Save the Children

This is based off of DoctorBuzzard’s psycho rama and the children of this planet. The story on his site was unimaginable to the average human mind.

What society is ignoring is the fact that children are the victims of their parent’s abuse, whether it is substance abuse at the time of conception and/or during pregnancy. Or neglect after that child is born. The terms ADD, ADHD, Bi-Polar Disorder, and Emotionally Enhanced/ Distraught/or Neglected are new terms being brought to light for the civilized world to now contemplate. These mental disorders have been around a very long time, but are becoming increasingly apparent to many. Why is this happening?

I am not afraid to share this, as I think it is important that everyone needs a better understanding of what is going on around them, their influence and their actions in situations.

‘My Grandmother was one of the Founders of the Crisis Nursery and Child Abuse Hot-line in Phoenix. She worked the Hot-line for many years. In her words, “95% of abused children were abused by adults, who were also abused as children. Those adults were taught abuse and the cycle continued through the generations. Out of the 95% abused, 25% were neglected and left to be raised by pets or other siblings and learned through those pets and children. In one particular case, she told of a 3 year old girl who only knew the sounds and actions of a cat. She ate cat food out of bowl and meowed. She didn’t even speak English that her parents spoke because they never spoke to her. Only the cat talked and cuddled with her. It was a concerned neighbor who took the child from her apartment to the Crisis Nursery when her mother wasn’t home and had left the door unlocked. She heard the child crying and felt compelled to do something.’

This goes on everyday of the week in every State and every Country. We learn from our environment. There are people to this day in Africa that have No means of education other than what they see. They walk on their feet and hands, imitating Gorillas. There are other tribes that communicate with clicking sounds, which made me realize that my computer Weather Bug that Chirps when there is a weather alert, (and we have had plenty this summer) is why my bird now imitates them to the precise sound of the alert.

My Alien child from the Planet Zoldor, may be an Indigo child, and I may make light of it, but it is a just a term, to come to terms, with the fact that at the time of her conception her father was doing Crystal Meth and I was too stupid about drugs to know he was even on them. His teenage alcohol abuse was swept under the rug and denied by his parents when we were dating.

Sadly, for my children, their father committed suicide last year because his drug abuse led to the almighty “Bi-Polar Disorder” that ended in Paranoid Schizophrenia and hallucinations.

Drugs, alcohol and neglect are the biggest problems of our future children today. The World needs to wake-up, to Save the Children, lest we become a dead planet one day.


16 thoughts on “Save the Children

  1. There is so much truth to this it seems to be becoming an epidimic. I see many children daily in elementary education, with an alarming rate increase in behavoir problems. We need more education in the school systems across this Country, not only for the children, but for the parents as well.

  2. I can certainly relate to the stupidity of not knowing what was hidden from me during my marriage from my husbands drug an alcohol abuse. I can now see a pattern and why my son turned out to be the way he did. I am learning Tough Love and finding forgiveness in all things that have affected me.

    I certainly agree that Education should be offered, if not mandatory, to parents when they are raising children.

  3. This is definately a sad plight for any child to go through. It turns my stomach. We all deserve a happy peaceful life, aside from the reasons we came to this planet. If you are given the opportunity to improve your life and other’s lives, it is an opportunity well spent.

  4. Damn, Tank, I didn’t know you could be this deep. Maybe the worst of things can actually bring out the best of things in others.

  5. I may have the hots for this Princess, but….. I am not that shallow Doug. I rescued my step-sister from a life of sexual abuse from her father that started when she was a baby. She needed someone and I volunteered because I care enough to care about people.

    BTW, with people around her who really do love her and a whole lot of stressful counseling and tears she is self sufficient, independent and happy. (And her father went to prison.) It was a hard road to climb, but she made it to the top.

  6. Hi all, well I must agree that whoever that woman is in that painting (if it is REALLY the CelticPrincess 🙂 She is a hottie, but that does not cover this child abuse topic, which if you turn on the tube just about any time of day to your favorite news show, you too can engage in a little voyeuristic child abuse… As we watch women and children be blown to little pieces by bombs and missles of our enemies or closest allies (whatever the case may be), I’m sure that there is enough blood to go around for everyone, we don’t need to worry about running out, as we can always produce more carnage on an ever more grander and spectacular scale.

