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If any of you watch the news or read articles on what our planet is seeing in our own Solar System, and haven’t yet heard that our Solar System just may be re-defined, as the terms we have all been taught are fast becoming obsolete.

With greater space technology Scientist’s are discovering what they term are planets in our Solar System. Terminology is on the verge of being changed. Along with that change, expect new planets to be added to the 9 planets we are ready have. With many more yet to be re-classified.

I have added a blogroll link to Space News with pictures that come from NASA. Enjoy the sight and be prepared to re-learn space history.

Just one question to all of the astrologers out there, “Where are you going to add these planets into your readings and forecasts?  Guess it is time to get busy re-formulating astrology readings.


17 thoughts on “Space News

  1. Being an astrologer, that is a good question, but I don’t think we need to panic yet. I find that as Earth events change, I am looking forward to a change in the celestial heavens giving explanation to those things that have been ignored, left out or swept under the rug. To me anyway, this is an encouraging moment for astrologers.

    Maybe those Zoldorians really do exist 😉

  2. This is what I love about you. You are so diverse to any topic. I am beginning to understand your Spiritual Heritage, Why this Planet is so important to you, our Solar System, Aliens, and your Sense of Humor, which, until it is all proven, you relish the thought of already knowing all of this. You are a Brat in the true sense, but I love it.

  3. I don’t think any of you really understand this Celtic Princess. She will never, in her lifetime, admit what she knows, hears, sees and perceives. She is not here to change the world. She is here to make you think about you and your re-actions to every situation you encounter 😉

  4. Just read the Space News. You pose a good question. I dabble in astrology, nothing fancy, but it does present the idea of having to re-write or figure out how other planets will influence the way astrology is currently used.

    After all this is the New Age. It should be interesting to see what scientists come up with on these new discoveries.

  5. If you really think about this, it could also change the way Tarot Cards are read, not that the scientific community even believes in those kinds of things, but those that have successful readings that hit the situation dead on, do.  There is a lot of astrology and elements connected to the Tarot cards.  This could be an advancement of the psychic community or it’s downfall.

  6. Bite your tongue EarthAngel. The psychic community is just beginning to show evolvement to the public. I see this Adminstrator and Writer being more than a Celtic Princess. She definately hits a high note of being a Spiritual High Priestess. If I am wrong EarthAngel, say so if you are dead on in your readings.

  7. I can’t really see this being a downfall for the psychic community. If you really study the rituals and practices of the ancient Celts, Chinese and Africans you have to know that Spritualism has been around for 1000’s of years. These are 3 different continents we are talking about, without modern day communication to each other. My opinion and foresight, we are beginning to come full circle and the almighty Roman’s finally will lose their power in this New Age with their so called ancient biblical writings uncovered in the most arcane places. Please! The Romans couldn’t control everyone through violence, murder and rape so they nailed Jesus to the Cross and used His beliefs as a scapegoat for control.  All of you following them can’t look past yourself to see what the Romans have done to society.

    This planet was created for us, we are energy thought forms created out of LOVE, brought into material bodies on a material planet to see if we can hold onto LOVE or be tempted by Hate.

    Looking around this planet, a lot of you live in HATE, Fear, and Anger. Opposite aspects of Love.

    Maybe it’s time to grow up.

  8. The two of us thought about this comment from Jose. We discussed it in great length and have come to the conclusion that we definatley can’t disagree with what he said. We kind of want to know what the celticprincess thinks, since she allowed it to be posted.

  9. Its not so difficult as what as come before, and each time it represents a kind of paradigm shift… A new way of looking at the world. It heralds a new age. A very exciting time to be alive.

  10. First of all Jim and Sharon I don’t delete comments on my blog for opinions, view points or statements made on the opinion of others. Many people view the same situation in a different perspective.
    I understand you are devout Catholics, but not everyone shares your view, nor will I delete a comment that might offend you. We are all entitled to our belief system that works for us. I don’t practice Christianity, but you read this blog because you are seeking something you are missing.
    Jose obviously has studied history and has an interest in learning about this World, past, present and future, as well, as having a spiritual nature that isn’t cut and dried in a specific religion. Not everyone on this planet wants to be controlled by a church or a religion. Your Higher Power would never ask you for material gifts as your Higher Power supplies those material gifts to you. Be thankful for what you are given, bless it and give to others in need.

  11. This is a cool Space website, but by reading these comments this might end up being a controversial subject in the end and not with the public as much as the space scientists themselves.

    Since I have been studying spiritualism and putting it into practice I have noticed so many things that just passed me by before.  We do evolve as souls and so must our society and world.  I just wish more people would comes to terms with progress and get over their fanatical religions.

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