Today is the first day of the Celtic New Year. For all of you die hard Celts and Neo-Pagans, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Today is Samhain, pronounced Sow-in, in the Irish and Scots Gaelic Celtic languages, but if you use the Celtic accent in modern Irish Gaelic, it sounds like Samhain to those who speak English. To pronounce this word, in my world of saying it in Breton, it is Kala-Goanv and to the best explanation I can give, (and anyone can correct me if I am wrong to what I learned as a child) but it requires you to spit through your throat into your nose in any Celtic language it is spoken. (A task not common to Americans)

May it be the best Spiritual Year of your life and always listen to what Nature is telling you, regardless of how you say it in modern day language.


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