In memory of the fallen citizens of the United States of America.


12 thoughts on “REMEMBERING SEPTEMBER 11, 2001

  1. It is a day to remind all of us just how precious each life is and how this day has tragically affected the entire world. The Power of Prayer helps heal our hearts and minds and gives us strength. The more people who pray with Love in their hearts for a peaceful humankind the faster it will diminish the hate in the hearts of others.

    You cannot fight hate with hate. It makes you no better than the person you are fighting. You must use the most powerful tool each of us possess, LOVE.

  2. It was a very sad day during school today.  Most kids didn’t even show up for school. Teachers and kids cried all day.  I wanted to be home with my mom and wondered why we have days off for old dead Presidents, but we can’t stay home to honor almost 3000 people who died 5 years ago and all the people in the military that are dying everyday trying to keep us safe, that still makes us share tears with our friends and always will on September 11.

  3. Remembering the day that changed the world… before the leaves had turned there was a crispness to the air… 2999 dead soldiers 5 years forever and the cold barren wastelands appear dead ahead. Do them a favor and Nuke’em, kill them, whatever it takes to speed them along their way to the land of a 100 virgin wives… Shoot don’t let us stand in your way… Just make sure they travel that path alone, enough innocent murdered Americans have paid this bloody Islamic ticket to paradise. I think we’ve done enough for the Islamic Club-Med, but if they want the bomb so dreadfully we should make every effort to see they have as many as it takes to send them all, and I do mean every last one to their kingdom come… God forbid we miss even one.

  4. I would like to be angry enough to nuke the SOBs responsible for 911, but after visiting Hiroshima, Japan several years ago, I can’t imagine murdering millions of innocent people and children who want their freedom and devastating the Earth for hundreds of years to come. No one seems to have the answers as thousands of American an U.N. soldiers die and our free countries live with the threat of death from terroists everyday. I suppose if Harry Truman were our President today, I would have to support his decision to blow the Sons of Bitches away with a nuclear bomb.

  5. We’re hoping this won’t come to nuclear weapons, but something needs to be done for the survival of this planet and the lives of our children. Our children that will end up being those soldiers, now fighting and dying for a free planet.

  6. It was a very exhausting day for everyone in this Country. I don’t see us resorting to the days of Japan and nuclear bombs, but freedom will win in the end. Tank is right, Love will always win over hate. It’s kind of like the Wheels within Wheels, that the Celtic Princess wrote about on Doctor Buzzard, of good and bad and only Heaven accepts the good, as we should all accept good in our hearts. This Country was brought upon this Earth to show Light to the rest of the World and we will survive.

  7. So, celticprincess, why have you you been so silent over 911. I would have thought you, of all people, would have something to say.

  8. That wasn’t really a fair comment towards the Celtic Princess kaylee. My sister and the Princess’s cousin died in that attack on 911. To make the week more emotional our Aunt passed away on September 2 of this year. To compound the emotional element the Princess’s father, who passed 4 years ago, had a birthday on the 5th of September and her other Grandfather and her ex-husband died on September 6th.

    Maybe most people can’t see why that would influence a withdrawal into meditation, but it does happen psychically to sensitive people.

    She’ll be back when she is ready and I doubt any of you could handle what she has had to deal with in her life. She is a strong person, but sometimes, even the strongest have an overwhelming moment of weakness.

    A side note for those that have no emotional concern or support for someone, you are not on the list to go to Heaven.

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