My 13 year old son has always claimed he will be rich someday. Of course, being an only parent, I wish it was sooner than later. He does have a million ideas for his extreme wealth and for a teenager who lacks the developed common sense skills of everyday life, he does possess the retentive logic of his mother.

As much as I have trouble understanding all the technicalities of electronics, he has taken extreme care, to obtain the equipment and knowledge of the equipment. He also takes good care of his electronic equipment. As new electronic equipment comes about, the old is put aside and stored very carefully, “just in case”.

Stupid Mom just had to ask “Just in case of what?” Okay, so I have a bad habit of looking at something unused for so long that one day I will pick it up and put it in the dumpster. Of course, my son keeps his bedroom spotless, just because I might walk in there and spot something I feel the need to throw away. I really do try to not venture into my kids bedrooms, until I can’t find any silverware to eat with or an odor I can’t identify from the hallway, usually by my daughter’s bedroom. However, if I see my daughter in the same clothes for more than 2 days I will get the garden rake and excavate her room, with gloves and a mask.
The “Just in case of what” came when my teenage son discovered E-Bay. Suddenly, he has more money than I do. So now, I demand gas money, shipping charges and payment for boxes. Next week I am adding my chauffeur time to his bill. This is all because the Playstation 3 is coming out at the end of the year.

When my son is rich, I will be submitting a bill to him for the massive food debt, the Bigfoot shoewear, and the mens clothes I have to supply for the 6’1, size 14 shoe, skinny CHILD with a teenage attitude.


15 thoughts on “Entreperneur

  1. Not sure if any of you have ventured to the Princess’s homepage on yahoo, but I actually know what the woman who writes this blog looks like. She posted a picture and I must say OMG!

    I can see why she had a date with Johnny Depp! I would be more than willing to be your next date and I might add that you certainly don’t look your age.

  2. LMAO!!!! I can so relate to this with 4 male teenagers. And that playstation 3 coming out, well lets just say I told them to get a job, put their money together and maybe they will be able to afford one and when they leave home I get it to pay for the insanity they have caused 😉

  3. Yeah, you guys think that picture gets your attention. You should have seen the Princess yesterday in the students breakroom full of males when she pulled a piece of melted cheese off my pizza, dipped it in butter and as she was trying to put it in her mouth she dropped it right down the front of her shirt. She had to take her smock off and the eyesballs that popped out and the mouths that dropped open, especially when she put her hand down her shirt to get it out.

    I really think it is the way she reacts to things that make her soooo funny. She doesn’t even think anything about it, which is why she is so cool.

  4. Looks like between the Zoldorian alien space child and young Einstein Trump, that some manner of technology of not only keeping mom looking young (locked away in the refrigerator is perhaps not a bad idea with this heat wave). Still nicely preserved mom and no worse from the wear of alien technology so as to show perhaps there is something to be said for the desert lifestyle and life after 20 something. Either way, if the kids are not too busy, someone needs to come up with a cold fusion type solution quick. The “Submit News” feature is working on The DoctorBuzzard’s Medicine Show and special thanks are extended to Kimberley on stopping by and being gracious enough to find the time to share the interesting story of actual life with her extraordinary children, which also gave me pause to go out and bring back a couple of stories on truly bizarre circumstances of the feral child (of which only less than 100 have been documented in the world). There is also a companion video blog added to the “Psychic Stars” which goes into the details of the news science that has been gathered from the rare data of extreme neglect. You just have to see it to believe it… Special thanks for Kimberley’s amusing story that helped inspire DoctorBuzzard’s Medicine Show to take a closer look into the world of the truly bizarre and various behaviors that can result from cases of extreme abuse. I’m certain all will enjoy the stories and video.
    Thank you Kimberley!

  5. You are too funny in an very honest way Kimberley and Lucky7Star, hold on to your socks because perception is only 1/10th of reality and she has that ability to knock your socks off when you least expect it and she is on a roll 😉

  6. I loved the alien story on the DB Medicine Show. In fact it’s a very impressive site. I even did my own tarot reading. I was a little disappointed that the Princess wasn’t going to be my next date though. Have I mentioned how much I love children even if they are Aliens or Einsteins.

  7. Hmmm…Its amazing that the Zolodorian can figure out life at all. And why the heck is Sarah on here!? Thats just wrong. Especially because she is blogging about me and I didn’t even know it. Hmmmm…Inspiration, maybe I should start a blog about her! Ha ha ha…BTW: I think the whole ambition and being rich thing is all Scorpio. Just look at me. I run two businesses (Kind of), a band, a production group and I’m thinking about starting a tutoring session for people at my college. On top of that I need to take my Cosmo test, fill out paperwork for my health insurance, create flyier for my computer business and a countless number of other things that I should write down during the day as I think of them, but don’t because my ADD kicks in and I go off on a tangent. Ho hum…The life of a Scorpio goes on. I need more laid-back Gemini’s in my life…

  8. Sorry Mark, I am not in control of Sarah or anyone else in the school and BTW Gemini’s are not all that laid back, especially when you confront their evil twin. You should have talked to Kylie more on blogging;))

    BTW, I am going to kick your butt Mr. Computer Hacker.

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