, some truck, without flaps over the back tires, slings a rock into your windshield on the freeway and you have to play phone tag for days with the Auto Glass and Insurance Company, hoping you don’t get a ticket for a break in your car window that is longer than a dollar bill.

Then there is work. You work with an employee who started 8 weeks ago. After her first 2 days of work she doesn’t show up or call the next day. Five days go by and she finally calls to say her daughter was in a car accident and is in an entire body cast. Two weeks go by and she calls to say she will be into work the following morning. We don’t hear from her again for 3 weeks. She calls and says she will definitely be there the next day. She shows up the following week. Works for 3 days and suddenly has to leave early because her daughter is graduating from college in another city, but assures us she will be back the next day because, in her exact words, “It isn’t like I am going to go out drinking with my family, because I don’t drink.”

I am now thinking that there is something wrong with this scenario. This employee claimed her daughter was in a major car accident and in an entire body cast, which meant if her daughter was actually in College she wouldn’t be able to finish the semester in a body cast, even if the College allowed her to complete her studies at home. She would have missed the entire 2nd half of the semester and would not be able to do home work. Then suddenly this employee is going to her daughter’s graduation. I don’t know about your State, but I went to a University here and no one was allowed to graduate until they completed the entire program. You didn’t get to take 6 to 8 weeks off and then graduate, regardless of the circumstances.

This woman, of course, didn’t show up for work the next day. Not surprising. The school I work for is Tuesday through Saturday, but they have night school on Monday, which just happened to fall on payday. This teacher did ask me before she left, what time she could get her paycheck on Monday night. She showed up to get her paycheck, but she was drunk and apparently made a spectacle out of herself. No, she didn’t come to work today and didn’t call. Hmmmm!

My boss and I and the other employees admit that we have few drinks during the week, but never enough not to show up for work the next day or for weeks on end. Everyone I work with agreed that we know our limit and throwing up is just not a pleasant experience, so none of us take it that far.
To end my days commotion, we had a major thunder bumper, with strong winds, that poured rain, which never happens this time of year and my best friend had to have her 14 year old black lab put to sleep.

Commotion is things that interfere with our daily routine, not always pleasant to deal with, but necessary, as it is the little things that prepare us for the bigger things we don’t want to think about, but need to deal with when they happen.


6 thoughts on “Commotion

  1. Now this is something I can relate too on a daily basis. My life is commotion and you left out the commotion your kids cause. They must not be bugging you today like mine were. Being a mom of 4 teenage boys, I will admit that those 3 glasses of wine every night keep me from doing something I think about, but don’t act upon. I love this post.

  2. I have so much commotion everyday that I am taking the rest of the week off work. You can only take so much commotion for so long that it becomes necessary to hit some type of alcoholic beverage when neccesary. I may have been so annoyed with work that I have left to go have a couple of drinks (I only did that once), but I have never drank enough to throw up or miss work the next day. I would be fired for being missing in action for weeks. Your boss should have reprimanded this woman long before now, unless she is like the rest of us and just gets tired of all the commotion.

  3. Too cool. I agree with all the commotion that’s going on, especially when it comes to insurance companies and doctors.

  4. To be honest, I try to avoid commotion. If it’s just something I really don’t want to deal with I play the dumb male roll on not understanding what to do and usually my mom or ex-wife take care of it. I learned from my father that most women have an innate ability to take care of others. It’s what they do. You know the general mother syndrome.

    Hey, I have never given the impression of being a chauvinist.

  5. You are the most in everything even when it includes commotion. You are one of my most favorite people on Earth and always see the other side of what everybody else doesn’t see. You are truly gifted and a wonderful person to be friends with, so don’t ever stop being who you are, regardless of what others might say. Not that anybody on here thinks differently, but I know what you go through on a daily basis and I think you are always on top of everyone (no pun intended). You are just an awesome lady with all kinds of info on just about everything. Luv ya! Paul

  6. Oh My! Talk about commotion, that’s all I have had to deal with lately. I almost feel happy know that I am not the only one going through commotion. I have to admit that I thought it might just be me, but I realized after reading the feedback that everyone else is in the same boat.

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