True Love

True Love comes from a commitment from partners, without question of principal, ethics, trust or deviating from the path of a relationship for any reason. A friend of mine sent me a story the other day that truly reminded me of my parents, who were married for 56 years before my father passed away. My Grandparents for 62 years, when my Grandfather passed and my Great Grandparents for 60 years, when my Great Grandfather passed.

In short, the story went, ‘An elderly man had cut his finger a few days before. Needing to have his stitches removed he rushed into the doctors office early that morning without an appointment and in a hurry. There were no doctors available at that time, but the woman at the desk asked the nurse to see this man and ask him if he would wait for a doctor. The nurse took the elderly man into a room and discussed his stitches and why he was in such a hurry and couldn’t wait for a doctor. The elderly man told the nurse that his wife was in a nursing home and he had to be there before she woke up that morning. The nurse left for a few minutes to consult with one of the doctors and was given permission to remove the stitches. As the nurse was taking out the elderly man’s stitches, she asked him if his wife would be upset if he was few minutes late. The elderly man replied that, “his wife did not know who he was as she had not recognized him in over 5 years. She was a victim of Alzheimer’s Disease”. The nurse astounded asked, “And you still go every morning and she doesn’t even know who you are?” The elderly man smiled and patted the nurses hand and said “She doesn’t know me, but I still know who she is.” ‘

This Kaylee, is True Love. True Love is unconditional, regardless of the circumstances. To have it in your life you must have undying FAITH that it will be your life, but to make it work, both partners have to accept that it is what they truly want. There really can be no question about lusting after others or things in your mind, if you are looking for TRUE COMMITTED LOVE.


13 thoughts on “True Love

  1. Thanks, I guess.  Just seems to me there is not too many people out there wanting it.  Those are more fairytales than reality, but I get the picture.

  2. WOW………..the story says it all.

    And kaylee, all you have to do is ask this writer to post something you want to know about without the underlying tone of being snide.

  3. Okay, I am going to admit that I spent the last 3 hours crying over this post, probably because I am going through a divorce and I thought all along I married the man of my dreams. I thought we were truly in love. He gave no indication that we weren’t.

    Obviously, he didn’t think so, since he has been having an affair for the last 4 years and I have only been married for 5 years. I was the clueless one. Stupid me for thinking men could love unconditionally with their heart instead of their…Dick.. and Jane readers. (Okay, so my mom gave me a polite way of venting my point with DICK and Jane.) It would have been better if he was watching Spot chase the ball instead of watching the women who were chasing his balls. Sorry, you can delete that.

  4. First time to this site. Cool info here. Kinda got a lump in my throat over this post. My mom has Alzheimers and I do go and see her everyday, but she has no clue who I am anymore. I talk to her, but she doesn’t understand anything I say.

    I see feedback about asking the writer for info. So, can the writer shed some light on why people get this disease and what the family should do to help them?

  5. WOW Katie you don’t mince words do you? Have FAITH girl, not ALL men are non-committed jerks. I for one always see a relationship thru to the end, so there are a few of us out there.  I could say the same about some women, but not all of them are like that either.  It takes a special connection between 2 souls to make life work for partners.

  6. I read this blog everyday because the writer is my teacher and I have a lot of respect for her. She is not like anyone I have ever met before. After reading the last comment I just needed to say that I always call her the BOMB because a few months ago I lost my High School ring that my parents paid over a $100.00 for and I knew if I told them I would be in big trouble. I didn’t know what to do, but when I was at lunch 3 weeks ago, she walked outside when I was asking other students how I should tell my parents about the ring. She didn’t say anything at first, but then turned around and told me to quit whining because I didn’t check the car in the carport on the carpet.

    It was funny that the car in the carport was MY car that needed a new fuel pump. I went home that evening and cleaned out my car and I found my ring on the carpet under the front seat. So whatever she told you Katie, believe it. She is the BOMB!

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