A Dog And Cat’s Judgement

The next time you think your dog or cat are just stupid animals that you constantly feed, water, clean up after and pay some attention too when they demand it or it suits you, think again. In 1983 I lived alone in a house I owned. I had an Australian Sheppard dog, who had epilepsy and a black tortoise shell, Persian cat, who was 16 years old. I had this feeling I was being watched by someone, but couldn’t prove it. One night I was awakened by my cat rubbing in my face and pawing me. It was totally out of character for her. I pushed her aside and went back to sleep. The next thing I knew was my dog was dancing around my bed and whining. I thought she had to go outside, but as soon as I got up, she laid down. Seconds later I was confronted by a man who had broken into my house. My dog was too ill to response physically with her disease, but never left my side, nor did my cat every leave my bed. I survived unscathed as I had 3 years of Ti Kwon Do training and the intruder left worse for wear. He turned out to a professional cat burglar/rapist the police had been looking for, for over a year and they actually got his fingerprints from my house for the first time. He was eventually caught and arrested, but it left me with terrifying nightmares and the oddest, but most Spiritual experience I had ever had.

I never forgot what my dog and cat sensed that night. Twenty-three years later I never thought I would encounter that kind of unusual animal behavior again. Several days ago I had a man contact me claiming he was looking for someone who had more knowledge than he did on Spiritualism as opposed to Religion. I never found out how he got my e-mail address, phone number or home address, but he was very convincing over his thoughts and values, claiming he was seeking more guidance on Spiritualism as opposed to Religion and his claim that he just came across me on the Internet. I was very uneasy about his initial contact with me even though he was pleasant and appeared to be seeking answers to his life. He seemed honest, but there was something I knew I was missing about all of this.

When he just showed up at my house and wanted to talk to me, I was rather annoyed, since I have 2 kids to protect, who didn’t expect any of this and the 3rd of November was my son’s birthday. I sat out in the cold on the front porch listening to him. He was very in tune with the psychic world and oddly worked for the State on putting the mentally insane into a long term facility to help them. He was appalled that not one government agency had offered his phone number in the years I dealt with the courts over my ex-husband’s extreme mental illness. He gave me a State number to call to verify he actually work for the State. I called it, in front of him and it was real and true to what he said, as it was a number to the State that I had called before looking for help. It was a State Agency that verified that he was the main person who helped put away the mentally insane, who had a record of being insane. He was a very pleasant man, full of information and annoyed over what I had to deal with, as he wasn’t aware the agency he worked for was not accessible to the public by the courts or police department.

It was getting really cold outside and I wanted to go inside. I politely asked him to leave, but he wanted to come inside to warm up before he left. I blew it off. I didn’t want him in my house. There was just something about him that bothered me, but I couldn’t quite place it. I went inside to use the bathroom, but heard my 2 year old Ridgeback dog barking in a mean tone. (Ridgeback’s are extremely protective when they don’t like someone in their space) When I came out, this man was sitting in my livingroom and my Dog was agitated over it. She wouldn’t stop.

This man kept telling me he understood dogs, but it didn’t appear my dog understood him. I sat down, not wanting a major conflict with this man in front of my kids. My daughter’s cat jumped into my lap and wouldn’t leave me alone or stop meowing at me. She finally laid down in my lap, glared at this man and flipped her tail back and forth in an agitated manner. She never left my lap the entire time this man was in my house and my dog never stopped growling or barking at him. It panicked my daughter, who refused to leave to room, even when he asked her too. She might be ADHD, but she is very psychic and was uncomfortable at the thought of leaving me alone with this man. She was smart enough to use the term “ADHA” to her advantage. Between the dog and cat and my daughter, this man left on his own accord and told me he realized that my house didn’t want him there.

My thought was “Well Duh!” Listen to your animals. They always sense more than you listen too, pay attention too or accept.


17 thoughts on “A Dog And Cat’s Judgement

  1. I would have been absolutley terrified and not known what to do if I was confronted with that situation. Why would anyone think they could be that bold to approach someone in that manner.

  2. Must be why my dogs don’t bark at the little kids going down the street on their bikes or kids walking home from school, but when the herd of teenage skaters go down the street they get in their maniac attack mode. They know those boys are trouble makers who tag everything, except my house. I love my dogs.

