It has been been a while since my last post and for those who have sent e-mails inquiring as to what’s up, my mother is very ill and my kids are in summer sports and I am the chauffeur.

However, today is the Summer Solstice, which is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. It is known and celebrated, mainly in Europe and by today’s New Age pagans. There is always a major celebration at Stonehenge on the Salisbury Plains in England. If you have never been to a celebration at Stonehenge during a Solstice it would amaze you from a spiritual point of view. Although, the spiritulists that attend the ceremonies, to give thanks to the Universe and the Earth are out numbered these days by the party-goers, which has caused clashes in the Circles of Stone.

The first beginnings of Stonehenge can be classified as being built somewhere around 3000 B.C. and ending around 1600 B.C. There is evidence that sometime in late 300 A.D. to the early 400’s A.D., that Stones which had fallen, had been re-raised to their original postion. Stonehenge is most commonly referred to by experts as being an ancient astronomical calander. There are other’s, however, who believe the Stones were raised to worship the Sun.

Regardless, of the reasons the Stones were raised, Stonehenge is truly a visible source of our ancient culture on this planet and everyone should respect the Earth and the Universe as part of our travels through time.


14 thoughts on “Mid-Summer

  1. Thank you Kimberley for taking time to post this, as I know what you are dealing with at home right now.

    I hope, when things turn around for you that you have a story to tell about Merlin.

    Take care.

  2. Today was a day that my neo pagan son’s just about drove me crazy. I am not taking my vacation ever again during a pagan holiday. Not that I have anything against pagans, just teenagers.

  3. I have to be honest. I am a re-covering meth user, and single, with a special needs son. I have lived on the edge for along time and everything always seems to go wrong in my life, even after getting clean.

    I met Kimberley 6 months ago. I thought she was odd for even talking to me all the time, since most people stay away from me, for my attitude, but she really didn't seem to care what others thought of me.
    Last week I was ranting on about everything that was continually going on and things were never changing. Kimberley listened very patiently and when I was done, she ask me to humor her for just one weekend. She gave me something very simple to do, that wasn't that unusual, but I had never thought of it before.

    It's been 6 days and everything in my life has completely turned around and come together. It amazes me that one little thing could change someones whole life. I am so much calmer and nothing is stressing me. Even comments made by others that used to send me into that attitude I have been having. I don't even feel the need for my meds. Even my son is calmer.

    When she writes these blogs about the past and her upbringing I understand why she is so trusted and loved by so many people around her. I am going to have to go further into the spiritual teachings to understand more than I do. Thank you!

  4. Care to share the secret Nancy? Would love to know it too. I am a little jealous that you know Kimberley personally.

  5. Hi Mom,

    This blog has touched my heart. I understand Stonehenge and am sad that so many people don't respect an anceint sight with all it's power and everything that has been taught to me about the past.

    Love your daughter,


    AKA your alien child from the Planet Zoldor!!♥♥

  6. Guess I have been out of town for too long. What’s happening? Reading all these comments I want to hear about Merlin and what Nancy was told to turn her life around. I think we all want to change our life for the better. Let the secret be told.

  7. Interesting page. I thought about it all day. I guess we all have things we are afraid of changing in ourself and our life, but on the other hand when I thought of all the changes I have made throughout my life, I did get through it and actually I am better off than I would have been if I didn’t make those changes.

  8. After reading the page on Fear to Change, I am going to have to admit that I am the King of being afraid to change things too dramatically or suddenly. I have this new girlfriend that is one of those freespirits that really isn’t afraid of much. I have had to go and do things with her I wouldn’t have ever considered in the past. She doesn’t ever seem to have a problem with just packing a bag on the spur of the moment and going away for a few days. It takes me weeks to consider packing a bag and going away for a few days. Then I worry the whole time I didn’t do this or that before I left.

    I am finding that it isn’t so bad and I am actually having fun doing things and not worrying so much about what I didn’t do before I left.

    I am still wondering tho, what you told Nancy, cause I could use a little more help in the being calm part.

  9. I am really far behind on this blog these days. I am going through a divorce that I was so afraid to get. I can relate to that fear of change thing, but I am so much happier not being with a control freak, who just couldn’t deal with me getting a promotion at work and making more money than he does.

  10. I am new to this blog but I have been reading your comments for a few days now,and I find your mind extremely stimulating. I am new to the Phoenix area and am a physician so I have to deal with people that have no choice but to make changes in their life. I must say usually it is for the better. on a more personal note, I think change is beautiful, it keeps you interested, I think those that are afraid of change are insecure and are afraid of what life could bring, how boring! I have to commend you for sharing your personal thoughts with all of us, that is a very caring attribute. I will be looking forward to new posts thanks, Rob

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