v12.jpg Halloween has always been celebrated in my family as a Celtic Holiday. Even when I lived in Great Britain everyone got the day off work as it is a Holiday. It wasn’t until I had children and they started attending elementary school that I realized that Halloween was a big problem with several different religions who wanted the subject ban from the public schools. My son came home from First Grade crying because other children were calling him a Devil Worshiper. I’m not sure about your kids, but my 6 year old son had no clue what a Devil Worshiper was, all he knew is the kids were being mean to him because he celebrated Halloween in a Family Tradition. I was appalled. I called the teacher the next day. She had wanted to have a Halloween party, but too many parents complained to the School Board that it was a day of Devil Worship and it had to be canceled. Now I was mad.

I ended up writing a letter to the School Board explaining the true meaning of Halloween. My son’s teacher wanted to sign the letter with a comment of her approval that Halloween should be allowed in the public schools as a History lesson. By the time I got the letter back, every teacher including the Vice Principal and Principal had signed it. The School Board approved it and I was asked to come in and tell the story of Halloween to the First Graders and their parents under the guise of a Family Heritage Day. All parents who attended were asked to share their family heritage with their children. (I did not include the religious aspect of Halloween to the parents and kept it on a first grade level for the kids, but I am including it in this blog)

This is the story of Halloween as taught to me by my Great Grandfather and Celtic Lord. Keep in mind I am translating to the best English words for descriptive purposes, as my Great Grandfather spoke a mix of the Celtic Languages when he talked about the “Old Land”, of Great Britain and Ireland.

‘The story of why we honor and respect Halloween and other Celtic holidays goes back 1000’s of years through our Family bloodline. Times change and people change their view of life and how it should be lived. Those believing they are great rise to great heights, but they will always fall and eventually have to pay the price for their wrong actions on others. Our People (the Celt’s), saw the Earth and Universe as part of a musical rhythm in space and time. We spent hundreds of years marking the planets in the sky and building “towers” to view them better, marking seasonal changes of the Earth, and developing defenses to protect our people from those tribes that wanted control of our land and our life. We were and will always remain docile people, at least until we are provoked by someone else’s hate, greed or jealousy. On this day, when you honor Halloween you are honoring Samhain. It is the Gaelic word for the month of November and on the first day, it is the beginning of the Celtic New Year. As now, we celebrate New Years on the Eve of New Years Day that comes the first of January, but there is more to the celebration of October 31st than most people understand today. The Christians of the Roman Catholics observe it as All Saints Day to honor their Saints. Other religions have called it All Hallows Eve to honor the “Sacred Eve” in the Bible, (as hallow means sacred), but to Our People the Eve of anything means the Goddess of All things reproduced and soon to be brought forth for our existence on this planet, as only a female can reproduce. It is only in this “Age” of all things ending that men have taken control and women are considered weak. It will change when the “New Age” arrives.

In the past, All Hallows Eve, was changed to Halloween, but still people don’t understand why. It’s true meaning comes from the Celts, as Hallow means sacred, but een means eye. It was the Gift of Sight (sacred sight) given to all people, but many ignore it, don’t understand it, are afraid of it or allow themselves to choose the Wrong Path in their decisions because they refuse the Sight out of fear.

Halloween is celebrated on the last day of October because it is also the last day of Harvesting Food to store during the winter months in the Old Land. People piled their food into barns. Their town may have spread across miles of land, but there was always a Center to their town. At the end of the day of Harvest, the people gathered to the Center and all brought food and drink to have a celebration. During their celebration of the end of Harvest, thieves would raid the barns full of food while no one was home. Our Family (meaning the Celtic people in general) decided to scare the thieves by carving pumpkins with scary faces and making ghosts and goblins out of things they had, then leaving them around their homes and barns. Most of the other people (non Celt’s) were afraid of being attacked by scary things they didn’t understand and Our Family knew what would scare them. It worked for awhile, but the thieves realized they weren’t real and continued to raid the Harvest. So, during their celebration of Harvest the Celt’s continued to make scary faces and hang ghostly creatures around their land, but dressed their children up in scary costumes to scare away the thieves by making ghastly noises in the dark. The children were missing the Harvest celebration with all the food, sweet fruits and honey Our Family Harvested. Many children ran between homes, some miles apart, to help protect neighbors who didn’t have children, so the neighbors would give those children food and sweet fruit, like apples, cherries, plums and sloes, that had been dipped into honey, and left them a barrel of cider to drink from, to repay them for protecting their food for the winter.

