Thanks For Sharing

I am back and no worse for wear. Anything that can go wrong will go wrong when Mercury goes retro, but we would need Master Astrologer, Lucky7Star, to explain it. Thank you Lucky for taking up some of the slack with computer talk that completely evades me. The only thing that excites me with my computer is: 1. it’s working and 2. my paper clip that chats with me when I write in Microsoft Word. Bet Linux doesn’t have a paper clip that guides, directs, informs and puts on glasses to review what you wrote and makes you feel like he is your at home editor.

I also want to thank my computer friend Mark and my son, Dakota, (the dual Scorpios) for all their help and trying to keep me centered when I lost the book I have been working on because my other system prevented the files from copying. I’ve gotten over it and I just have to re-write 1/2 a book again. Maybe I’ll complete it this time. It is my fault for not backing up my work because I didn’t know how to do it, but I am computer stupid and I was married to a computer programmer for over 10 years. See how that works? (and yes my son was mad that I never asked him how to do it.)

I have learned a valuable lesson on organizing priorites and kids, family, friends and a job don’t always come first, because the most important person in your life is you. When you allow others and things to take your energy your thoughts become scattered and focusing on what truly needs to be accomplished becomes difficult. Take Back Your Power, set your priorities and learn to say “NO, but thanks for sharing”.

Love and Light


5 thoughts on “Thanks For Sharing

  1. You really are just too cool for words. I would have gone totally balistic if I was half way done with a project that just disappeared. I can’t even imagine……..How can you write so calmly and give advice while accepting that kind of loss?

    I am beginning to think that ancient spiritual teachings are so much more powerful than what I ever learned growing up.

  2. OMG! Every nerve in my body hurt when I read you lost your book. I would have cried for months and wouldn’t ever have been able to tell the world I was stupid, even with the computer. (you post the most unique information and advice) I think you are very brave, too honest, and a very endearing woman. As for your advice on taking back your power, you hit a cord in me where my son is concerned and I am going to try to just say “No, but thanks for sharing” and hang up on him. He is verbally abusive and controlling (like his father) and truly does drain my energy to the point of tears. And, I still love my Microsoft paperclip even though I was told to upgrade my system. He too is my friend in need when no one else can help me.

  3. Don’t let her fool you, she is not completely computer stupid. She did everything right and had her son save most of her files to disc. She even told her son and me how to fix the router connection to the other computer which, prevented internet connection. We both looked at her like she was nuts, but we tried it and it worked. Another programmer messed with it for 3 hours and couldn’t figure it out.

    Sometimes when you are talking to her you just gotta look around and wonder where she pulls some of the stuff she says from.

  4. Two of my teenage boys have completely stressed out my wife and me. If I had pulled some of the things those 2 boys pull my father would have beaten me with a belt. Nowdays, kids can do just about anything they want, but the parents are held responsible. If you hit them for it they call CPS and the parent is still in trouble. Yesterday I was at my wits end with two of my boys. I came on here in hopes that something would calm me down enough to keep me from letting loose on both of them.

    After reading this post I sat and stared at it for the longest time. I must have read the last paragraph 100 times. I went to bed and kept thinking about what you wrote. I fell asleep and had the strangest dreams all night. I rarely ever remember dreaming. I woke up this morning not feeling so distraught and more in control of myself and the situation with my kids.

    Facing the 2 neo pagan punks was different today. I had the attitude and tone of being in control of my children and the $5000.00 of property damage they caused they are going to pay. They are going to work with me, they are coming home with me and they have a 2 story house to paint inside and out and I am making them do it with a roller and a brush plus an acre of grass to mow and their using hand mowers that I had to borrow.

    They did threaten me with the labor board and I told them to go for it and thanks for sharing.

    Sharon is working on her Mother Power right now. Their doing dishes and mopping the kitchen floor.

    Thanks Kimberley, your the best and we are so happy your computer is up and running, hopefully forever.

  5. Good for you Jim and Sharon. I had to deal with my Mother Power today. I like that Jim came up with that term.

    Every weekend like clockwork my son shows up to eat, lounge and watch t.v. He knows I have repairs around my house and he always promises to fix them, but he never does.

    I usually end up getting a neighbor or save up to get a repair service to fix them. When I have someone fix something, that my son promised, my son waits until his belly is full to pick a fight with me, then he becomes verbally abusive, slams the door on his way out and goes to his fathers, who in turn calls and screams at me in his abusive tone.

    Today was only different because, I too, meditated on Take Back Your Power last night.
    My mother passed away several weeks ago, it was expected, she was 88 and in poor health. She left me some money that I decided to use to get everything in my house fixed, painted inside and out and get a new car that I really needed.  I planned it all to be done this week, so I only had to deal with my son and his father one time this weekend.

    After reading your post, I realized I shouldn’t have to deal with them at all, it’s my life and I really am the most important person in it.  My son showed up today.  I could tell he wanted to go off on me right away, but he waited until he ate, watched t.v and lounged.  I made sure I fixed his favorite meal, because I will never make it for him again. When his belly was full, he started nit picking me like he always does.  Normally my feelings get hurt, but today was different.  I didn’t feel the need to responed to his nit picking.  When he wasn’t getting anywhere with me he started belittling me.  I took a deep breath and after I let it out I felt this energy come over me.  I shocked myself.  I had this forceful Mother Power I never used before.  I won’t tell you the whole conversation, but at the end of it I did say to him “Thanks for sharing your thoughts, but get the “F” out of my house and don’t come back next weekend because I am not cooking for you anymore.

    He really didn’t expect it and looked at me like I lost my mind.  He turned and left, slamming the door on his way out.  I was somewhat surprised his father didn’t call me.  I kind of wish he had because I would have told him off too.  I feel better about myself tonight.  I can only tell you how much I appreciate the fact that you have crossed my path in this life.

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