There are many elements of energy that scientists just won’t touch because it “might” create controversy that just can’t logically and materialistically be explained.

It really wasn’t that big of deal for me when I moved into my house years ago and experienced the presence of a woman who kept opening the windows. I had bought a “fix up” house and my husband was replacing the roof in 105 degrees. I was in the house painting with no electricity and sweating. Suddenly, I felt this cool breeze rush through the Master Bedroom, hard enough to blow my hair. I stopped what I was doing, went into the living-room to find all the windows open and a breeze blowing into the house. Knowing my husband’s temperament I really didn’t think he would care enough to get off a hot roof to come down into the house and open windows for me. I casually ventured out into the front yard and looked on the roof to see an agitated sweaty man peeling 3 layers of roofing material in the heat. I stood there and stared at him knowing I shouldn’t ask, but I just had too. Of course, his response ended in an annoyed tone with “why would I do that?” It didn’t take me long to realize a spirit was in my house.

The day before I moved into my house the electricity was turned on and I made sure all the windows were closed before turning on the air conditioning to cool down the house. I arrived the next morning to find all of my windows open and I was mad that I was cooling the desert. My husband accused me of doing it, but my father was quick to point out that I was raised in the desert and not stupid enough to do that, however, my husband was from South Dakota and my father wasn’t so sure about his stupidity level, with a few profane words thrown in for affect. While they were on the driveway arguing I went in and closed all the windows. After shutting the last one in the Master Bedroom I turned around and saw an Indian woman walking down the hall. I hurried to the hall, but didn’t see her in the hall, so I searched the whole house and there was no one there. I stood in the middle of the living-room and out loud told the Indian woman that I didn’t care if she was in the house as long as she was respectful, which meant she needed to leave the windows alone and I would open and close them myself when needed. She never opened them again. Of course, my husband didn’t believe in ghosts, so I never mentioned it to him. The only energy force he believed in was the electricity that ran his computer, t.v. and refrigerator, however he was clueless how the washer and dryer worked. He knew gasoline went into his vehicle, but he found out very fast it also went into the lawn mower. He never complained about mowing the lawn in the summer, but he always picked the hottest part of the day to do it. I finally figured out, that to him, it was a reason to drink more beer when he was done.

Seventeen months later I moved my 18 month old son into the smaller bedroom next to mine because he kept getting up in the middle of night and getting in bed with us. He kept bringing up a “lady” and pointing to his room. My husband was annoyed with him over it.

My son also talked to his “friend” on his play phone, and he described him, by showing me a picture in the book The Cat and the Hat who had red “hair” and pointed to his hair so I knew it was his “friend’s” hair. My son called his “friend” Butts and started refering to himself GoGo.

When my son turned 3, he was still GoGo and Butts was his best friend. He told me he had always known Butts and they have always been best friends, but these were just names they called each other and not really their names. When I was driving in the car with him one day he wanted me to turn down a certain street so he could show me where Butts lived. Oddly, he pointed out a house, where I stopped in front. He babbled on about his best friend and about a minute and a half later a little boy with red hair and freckles came out of the house with his mother. I didn’t know these people and my son would have no way of knowing them at 3 years old. I got chills.

After my son was born I could see the Indian woman walking up and down the hallway all the time and going into his room and coming out, but he was never disturbed by it. After my daughter was born the Indian woman walked the hallway between their bedrooms. When my son was 4 and both of my children were in bed asleep, my husband and I were watching t.v. in the living-room. All of a sudden he jumps up in the middle of a movie and stares at the hallway. I knew what it was he saw, but I didn’t say anything. He knew I was clairaudient when we got married, but, of course, he didn’t believe in that. I asked him what was wrong and he said he thought he saw someone walking down the hallway that looked like an Indian woman and describe in detail what she was wearing. I said nothing and told him to sit down he was interrupting my movie. Several nights later my son called me into his room and when I walked in there he asked me if I would tell the Indian woman to leave because he couldn’t fall asleep with her standing there. I couldn’t see her, but out loud asked her to leave. My son told me she just disappeared. Now my husband was really annoyed because he didn’t believe in all the “Spiritual stuff ” I was raised with and didn’t want his children exposed to it. My comment to him was slightly more profane than “bite me”.

Six days later my daughter came down with Scarlet Fever. She had teethed and mauled a flannel blanket someone had made for me when I was pregnant with my son, who never cared about that blanket. The blanket eventually deteriorated in the washing machine and my daughter was so upset that her blanket was gone and at the age of 2, she was so sick and without her blanket. I went and bought new flannel material to make her a blanket for her size. It was pink with Angels on it. She carried that blanket with her everywhere. For her 2nd birthday my sister-in-law had bought her little figureines with blonde hair, up to the age of 6 years old. That was later a Duh for me. One morning I took my son to pre-kindergarten and my daughter was in her car seat with her almighty Angel blanket. Later that morning I put her down for a nap and went outside to work in the yard. I was digging up grass and turning dirt around a hedge when I dug up bones. At first I thought it was bones a dog buried, but the bones didn’t look like an animal.