When the Quakers came to this country to live so did many thieves, but harvesting continued, so the Quakers could eat, with the help of the Indians that already lived here. The same principal of All Hallows Eve was used in this country that was used in the Old Land, to help protect the food through the winter and kept the thieves away. All Hallows Eve became Hallows Eve and eventually Halloween. Times changed and the celebration of Community Harvest ended, but the Spirit of Harvest will never end in the minds of the true Celtic children who look forward to running from home to home for sweets. Without the children we wouldn’t be here at all.’

After I presented my story of Heritage, not one parent had a problem with Halloween as they looked at it as a Heritage they really never understood or were given the wrong information about growing up.

The following year, however, when my daughter entered the first grade, the very same problem arose around Halloween, but this time with a new Principal, who was convinced it was a day of Devil Worship and wanted it ban from the school. I had no choice, I complained to the Governor of the State and submitted my Great Grandfather’s story. Educators, including Principals and the School Boards in public schools were not allowed to impose a ban on Halloween, as it fell under the Freedom of Religion, since the Christian and Jewish Holidays were acknowledged by teachers and children in public schools, so could any other religious Holiday on the calendar be acknowledged. Negative language and the term “Devil Worshipping” had to be omitted from all School officials and not allowed by children in the classroom.

Although, my children are beyond elementary school learning, it doesn’t mean that adults are beyond learning things that they are ignorant too. Not everything may be as it seems, as Halloween, in no way worships the devil. Don’t be afraid to seek out alternative information and judge for yourself whether it is possible or even probable in this time. After all, Pluto WAS a planet. For those of you that don’t understand why it’s not anymore, it does not rotate on it’s own axis like the rest of the planets, but does rotate around the Sun’s gravitational pull. Smile, your life is about to get more complicated and confusing in the “New Age”.


61 thoughts on “Halloween

  1. This was very enlightning and informative. I have studied many facets of spiritualism as well as history, but this was amazing on an intricate level of the ancient past and the modern day present living within each other after thousands of years. I loved it.

  2. I really didn’t know any of this, but after reading this I thought it was one of the most interesting things I have ever learned. I more than loved it, I read it about 6 times and will probably read it 20 more.

  3. Weird,whacky and strange. I suppose it has a meaning I don’t understand, but maybe I need to learn more about Ancient History to understand it. I did learn what I didn’t know about Halloween and that was cool.  I guess I never really thought about why I went trick or treating as a child other than to get candy from poeple who thought I was cute in my costume.  Now you have me thinking about the whole Halloween thing.  Thanks, I guess, because I feel stupid that I always thought Halloween was just about getting candy from people for no reason.  This was very interesting.

  4. I love this woman. She is my guiding Light and has everything interesting to say about everything. I look forward to talking with her and have learned so much from her in the last few months. I am really excited, after our discussion and reading and using the North and South polarities, with great success. I want to get more information on lexigrams, that she is so good at doing, but I haven’t quite figured out how to make it work like she does. I so look forward to seeing her and have realized that my parents have hindered my life from their lack of knowledge with this Universe. I guess I have always needed more than I was taught growing up.

  5. How come everybody gets to know you personally, but me. I want to hang out with you and talk about all these amazing things you write about. Cool blog, btw.

  6. How interesting to note a Goblin from the past who always seems to make himself appear on the Fall equinox and make himself a true pain until the stroke of mid-night after Halloween, only to be taken into his darkness for yet another year. So, what’s going on in the Underworld these days?

  7. I have never left a comment on a blog, but I think this was one of the most interesting stories I have ever read in a blog. You have a lot of good information in this site. I am very impressed.

