The Incident

With a long 3 day weekend for my kids from school, I would, after two days, liked to have put myself into a home of silence. For the last 48 hours, my teens have fought, screamed at each other, ignored me, continued to fight with each other and eat, demand and eat and ignored me further, as they screamed at each other more. Being an only parent, with no back up, I finally had enough rumbling noise from both of them, that I could have classified it all as an earthquake. I decided, that the only way get their attention was to act as childish as they were acting. They went to their room’s and closed their doors. Ahhh! A moment of silence with a few minutes to collect my thoughts.

I grew up in my neighborhood and the street I live on is mainly people and friends that attended school with me. For the most part, it is a safe neighborhood. Non eventful in the way of crime. My cousin is the head of the police department’s 911 dispatch and after the horrors of my mentally ill ex-husband, if my street comes up to officer’s in the area they are on my street within 2 minutes. Although my ex is gone from this planet, my cousin still knows I am alone with two kids.

I just happened to have the lights off in the living room and the front door was open, although I have a security screen that was locked. In my calm moment of silence I walked up to the security screen, that you can’t see through if there is no light on behind the screen and I was basking in the silence. All of a sudden I saw a truck come down the street. It suddenly slowed to a crawl and shut of it’s lights, but was driving on the wrong side of the street when it came to a dead stop. The door opened and the dingledorf male inside never thought to turn out his inside light, so I saw the man who got out of the truck. He didn’t appear to have anyone else in his truck. The next thing I heard was the smashing of a car window that belonged to my neighbor’s son across the street, who had parked his car on the street, instead of in the driveway.

My immediate re-action was to whistle with my fingers really loud and yell at him. The man got back into his truck and sped away. I went over and told my neighbors what happened and my true pain in the butt, daughter, went with me , as she didn’t want me to go alone.

The people across the street from me are refugees from Bosnia. They were put in prison camps when their world collapsed and their grandparents and parents were separated for over a year. Their son, who was very young at the time, stayed in a prison camp with his father. Imagine, as a women having your child ripped away from you for over year, not knowing whether he or she was dead or alive.

I thought of my American selfishness over my own kids fighting with each other. Your kids will always be your kids. We are so spoiled in this Country to ever think anything bad could happen to the common person, we lose sight of what is going on around us.

What is this World coming too? If you turn a blind eye on what is happening on your own street and the people you live with in a community, then you are no better than the terrorist’s trying to take control of this planet. The sad part of all of this is our own U.S. police department. I gave them a description of all that I saw out in the street, but the very same man, in the very same truck went down the street with the police right in front of them, and the very same man glared at me in defiance over his victory, over not being caught. The police did nothing when I brought it to their attention.

Don’t think you are safe in your own neighborhood, even if you think you live in a safe community. Pay attention to everything and what is going on around you.


12 thoughts on “The Incident

  1. The problem is that, the police are part of the problem.

    Its not so much to worry with terrorist hiding under our beds, as it is having to deal with the terrorist take over of our airports. Then if you are not terrorized to their satisfaction they arrest you and try to terrorize you with our legal system. Welcome to “New Jack City”.

  2. I think what this country fails to see is that terrorists are born and bred right here in this Country. They don’t have to be Muslims from the Middle East. Anyone terrorizing another person or their property is a terrorist.
    As much as I hate to say it, Hong Kong is the safest city in the world. If you get caught stealing there they chop your hands off. Corporal punishment is enforced and it keeps people under control of being stupid towards others.
    This Country’s Governments and the dirty politicians need to wake up as they are really no better than the terrorists themselves.

  3. Truly remarkable to have a neighbor like you. Many people would have shut their door and turned a blind eye to their community and friends out of fear for themselves. We can only change this by caring for others and coming together. I understand Doug’s viewpoint, but we have many people in this Country who have lost the meaning of Respect for it’s citizen’s and others. Without love in your heart, hate breeds contempt.

  4. Now I have something to add to this whole incident that happened last night. The celticprincess is my cousin and I love her to death, which is why I make sure she and her children and our neighborhood, that I live in also, get a whole lot of cruising police traffic. I not only do this for our area, but for every area handling 911 calls that come in, in this city. The donut and coffee shops are a thing of the past with the high security in this Country.
    There are great police officers, good police officers, lazy police officers, crazy police officers, and many officers who work overtime just because there are not enough officers, but all of them are out their putting their life on the line to Protect and Serve the public.
    No I wasn’t happy they did not pursue the truck that came back to see if the police had been called and normally with the intent on finishing the job they started. These people are hired car jackers and car equipment jackers that are given the jobs by those we just can’t seem to always catch and when we get close they move to another State.
    Protect yourself with security systems and lights, get a watch dog and lock your doors. Get to know your neighbors and watch out for each other. Get involved with your community and join the police and rescue departments because their just isn’t enough of these people to go around.

  5. Living in a very small town I feel isolated from the most dramatic things going on in this Country. After reading about what happened to Lucky7Star at the airport I wouldn’t even venture to get on an airplane.

    Crime can happen even in the smallest of towns and we have our share of rowdy cowboys and rednecks, but I suppose Doug is right, if you are terrorizing anything you are a terrorist and should be dealt with accordingly.

  6. Corporal punishment in this country is a joke. After you’ve raped, maimed and slaughter American lives, you get the death penalty. So what! You get to sit on death row for 20 years waiting for new laws to get you out of prison, meanwhile, law abiding citizens are paying for your support to be there. Then, when there is nothing that can be done for you, you get to be quietly taken to a room, lay on bed and have a needle put in your arm to quietly and peacefully take you to Hell.
    To bad those you slaughtered didn’t get that choice of such a peaceful death.

  7. Dang, I went from reading a post about a concerned neighbor who did her duty as a neighbor, to comments on terrorism, to hands being chopped off, to lack of respect to citizens and all people, to joining the police and rescue squads, to cowboys and rednecks, to the events on death row. Is everybody having a negative week? The Princess did what should come naturally to most people who are not arrogant, self-centered, selfish or uncaring.
    I’m thinking there is something in the Bible that says “Love Thy Neighbor”. I’m also thinking the Princess loves everyone regardless of where they are from, their religious beliefs or their view point on life. She also seems to know a little more than that. I’m also thinking about a comment the Princess made to me, in an e-mail. “Only Love Is Real.”
    Okay, there is an on again off again decision, but I am going to tell you anyway. Bea’s daughter, Katie and I are sitting in Katie’s livingroom by the fire, with her laptop, that never would have happened if we hadn’t encountered the celticprincess.

  8. Well thanks for breaking it to me on the internet. You could have at least called.

    Well, maybe not now that I think about it, but you could have told me before you told the whole world.

  9. Kind of figured something was up with Josh and Katie. Hope it works for both of you and if you need a minister for any reason, I would be more than happy to travel.

  10. Well I’ll be d*mn Josh and Katie. Never would have thought a blog could bring to people together and you sound rather happy instead of opinionated right now. Too cool. Good luck to both of you.

  11. Thanks Tank and Doug. We are happy right about now. We both needed to grow up a little bit and with the help of the celticprincess, who deserves a new sword in her own right, we finally came together and are loving it.

  12. Well, since I got screwed big time on my PS3 pre-order I do have a collection of shiney swords that I might have sell off just to re-cover my losses, if anyone is interested.

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