  3. Well animals are very psychic creatures. My former girlfriend’s cats woke me up in the middle of the night when an electrical wiring fire started in my neighbors apartment. Just about everyone in the complex was asleep. If it hadn’t been for those cats getting me up and then smelling the smoke, the fire department said many people in the complex would have died.

  4. It could only happen to you Cuz! I’m surprised that dog of yours didn’t take the seat of his pants when he left, but then again, she is smart and just made this guy understand his place in case he thought differently.
    Will you please stop making me nervous posting these stories you go through. You act just like our Grandmother.

  5. Well, I’m up late with sick boys and needing a break. My opinion on this whole scenario is, the celticprincess isn’t a stupid woman. She obviously wasn’t as concerned over this mans energy as her 2 year old dog, who isn’t used to strange people coming into her home. Ridgeback’s are very possessive over their owners safety and property. She couldn’t have asked for a better dog for protection for her and her children.
    If her dog actually thought he was going to cause harm, she would have attacked him. I have 3 Ridgeback’s. Animals are very instinctive over evil and fear. Obviously she treats her animals with great love and respect, who in turn show her great love and respect as well as instinctive protection, out of pure love and trust.

  6. I should have married you 30 years ago to keep you out of trouble. Dang, woman, do I need to leave New Zealand to take care of your a**? I agree with your cousin, you are making me nervous.

  7. Why are all you guys flipping out over this. Is this any different than asking anyone of you over for the evening. I don’t personally know any of you, but I have talked to you on here and a couple of you on the phone and would have any of you over. How would anyone get to know anyone if no one is allowed to come over for a visit. Granted the guy should have asked her first, but I think she handled it well and she had her teenage son and daughter there and her protective dog. I do think this guy should have had more manners, but some people are like that.

  8. New here, but I am inclined to agree with Katie. If all people live in fear of each other then we stop evolving as humans and become dogmatic.

    I sat here and read all of the celticprincess’s posts. It is obvious she is a true free spirit who shows trust in humans. I really think she has more psychic ability than she reveals and anyone gives her credit for.

  9. I have to leave feedback on Ridge backs. I breed them. They are very non trusting dogs on strangers and extremely protective of family and property, even if they are mixed. Ridge backs were born and bred in Africa and have a whole lot of different dog’s mixed in their souls. It takes time for them to get used to strangers, but once everyone accepts the new person, they become lovable and extremely protective of them. If I was a single woman, especially with kids, it would be my dog of choice for protection. They will attack a stranger if they show any signs of negative energy. Very psychic dogs, I must say. As for the cat, very interesting indeed. Cats seem to know human nature and also do not like strangers, but they are more inclined to boldly take an immediate stand of protection of someone they adore. Cat’s are very cool creatures and don’t take sh** off of anybody.
    Love your whole blog, btw, you are too cool and very perceptive of all things.

  10. Just wanted to say that my Macaw Parrot attacked a man who broke into my house in the middle of the night. She was on her perch in her room, but I had forgotten to shut the door when I went to bed. Angels I am sure made me forget. The man left screaming and police picked him up down the street in shock. I think all animals who love their owners are very protective.
    I wish people would quit being abusive to animals. It makes me sick.

  11. Animal abuse is not necessary. I recently adopted a new puppy that was neglected and let out of his yard,with his brother, to get run over, at 2 months old, on a busy street. A woman, on her way to work stopped and picked up both puppies. She couldn’t keep them and I rescued one of them 3 days before he was to be put to sleep. His brother was adopted by someone else at the same time I adopted. The owner of the dogs was arrested for animal abuse, which is a crime in my State.

    This puppy is probably the most loving dog I have ever had. He is very smart, lovable and just plain adorable. He looks like a teddy bear. I couldn’t have asked for a better puppy. It took him 1 day to learn how to use the doggy door. Now he flies through it like Superman. He just needs a cape.

    That isn’t to say he didn’t come with medical problems from neglect, but he is healthy now, thanks to my vet, and my Ridge Back has taken him on to be her baby.

    He does think he is very special since he got his Spongebob Squarepants name tag.

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