  8. Halloween is every kids dream in the fall. Why do parents have to be so stupid as to implement anything negative on a day and night that should be fun. What’s wrong with people?

  9. I was so bored tonight that I was surfing the web for something interesting to see or read about when I stumble onto a Doctor Buzzard website. I read a very interesting article on Wheels within Wheels and wanted to know more about the Celtic Princess who wrote it. When I finally figured out the members list I ended up here. I was so excited to read everything on here that you have written. This a wonderful blog full of all kinds of information that is very interesting. Thanks for giving me something to do tonight and making me think about all the things on this planet that are out there for us to utilize. There really is a Path Beyond loneliness.

    Just to make a point about psychic readers, I have spent a whole lot of money talking to them, but have never been given information on how to obtain a new direction in my life. In reading this blog I am seeing and understanding more and more than I was ever taught in my life.

  10. Yes, I was raised in the Catholic Church and was taught that things like Halloween were Evil and a form of Devil worshipping, yet my parents took me trick or treating every year. After reading this blog I have a different understanding of the difference between self centered religion and freedom of spiritualism.

  11. Very cool to read things about Halloween that I didn’t know about. Not sure why it’s not taught, but I guess that’s why your here.

  12. Great! Great! Great! Wonderful and truly intricate knowledge of ancient history. I am jealous of your upbringing and knowledge. Read many of your posts, awesome story about your Grandfather and A Bit Of Flying History. Very cool blog, keep it up.

  13. Just checked out your son’s new website on “buychoiceproducts” For a kid his age that just amazes me. Let him know I’m in for shopping on his site and telling my friends to check it out.

    It makes me happy to see a teenager, who lost his father in awful circumstances, choose a positive direction instead of blaming the world and turning to negative action. Of course, I am going to have to throw in, I also think his very Spiritual Mom has had a whole lot to do with his upbringing. Seems like Halloween this year is going to have a plentiful Fall Harvest.

  14. Okay, so your son’s website has a lot of cool stuff. (some of it I want) I am all into helping and Christmas is coming. I’m just mad that my parents were so self centered and stuffy and never would have thought to help any one of their kids do anything beyond what was required of them at the moment. There really has to be something Special about you inside. Tank described it to me as your undying Spiritual Faith in this Universe, this Planet and the People that live on this Earth.

    I hope after Halloween you blog something about Spiritual Faith because you are much easier to understand and when I read your stories I get more out of the point, plus you have a great personality.

  15. Thank You Doug. All of you who keep coming back to read this blog and take the time to comment are awesome. It doesn’t matter if you agree with what you read as we are, but one Human Race, where most, are seeking a Higher Point to themselves. We all achieve it differently, but we get what we created in the end.

  16. This is the most amazing and intrically woven piece of ancient history I have ever come across about Halloween. May I borrow your information? Of course, with credit most definately given to you for writing it. I teach History and was looking for something beyond standard information on Halloween to teach in my class in 2 weeks. Please let me know.

  17. Thank you for the e-mail. You truly are a Celtic Princess, and so full of information about history and spiritual values. Where were you when I was studying these subjects?

  18. Very interesting and indepth. I like how you approach things that are interwoven throughout the past, present and future.

    Just wondering, I read an article you wrote that was posted on Doctor Buzzard, but it’s gone from that site now. Is there any chance you can post it on this blog sometime in the future? It was very interesting and I would like to have others I know read it.

  19. Absolutely the best explanation of Halloween out there. I thought I pretty much knew everything about Halloween and the Celt’s until I read this.

    I also want to comment on your Wheels within Wheels page. Awesome!! You have given me new dimensions to consider.

  20. This true Celtic Princess strikes again with her wonderful works of words and knowledge. She is a warrior woman to be handled tactfully and with honesty, unless you want to be blown off the planet by her nuclear fire and that sword she wheals. I know this from experience, but I still love her to death. She has great insight, knowledge, and a naturally honest beauty from within, but unfortunately for me, it came about as hindsight.

