Professional Ethics

This is totally off the subject of just about everything I have written, but it has come to mind that just maybe it needs to be brought to the conscious light.

As humans we deal with different classes of people everyday. Some may not have as much education as others nor as much money, but these are material planes on this planet. How you act and react to the performance of others comes from inside your emotional subconscious.

We are a society of communities, companies and industries and have to inter-act with different types of people all the time. You may not like or love everybody you encounter, but you have to learn to accept them as they are as unique as you. However, there comes a time that, regardless of how av-ant guard you are, professional ethics might be something you definitely need to learn and utilize in your dealings with others.

For any one human to be so arrogant, flamboyant and outrageous in a professional environment that deals with the general public of all ages and walks of life has emotional issues of attention and acceptance.

I have worked as a Licensed Cosmetology Instructor for 26 years. It is an industry that can be outrageous and flamboyant, as it is a profession of creativity, but it does definitely have a written and UN-written code of professional ethics.

It is standard practice among the professionals who perform for the public or are judging the performance to wear preferably solid black or solid white. There is a reason for this. It is to take the eyes of those watching you, off of you personally and bring their eyes to the attention of what is created on the model. Models are usually draped in black, gray or dark maroon to take the eyes of the viewer to the models head. Stylist’s are selling their art work to the general public.

I attended a hair show last night in a professional manner. Everyone was dressed according to the part or role they were to have at the show. Suddenly, a casually late arrival slings open the door and gracefully breezes into the building, verbally and breathlessly drawing attention to themself. Decked out in full make-up and flowing hair in a silky floor length red dress with red pumps and spilling over the top of their low cut dress. I’m sure that sounds very sexy to all you men out there.

I had brought my 12 year old Zoldorian daughter with me, who just had to make her way to the front of the building to see who had just walked into the room. It wasn’t 30 seconds that she was back to announce to the entire hair show (Zoldorians are loud people) that the person that just came in had on a long red dress and you could see their black thong thru the material. I still haven’t perfected that melting into the floor and becoming invisible when she does that to me in public. I casually walked away from her to make my way around the building into another room only to find myself confronting the backside of the long red dress. Someone they were talking with pointed out that I was standing behind them and they slowly turned around. I was looking at a face I have encounter professionally before. As my eyes went from their face down the red dress it wasn’t hard to notice that their male package was bulging from their black thong through the red dress. By that time my Zoldorian was standing next to me. All I could do was just turn to her and say “that is just so wrong.”

I am open and honest with my children so I wasn’t worried about my daughter’s reaction. However, many older people, as well as children, should not have to be subjected to someone else’s outrageous extreme for attention.

No one is denying that the Gay community exists. There are many reasons ranging from population control to creative artistic expresssion of souls. After all, Socrates and Plato were gay and extremely inspiring in their thoughts and writings. Learning to accept people for who they are is one thing, but it does not have to include accepting inappropriate behavior, from any race, religion, sexuality or human. The Tower of Babel has fallen. The Ethics line needs to be drawn.


8 thoughts on “Professional Ethics

  1. Heaven of Heavens! I have to agree with you. There really needs to be a line drawn of what the majority of the population considers appropriate. And you’er right, that was definatley wrong in front of the general public, especially children who are not able to understand the meaning and appearance of what they are seeing.

    Kudos to you for just coming right out and not being afraid to say it. You were very appropriate with how you presented it. Being an Ordained Minister I don’t think I would have even be able to find any words for that, other than they should be ban to Hell.

  2. I’m gay and I think that was wrong. This person has a problem with himself. Exploiting yourself for the sake of you is wrong whether you are gay or straight.

  3. Just read your new post on DoctorBuzzard. That was very interesting and food for thought. I am going to try it and will let you know the outcome.

  4. I have worked as a stylist and platform artist for 22 years. I find that type of behavior appauling in this profession.

    Thank you for bringing to light the fact that we are artists and we do have a precise system. We not a profession full of airheads. I had to learn and recognize more medical terminology in 1800 hours than most people learn in their life time. I take my profession very seriously and those that act the way that  person in your story acted are the type of people that give this profession a bad reputation for being full of stupid people.

    I made over $150,000 last year.  Not too bad for an airhead.

  5. I am so excited. I live in a small town and it doesn’t take much to get me excited.

    I read the Celtic Princess’s new article on Doctor Buzzard and the article on Ouija boards. Very interesting material.

    I finally got to do my own tarot readings and I think I am becoming addicted. After reading this post, I really have a boring and sheltered life, but I don’t  want to get involved with the Ouija board.

  6. I have never laughed so hard over someone telling a true story from their perspective. This was great and you have to have a sense of humor to deal with the crazy things in life.  I love this lady.

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