I had a student, whose father worked for the University in the anthropology department. I ended up giving her the bones and after all the testing her father did, his result were…” The bones were human, and a knee cap, of a female of Indian descent and over 400 years old and most likely Hohokam Indian.” I wasn’t surprised as they had lived in this area at the time he marked them.

About that time my brother moved in with us. He had fallen a sleep on the couch one night and woke up to a little girl in a plain white nightgown, with blonde hair and a pink Angel blanket standing next to him. He thought it was my daughter. He got up off the couch and told her she needed to go back to bed, but he would turn on her bedroom light so she could see. He walked into the hall and flipped my daughter’s light on only to find my daughter sound asleep in her bed. When he turned around to see who the child was that was behind him, she was gone. He was so shocked and confused by what he thought he saw he came into my room and woke me up. I really didn’t know what to say to him other than he was probably dreaming, but he insisted it wasn’t a dream and it was real. The next morning he was still talking about it and mentioned the Angel blanket and the plain white nightgown the little girl was wearing. I insisted it had to be a dream because my daughter didn’t have a plain white nightgown or any white nightgown.

Later that afternoon my daughter was tired and I took her in to put her down for a nap, but her Angel blanket was no where to be found. I realized she didn’t have it with her since she had gotten out of bed. To this day we have never found her Angel blanket. I never discussed her Uncle’s experience in front of my children. When my daughter turned 6 she told me a little girl with a long white nightgown was in her room, but she didn’t scare her and then she disappeared.

The 6 glass figurines, my sister-in-law had bought for my daughter when she was 2, were put on the top of my bookcase. I never really paid attention to them for the next 2 years. For some reason, after my daughter turned 4 I always looked at them before I walked out the door to go to work. Every 3 weeks I would notice the 3 year old figurine was pushed back away from the others. My bookcase is 7 feet tall and I knew, even with a chair my kids could not reach them. When my daughter was 6 I decided it was time to get rid of thier father. He was bi-polar, psychotic and paranoid. I had a hard time getting rid of him even after I was divorced. I finally filed a restraining order preventing him from coming around, but the figurines were still being moved. Yes, I thought he might be doing it.

When my daughter turned 8 she and her brother, with the help of a 10 year old neighbor child broke into an abandoned house to rescue two 8 week old kittens that were hungry and thristy. Another neighbor called the police on them. I’m not sure about the rest of you, but having the police pull up in front of your house and get out of their police car and walk up to your door, was not what I ever expected. On the other hand, hindsight. Those kittens became agile adult cats and one day I came home from work only to find all of my daughters figurines knocked off the top of the bookcase and smashed in the tile floor. After that the Indian woman disappeared from my house and the girl in the white nightgown has visited my daughter once in the last year.

Pay attention to everything, even if you think it isn’t important with your kids. Their personal belief can be so much greater than yours and sometimes they seem to know more than you.


13 thoughts on “Ghosts

  1. This was a great article and made me really think about something in my house. I have this antique picture frame with a picture of my great grandmother. It belonged to her. It sits to the right side on top of my entertainment center. At least 4 times a year I come home from work and it’s in the middle of the entertainment center.

    It’s not like there is anybody going in and out of my house moving my great grandmother’s picture around and nothing else.

  2. I know I have seen a ghost before. When I was 7 my great grandmother died. A year later I saw her coming out of my grandmothers laundry room carrying a hand full clothes. She walked thur the yard and went across the street to the house she used to live in when she was alive.

  3. I never really understood much about spirits and ghosts, but after reading this post and Dr.Buzzards Ouija Board story I still don’t know whether to be afraid of them, but I have to think they are real even though I have never encountered one.

  4. This a very interesting piece. I, too, have encountered ghosts from time to time. There are many speculations as to why they come and go, but I think that maybe all the energy you talk about, their world and our world are very much intertwined. I do believe they help more than hindered those of us who are living in bodies. As there are good people on this planet there are also evil people, just as this story posted by the celticprincess and the story shared about the Ouija Board on Doctor Buzzard.

    Certainly Good and Evil must fall in the Wheels within Wheels, both moving in opposite directions.

  5. Good and Evil is a very fascinating subject, but if you have noticed it is all about positive and negative energy and how each one of us perceives it and uses it on a daily bases. There are many words of expressing it. Good and Evil, Light and Dark, Positive and Negative, Jesus and Lucifer, Heaven and Hell, Love and Hate, Happy and Sad, Joy and Anger, Freedom and Control and many more. You could even include the United States and Iraq, and Capitalists and Communists. All opposite of each other and moving in an opposite direction to achieve an opposite effect. All of these are Wheels within Wheels moving clockwise and counter-clockwise.

    The question is, where do you personally fit into the movement?

  6. Hi Mom,
    Every time you tell this story I get the hebegebes!!!! I have seen the ghosts and they scare me, but I am braver than I was 3 months ago!!

  7. This is definatley food for thought on the Spirit World and how much most people miss by not paying attention to things that are there they are just to busy to notice.

  8. Now this is kind of a spooky story. I’m not sure I could live in a house with ghosts, but I guess if they are friendly I could probably get used to it.

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