Have you ever noticed the pattern your life takes on, in different areas? Sometimes we don’t see things coming at us or we don’t understand why some things come upon us and when confronted with different scenario’s we get our feelings hurt, because we thought we were doing what was expected, but other people thought differently.

I, on the other hand, could care less what you think. Not that I don’t think your opinion is important, but when the logical value of your opinion is missing and your communication skills are vague, misleading, or controlling, then I find that you are at fault and I didn’t really do anything wrong other than being confused over why you are that way when you didn’t check to see if I was that way.

I still get confused over why I am the only one to supply the home bathroom with toilet paper, but for some reason, when I use the bathroom, all the toilet paper has been used and I have to drip dry before putting more rolls of toilet paper in the bathroom. Logically thinking, the last one to use the last piece of toilet paper should replenish it, but why I have to be awakened in the middle of the night, by a teenage child needing toilet paper, because there isn’t any in there, just evades me. I can’t recall doing that as a teenager.

Then there is work. 3 months after starting this teaching job, I was helping a tall male student. I couldn’t see what he was doing wrong standing, so I sat down to get a better perspective. This other teacher came up to me and told me I was not allowed to ever sit. I looked at her like she was an alien from another Universe. I have been doing this for almost 30 years, (she had been doing this for less than a year) so……when did the rules change? I don’t really intimidate easily, I just get irritated with controlling stupidity. I sat anyway and she was irritated. Oh well! I pointed this out to the owner the following week and this teacher was put in her place, but she didn’t talk to me or like me for the next 12 months. However, other teachers came and went and this teacher hated them all, (on the other hand, my logical opinion of those teachers was they were incompetent at their job, so I could see her view point) This teacher, teaches the new students their basics, which isn’t always correct with what the State wants, but I just retrained them when they got to my level of teaching.

I had patience enough to finally see Divine Justice take over. As much as I intimidated this teacher, without trying, she had 30 new 17 year old students start a week ago. She was so over-whelmed, she asked the owner if I could come into to her basics class and help her. (There are 5 other teacher’s in the school, hmmm) I agreed and she wanted me to actually teach her class today, but this teacher asked me a thousand questions and admitted she learned a lot and wanted me back in her class to teach tomorrow.

Sometimes things are not always as they appear. Patience, knowledge, and perseverance will prevail in the end, so don’t get discouraged when people put you off, as I have found, it is not really you, but the fear of others accepting you, because they are afraid you know more than they do and they just don’t want to accept that they should be supplying toilet paper in the bathroom instead of you.

Life is full of daily CHANGES, constantly moving around, but how much endurance and time you have to spend on patience, waiting for your time, depends on you and those you are dealing with everyday. You can walk away anytime, but do you want too?

Take heart Katie, Doug and Josh, you will prevail in your job and your love life. Oddly, all three of you e-mailed me almost the same exact question at the same time.

Love and Light and hang in there, it will happen!


5 thoughts on “Changes

  1. Thank you Kimberley. That whole story was just too cool and made so much sense. I even had to laugh over the toilet paper because I can really relate.

  2. I knew you would say something about this tonight. I was just sitting here waiting for your post. I am guilty over the lack of toilet paper replacement and my girlfriend was mad over the drip dry routine as well as my lack of concern and annoyance over the female thing every month. I will be the first to admit I don’t really want to think about it or deal with it, but I guess I need to accept it and make sure she is comfortable in my space because that is what women are all about. I have been a chauvanist because that’s what my father taught me to be, but I am finding that being honest about life is actually accepting life as my Higher Power made it. Sometimes I hate you for being so honest, but then I love you for making me a better person, especially where women are concerned, because sometimes I am sooooo clueless.

  3. Thanks Doug for making me feel so much better. I always thought you were better than me and I was just stupid when it came to life and women. To be honest I always make sure their is plenty of toilet paper in the bathroom, the seat is down and clean, when I bring home a date. I try really hard to never be offended or put off by the monthly thing, cause women will cry or kill you and I just don’t want to deal with it, so I have learned to accept it and try to make it no big deal. I put myself in their place having to explain it to men who don’t really understand. I kind of think about it as trying to explain to my mother, who never sees my point of view. How can mothers bring about so much power? I am more afraid of my mother than I ever was over my father. (And women claim to be the weaker sex)

  4. I really need to say this. My mom who writes this blog is just the coolest person. She is very open and honest. She never has a problem saying what is on her mind. If I ever needed to have a question answered I go to her because I wouldn’t be afraid to ask her. She makes it no big deal no matter what you are asking about. My friends at school ask me all this stuff because they are afraid to ask their Moms and Dads. I don’t have a Dad so I always know my Mom will answer what I need to know and she never makes you feel stupid for asking. She is really cool.

  5. No Josh, women don’t claim to be the weaker sex, it’s just men and their smart a*s egos that have labeled women as being weaker.

    BTW, thank you Dakota for leaving a comment. I didn’t even think you read my blog.

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