    In the meantime the Doctor Buzzard Medicine show has been hacked. For the past few days I thought I would just leave it all nice and bloodied, a bit like JackieO after they murdered her husband and she refused to remove her dress as she flew back on the plane to Washington DC with LBJ with the body of her dead husband, whether she knew it or not, it did leave a lasting impression… Believe Oliver Stone or not… A profusion of blood to go around.

  7. I guess by that comment, we are looking at humanized world abuse on a grand scale, as we have all been considered children of our own Higher Power. Or maybe the most grotesque of abuse is a way to get our attention to pray that all have and give loving guidance through life.

  8. Are we forgetting Genghis Kan, why Hiroshima, Stalin, Hitler and Saddam Hussein, the masters of attack, slaughter and torture of mankind as well as many others throughout history.
    Just out of curiosity, if the Aliens landed to take over our planet Earth, would we finally unite as a planet of humans and stop the violence among ourselves?

  9. Dang! I guess I have been so busy that I have missed all of this. Really if you look at the comments, everybody has a different personality with a different way of seeing things, but nobody is really disagreeing so I would have to think if the Aliens landed to take over our planet we would definitely unite just because we are humans with common goals of surviving.

    My opinion on child abuse, it’s wrong, unnecessary and a hideous act. I worked for 2 years in a group home of abused children. They are people like anyone else and there is just no reason for it. Those that abuse children will never be fully rehabilitated regardless of what the psycho doctors say. They put them back on the streets and every child is at risk to one of their episodes.

  10. This is such a subject that most people don’t want to deal with because it is easier to ignore and pretend it doesn’t affect us. What I think is, that parents who don’t abuse their children, have a fear someone else will. It’s kind of a no win situation between parents, children and society.

  11. I am glad you wrote this, as this is why I have written the two books, one on homelearning called Life Long Learning and the other Stepping Into Spiritual Oneness ~ Spiritual Rememberings of the Soul Through Life Experience, so as to help others to wake up to the labels of others and how we can shift it.