  21. This was really weird, but I tried to leave a comment on your Ghost blog, but it never would let me. When I saw that the comments on there were already at 13 I kind of figured that was the limit to what “they” allowed. Very strange in terms of what I believe, but maybe some truth to what I don’t accept.

  22. Dang! I am finally back on here after what seems like forever. Been traveling alot lately, but my company finally got me a laptop. I feel like I have missed everything going on or not.
    Tank is still chasing the Princess, Doug has bonded with Tank, instead of killing him, the Princess is still writing the most awesome posts and pages. I am missing Katie and Bea. I feel like I just returned home to my favorite soap opera and I am so glad to be back. Happy Halloween!!!!!

  23. OMG! Wondering what ever happened to you Josh. So glad to see you back;) My mom and I were just talking about you disappearing suddenly, without a word. CelticPrincess, will you send Josh my e-mail address, I would love to catch up?

  24. So good to here from you Josh. I have truly encountered some wonderful people on this blog, but then again it’s the energy that the CelticPrincess puts out that attracts wonderful people and brings them together. Happy to see you back online.

  25. Josh, sure glad your back around man. It’s only because of you I didn’t kill Tank and found out he’s not all that bad, most of the time.

  26. Hi Everyone,

    It’s been a while since I have posted. Glad to see Josh back around.

    I separated from my wife, but have my 4 boys with me.  Sharon’s too wrapped up in her devout Catholic religion to see the world for more than her church says it is. I wasn’t raised Catholic.  I’m thinking now religion gets in the way of relationships. I am more inclined toward the Spiritualism, that makes me comfortable. I kind of feel like Josh. I am glad to be back to my favorite soap and have missed everyone on here.

  27. You are always welcomed here Jim. We all view life according to our inner standards. Trust your feelings and inner strength for what you want to achieve in your life. Life moves on, whether it be within you or without you. It is your choice to make.

  28. I was bored and Yahoo 360 is boring. Came off of your Yahoo blog to get here. Very interesting information on this blog that seems to have a following. I love the extra webpages I can get to from just this site.  I was absolutely amazed over the Nasa pictures, wanted to by a bunch of stuff off your website, wondering about your promotion of Lucky7Star on his webpage and contemplating your all out contribution to his Doctor Buzzard website, that I read.  Thinking I am needing a WordPress blog, with a woman like you that is so full of information and just plain cool posts and pages that entice people to think about other things that make you wonder why you were annoyed with someone in the first place.   Okay, so maybe I am just depressed tonight after getting dumped by my girlfriend of 5 years, but not so much after being here.

  29. Thanks celticprincess. I never thought you would send me an e-mail personally. You really all the things that everyone leaves great feedback about you says. Very much a pleasure to be here.

  30. Welcome aboard CC. Great to have someone else going through turmoil in their life. You are not alone dude, we have all been there, but perfer to be here in certain times.

    And Jim, glad to see you back man and making decisions for you and your boys with a more open mind.

    I, myself, love being here. It makes me feel more at peace with everything going on around me.

  31. This Blog unexpectedly crossed my “path” tonight, while I was seeking information on Halloween that I didn’t already know. This goes “beyond” other blogs and websites I have read. See why you have the name you do. Very cool info! Thanks for posting it.

  32. HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE I love Halloween!! I am 12 and I am going trick or treating and I have to scrunch down because I am waring high heels and it makes me look like I am 15 but my good looks have a lot to do with that to!♥♥♥HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE ♥♥♥!!!

  33. This post is so totally awesome. I never knew any of this, but I read it to my kids and grandkids and I have never seen so many mouths drop open. None of us knew any of this, but it’s really cool to find out why we do the things we do.

  34. I am so glad I stumbled across this blog about Halloween. My entire family were raised as Pagans and I have found in my 60 years of life, my family hasn’t left the spiritual process of the True Pagans. It’s a wonderful writing bringing history and beliefs into modern day society. Ancient History and Religion have been a concept through Christianity and so the Pagans still thrive.

  35. Had to come on here this morning, just to say Hi and I still love this post, especially trying earlier to explain it to my kids. This just says it all.

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