The Last Days of Summer

I never thought I would be so happy to see this summer wind down from the heat wave that reached up to 120 degrees, along with high humidity and isolation in a house all closed up with Einstein Trump and the Zoldorian, not to mention the rats, the fish, the cats, the bird and the large dog.

My alien children received their school schedules today and the relief of knowing my grocery bill will drop by $100.00 a week was almost exciting, not because they won’t be home eating everything in sight, but because I will get to peacefully and quietly grocery shop alone.

Einstein Trump has made his plans of spending the next 5 years working hard on getting a College Scholarship, while the Zoldorian will spend the next 6 years seeing what kind of new disease she can manufacture to get out of going to school.

There are pros and cons to the 3 month summer break. The pros are 2 million people leave this city in the summer and you can actually drive down the road without utilizing your scud missiles on the side of your vehicle. The cons are your children destroying your environment and eating you out of house and home.

I almost welcome the snowbirds this year, but I really wish they would get a clue that driving 15 miles per hour under the speed limit, side by side, is not acceptable in rush hour traffic. A little advice, don’t leave your condo before 10:00 a.m. and be off the streets by 3:00 p.m. Otherwise, enjoy your stay, as the Desert Rats love having you visit but, we are the only ones left when you go home that you actually didn’t kill 😉


11 thoughts on “The Last Days of Summer

  1. I certainly wish I could look at my children with the humor you have over yours. I don’t know how you do it all by yourself and keep your sanity. My husband and I have a hard time with the 2 of us and 2 sets of grandparents.

  2. You are too funny Princess.

    Sharon, sometimes you have to see the humor in things to keep your sanity. The Princess seems to seek the humor in alot of things because it gives us a different perspective on the situation and it makes you laugh at how stupid something really is, even if it is true. Not everything needs to be dramatic and laughing releases stress. This woman has a whole lot of Angels around her and none of us would be reading the things she writes if there wasn’t a logic and point to what she is saying.

    I live one State away from her and was totally hystercial over the snowbirds, because they do that and it irritates those that live everyday in that city 12 months out of the year, who are just trying to get back an forth to work without getting killed by a snowbird in the winter.
    BTW, I’m adding a comment for the sake of the snowbirds. When it rains in the desert in the winter, you are not driving on snow, you are driving on summer oil on the streets. Big difference.

  3. Seems Tank you have a similar sense of humor that the Princess has. Maybe everyone needs to lighten up over stuff that happens everyday.

  4. And I wanted to get married and have children. Maybe I should rethink that thought after reading all about the alien children, dog children, grocery bills and door frames.

  5. I don’t know if the Princess will post this, but I just wanted to say that I know her daughter and I am so impressed by the patience this lady has with her child and all of the students she teaches everyday.

    If I had a kid that did even half the things that her daughter does I would be in prison for child abuse. After listening to her talk to her daughter on phone today, after she destroyed a door frame I would have gone home and beat her. Just being honest about me. That isn’t to say that her Mom wasn’t mad and I wouldn’t have wanted to be on the other end of that conversation. I think I would have moved out before she got, even if I was 12 years old.

  6. How does a 12 year old female child destroy a door frame. I have 4 boys that have never done that. They go for bigger things, like city property, but they are older.

  7. Don’t ask because it will only make your blood pressure go up. It becomes more personal when it belongs to you.

    My daughter has issues with not having a father because he died almost a year ago. I had to get my oldest brother to reprimand her and she is as docile as a mouse right now. Adults view death differently and sometimes don’t realize the dramatic effect it has on children until they completely act out their frustration.

    She has always been and is still a messy kid, but I expected her antics over the last year. Sometimes you just have to accept the unpleasant things life gives you, deal with it, even if your mad, and pray for it to get better.

    You can’t change the actions of others and the influence it has on your children, but as a parent, you have to deal with it and beating or hitting your child is not the way to do it.

    Their brains are not developed fully and they are still learning about life and right and wrong in our society today.

  8. I almost can’t stand this. To be honest, and you don’t have to post this, but I need to say that I am a Christian Ordained Minister that works with children who have No parents, in New Mexico. The celticprincess has completely blown me away by her Ancient Spiritual Values learned and implemented with her own children.

    I did get the opportunity talk with her, and no we haven’t met each other, for the rest of you that are so curious. She is much more than her picture on Yahoo 360 and blew me away with her insights.

  9. New here and read the celticprincess’s writing on The Aliens have landed on Doctor Buzzard, but was wondering if you could give more information on the Crystal and Indigo Children. I keep hearing about them, mostly by the people I work with, but I know nothing about them and feel kind of stupid and never have a comment to make in return. I have read things off the internet, but I am looking for someone to actually explain the whole thing. I’m not the smartest person in the world and I am just not understanding this reasoning of something that is beyond me.

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