    Here are some bits from both books about labels such as ADD and so on and the wisdom that I have come into…..”When we choose to play the illusionary game of residing within The Ego Self of the Soul ‘only’, the game of we are separate from everyone and from LIFE, we place labels that create the appearance in duality as either “good” or “bad”, “right” or “wrong”. When we label something, we exclude information about What Is or What It Is. Other information is stored under the label of that thing then rather than a way of describing what it is or what is.
    The Infinitely Spiritual Light BEing brings forth to us the wisdom that here on this earth dimension we appear to have the tendency to name and categorize things. This applies to everything from plants and animals, to ways of life, to each of us as souls here on this earth dimension. Everyone who walks this earth dimension carries or has carried some form of a label such as white, old, artist, animal lover, parent, child, that either we call ourselves or other souls use to define us. Spirit says that we even seek to call Spirit by names such as Ascended Masters, Archangel, or Yogis.
    Spirit says while labels can help us form useful descriptions about this earth dimension around us here, that when we see our souls through these labels resonating within The Ego Self of the Soul ‘only’ rather than from the resonance of the Infinite Possibilities within Spiritual Oneness Observer, labels then can also act as a filter creating the thoughtenergy of separateness. Expectations are derived from labels. Labels in this resonance provide the illusionary appearance that we are somehow within a box. When the Infinitely Spiritual Light BEing gifted me this in a channel, they referred me to the Spiritual Metaphor of the cute little box that we had gotten one Halloween. This box looks like a small crate and has an eyeball in one corner of it. When you turn it on, it shakes and says “Excuse me, excuse me, can you let me outta here!” that I speak of in depth within the Spiritual Treasure Gift (Chapter) on Vibrational Healing.
    When we begin to define other souls in terms of the Who We Believe We Are is how other souls perceive me, or Who We Believe We Are is what we do or have, or Who We Believe We are is what I expect other souls to be, then we choose to resonate within an Ego Self of the Soul illusion of accepting our soul and other souls conditionally placing us in this box of which we are then screaming as this plastic box screams “Excuse me, excuse me, can you let me outta here!”. When we define souls (including our own) with strict labels, we limit ourselves and our potential by creating illusionary identities or the masks we wear.
    The Infinitely Spiritual Light BEing imparts that we first learn who we are as this earth dimension defines us when we are children. Identity is forged by society which resonates in the “only’s”, “must’s”, and “should’s” of The Ego Self of the Soul, which labels us so~and~so’s children, a boy or a girl, a reader or a jock, shy or outgoing. This is a natural way of us using a label here on this earth dimension to describe what is here. Spirit invites us then rather to see these initial impressions as unchangeable viewing them as the soul of who we are, they request that we shift our perception to that of the Multi~Dimensionality Spiritual Oneness Soul of who we are and to view a label as just this, a way to describe What Is here on this earth dimension…..That in Stepping into the resonance of the Spiritual Oneness Observer, we then choose to see a label as a way of naming this earth dimension while we are here, rather than a way to be separate or to being in a resonance of being “better than” another soul or of being defined and confined to whatever this label means within other souls or our souls perception of that label. Within the Spiritual Oneness Observer we see Infinite Possibilities in LIFE and we are free from a need to create the illusion of what we call here as “being mean” as we are free from one soul being “better than” another, we see in through the eye of the Spiritual Oneness Observer that we are all One Soul, infinitely expressed within infinite forms.”
    “Spirit imparts that even the first Spiritual Soul BEings in human physical form whom lived on this earth dimension within the continent of Lemuria, the form of communication was that of telepathic language. This is why some souls when they come here to this earth dimension have what we call here “problems” or “issues” such as the inability to speak or read, and we give them such labels as “dyslexia” or “delayed speech” as if there is something “wrong” or “bad” or “delayed, not up to standard” with these souls. These souls are free from there being anything “wrong” or “bad” ” or “delayed, not up to standard”. These souls are simply connected to the language of home, of where we emanate from, which is from The Pure Consciousness of the Cosmic Infinite Circle of the Universal Source of All That Is, connected to the spiritual language of telepathy and are simply free from understanding the ways of the communication of language here on this earth dimension that we call English or Spanish or French or infinitely other languages. Spirit shares that these souls will come into a resonance of this earth dimensions language when they so choose. We may assist these souls if they come forth to us in any of the infinite ways they choose to come to us to ask for our assistance, but it is something that is free from being rushed or hurried along, simply because another soul somewhere said that they “should be” a certain way within a certain earth dimensional linear time frame…….”
    “….Many souls here on this earth dimension Spirit shares are labeled as Schizophrenic, crazy, or hearing voices, when really they are empathically telepathically picking up on or tuning into the e~motional resonances of other souls thoughtenergies, e~motions, and ways of BEing within The Ego Self of the Soul. Some souls whom hear ‘voices that are evil’ as we perceive them within this earth dimension, are actually reflecting one many Infinite Possibilities. Those possibilities being they are hearing and experiencing that of The Ego Self of the Soul of fear or that of other souls Ego Selves of fear that there is a perceived “good” or “bad”, “right” or “wrong”. It is when we are able to assist these souls to see that of what Spirit shares in the Spiritual Treasure Gift in The Language of Spirit about Spirit Souls and this information that Spirit shares on BEing an Empath, that these souls who are empathic that have been labeled by this earth dimension as Schizophrenic, crazy, or hearing voices that these voices are then able to be transformed into the Absoulute Love and Light of who we are…..”
    “…….This is who souls who are labeled with this earth dimensional names of multiple personality dis~order, dementia, schizophrenia, and other names are being, are resonating within and experience. These souls experience the resonance of being within other Infinite Dimensions, Infinite Universes, and Infinite Parallel Universes (thus the name dementia or dimensia for Multi~Dimensions that these souls experience and enacting the Infinite Possibilities of each Infinite Dimensions, Infinite Universes, and Infinite Parallel Universes while simultaneously and instantaneously being within this earth dimension in which they are able to tap into this wonderful gift of experiencing this energy. Some moments due to the labels that these souls are given to imply that these souls are somehow “bad” or “wrong” for being in this resonance experience, as other well meaning souls who give these labels to these souls with this ability that these well meaning souls are resonating within The Ego Self of the Soul of fear. This is when the souls who are labeled with these perceived labels, that these souls then pick up on this fear as the empathic souls they are and also begin to resonate within their Ego Self of the Soul of fear, that this then manifests Infinite Dimensions, Infinite Universes, and Infinite Parallel Universes of fear such as “evil” telling them to do something “bad” and such that they bring forth into this earth dimension…..”
    All From Stepping Into Spiritual Oneness book….

    And from the Life Long Learning book…..(There is a whole chapter on this but here is a bit from it)….”Fear of the Unknown

    I believe that we place these labels upon children, and upon others, out of the fear of the unknown. Imagine being born with a sensory, nervous, or cranial system that perceives more than we ordinarily perceive, reacts more to stimuli than we ordinarily do, and creates in new ways than we ordinarily create. Such a child might hear sounds the rest of us do not, see colors and lights that are invisible to others, feel things in ways that we do not feel, have an inner knowledge base that is way beyond our own scope of knowledge, and physically react to food and other substances the rest of us are able to tolerate within our bodies with no trouble at all. We can say that this fear of the unknown is a Forgetting that Everything is Always, in all ways, Revolving (FEAR ~ Forgetting Everything is Always Revolving); that we are forever infinitely changing, transforming, and can be expressed within infinite possibilities.
    Thus when we are to separate the infinite possibilities of what or who our children are or can be by categorizing or labeling them with ‘different names’, that we limit the nature of their experience and of all people’s experience. Meaning, if we say that a child is “only” a child with ADD or any other disorder and that is all, this “only” then limits the infinite possibilities that they can or may be. Under the label of “only” ADD or “only” this or that, implies a separation that cuts off all other infinite possibilities of what it can BE. A label in and of itself and our children are free from any one way or from being ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, ‘good’ or ‘bad’, ‘left’ or ‘right’, ‘up’ or ‘down’ and so on infinitely; that they just simply ARE ~ A Revolving Experience of What IS, whatever that ISness IS to them of who they feel they are and of who they choose to be, rather than a “label” that we tell them they are.
    Does this child then have a “syndrome” or a “disorder”? Or could it be that this child is merely advanced in another way than the rest of us in a world that has no concept of such a possibility of these new ways in existence? It is easy for us to deny the existence of anything that we have not personally experienced, that of the unknown. After all, for centuries people believed the world to be flat, and so to them the world was flat. To say anything other than that was completely inaccurate in their view, in their perception. To step outside of our belief system and attempt to view the world through the eyes of an other individual, especially through the eyes of a small child, seems to be such a difficult task for others and one of which many find to be naïve and ignorant. As their belief is that how could a child know of these things, they are just a child? We are so used to seeing the world from a “good-bad” spectrum. However, when we are able to, as a society, focus on the nonjudgmental continuum in life, we free ourselves and others to explore infinite, unlimitless possibilities…..”

    I invite you all who read this blog and this message to read these books and to help get the word out to help all souls on this earth to awaken.

    It is through meeting and announcing our souls to each other that we see and know the beauty, love, and oneness within us, that is US, as we all are US (Universally Spiritual):)

    May your life be filled with many blessings of Absoulute Love (soulful love ~ Ab SOUL ute Love), Infinite Light, Peace, and Bliss always, In All Ways.

    Infinite Love and Light,

    Dr. Patti “Diamondlady” Diamond, DD
    Dancing Dolphin Diamondlady
    Director, The Diamondlady International Spiritual Oneness Center
    Spiritual Medium, Author, Ascended Master

    JUST PUBLISHED! Stepping Into Spiritual Oneness ~ Spiritual Rememberings of the Soul Through Life Experience, available at &

    Published in 2004, Life Long Learning ~ Transforming Learning – Discovering Learning Through Living Life In Unlimitless Possibilities, available at &

    Ezine articles expert:,_DD

    Reach me on Myspace at: My URL

    My Blog URL

    And Coming Soon! SISO Radio (Stepping Into Spiritual Oneness Radio) at

  12. I like that you are doing more categorizing of past posts so we don’t have to search your blog to re read something you posted months ago. I like reading this post every now and then because it keeps me in perspective of how far I have come over my abusive childhood.

    In all the years I went to counseling, of my own accord, so afraid of ever having a relationship and children, but I didn’t want to give them the same fate I had. I can now say with pride that I am married to a wonderful man and have 2 children who are healthy and happy and definitely not abused. I have learned how important it is to have LOVE in a family unit and the Princess is right. “ONLY LOVE IS REAL”.

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