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Just about everyone on this planet has heard me complain about a disorder called ADHD. There are millions of children diagnosed with this disorder for what ever their life purpose is to work things out in their brains. It is a very misunderstood disorder. What many parents are not told is it starts in early childhood but, starts to dissipates when that child enters adulthood, only to disappear completely in their 30’s.The medical profession has come up with all these different drugs to control your child’s behavior that is unacceptable to the parents, teachers and general public. I know all to well, as I have an ADHD child who was so out of focus with everything she was doing. Teachers at her school called me constantly, my neighbors complained about her and my own family couldn’t tolerate her. I chose not to put her on the medication because of all the friends I have who also have ADHD children who were put on the meds. The side affects became worse than the disorder itself over time.

I took my daughter off processed carbohydrates. It helped, but not enough. I finally stumbled onto a dietary supplement that has left out all food products that are known to cause allergic reactions in people. It has been regarded with the highest success rate in helping people with ADHD. At my wits end of the massive clutter, messes, extreme attitude and obsession over processed carbohydrates and just not getting it no matter what was said, I put my daughter on this product, not really expecting a whole lot. At the end of the first day I thought she was just having a moment of calm and was being nice just because she wanted to at the moment. At the end of the first week she was a completely different child. She quit screaming at everyone. She was throwing her trash in the garbage instead of dropping it or leaving it all over the house. She cleaned her room, without being told 5000 times and I could actually see the carpet. She even did her own laundry that was less than 4 loads, instead of the usual 15 loads. She was showering, her hair was brushed and wasn’t dressing like and alien. She was beginning to look and act like a normal child of 12. After the second week her homeroom teacher called me and wanted to know what I did to her to help her pay attention in class and verbally inquire to all her teachers about her grades. Hmmm!

She does have a great personality, can imitate anyone and does a comedy routine on Gangsta’s that now has my 78 year old mother laughing instead of hitting her with her checkbook. It is her responsibility to clean the cat boxes and when I reminded her to do so she got up immediately and dumped them and came back into the house and told me she preferred to wash them in the bathtub. I must have had a horrified look on my face because she suddenly burst out laughing and told me she had never done that and was on her way out to yard to clean them.

Okay, if you have an ADHD child and want an alternative to prescription drugs that have side effects go online and order a bottle of SYNAPTOL and try it. The product is made from mushroom extracts, so unless your child is allergic to mushrooms, you have very little to lose. No I do not get a kickback from the company, but I do have more mental sanity and I certainly feel for those that have lost theirs over dealing with a kid who is ADHD. Hey, after you have to use the garden rake in your kid’s bedroom and pull a folded mattress out of the closet (I’m still wondering how she did that) and come up with 43 loads of laundry, all of your missing towels and silverware you kind of get to the point of thinking of either giving that child away or finding something to help them and your sanity.

BTW, my daughter can’t swallow capsules, so she opens them up and pours them into a small glass of milk. She actually likes the way they taste. SYNAPTOL!!!!I hope everyone enjoys a wonderful Thanksgiving. This year I am truly thankful that my alien daughter from the planet Zoldor is actually acting more human.  

UPDATE:  SEPTEMBER 10, 2007, like many parents, am dealing with a child who is ADHD.  I have found with my daughter that as she entered into her teenage years her symptoms  of ADHD started to magnify with the onset of hormones.  Her doctor has monitored her since being on Synaptol, unfortunately he and I had to concede in the last few months that she was going to have to go on Adderall, as she was becoming completely impossible and out of control of focusing on anything.  Synaptol worked for her focus until she became a teenager.  Every kid is different and you need to judge your course of action on Your Own Mental Sanity and how much you are willing to deal with.  My daughter took one Adderall  pill and within 20 minutes became a completely different teenage kid with total focus.  Being an only parent I can’t afford medical insurance, but I am willing to do without other things to keep my child sane and in control.  However,  I did take her off that drug after two months as it just wasn’t working the way it was suppose to and making her more ballistic.  You just have to keep trying until you find what works best for your child.


44 thoughts on “Help for ADHD

  1. I’m happy to be the first to say how much I respect this Princess and all of her help over the last several months. She is not the only one who has an ADHD child. I have 2 of them. I was ready to commit myself, since my kids helped to break up my marriage because their mother couldn’t deal with the insanity and stress they brought into our home. When the Princess told me about this product I looked at it as an alternative because I changed jobs and the new insurance company would not cover the prescription medication my kids were on. It’s expensive. They were off the meds for over a month and completely insane and irrational. Actually, I was completley insane over their stupid behavior. I begged the celticprincess for help. She gave me this alternative and I was totally amazed at the short term results. My 2 heathens are acting better than they did on prescribed meds. They aren’t overly tired or overly active. They are calm and focused. So, I too, am thankful this Thanksgiving for the return of my sanity and the fact that the city where I live have dropped the charges against my heathens for the destruction of City property. Thank you a 1000 billion times Princess. My kids have to do community service and I am loving that and just don’t mind dropping them off with a smirk on my face even though they are complaining. I always tell them “Have a nice day boys.”

  2. OMG! Thank you for bringing this to light. I have no insurance and can’t afford the prescription meds for my son who is absolutely impossible on most days and all I get is the school telling me to do something about my child’s behavior. I am going to try this product and I will let you know if it works for my impossible child. Of course, I never did 43 loads of laundry or used a garden rake, but in thinking about it I really could have on some occasions, just never thought of it. Please, just be thankful on Thanksgiving for everything that was good that came into your life in the last year and everything bad that left your life. It is important to introspect on the way your life is going and what people and situations you kept or walked away from and why. If you let someone go by the way side and didn’t mean to, make sure you call them and tell them your sorry. I have 5 to call, how many do you have?

  3. I left a comment on your first post about ADHD. I admit my child was much better after the change of diet, but with other kids in the house I was having a really hard time with their attitude over the food situation. It’s hard not to give in to your kids and I am a weak mom when it comes to my kids. I want to do what’s right for them all and each one is different. I guess I am just a mom at heart. I am going to try this product you suggested and see if I can bring peace to my entire family of children. I have 6 of them. My husband agrees we should at least try it and see what happens.

  4. Now this is just what I needed to hear, since I run a home for wayward teens. More than half of them have been diagnosed with ADHD. I have been told over and over that most kids whose parents abused drugs and alcohol are ADHD. In thinking about what the Princess wrote about it beginning in childhood and being overcome as an adult made me wonder why no one ever told me that. I spent most of the day asking questions. She was right and now I’m thinking I need to find out more about Indigo children that the Princess refers to as the aliens from the planet Zoldor. The mysteries of the New Age being revealed. This could be the most interesting Age yet.

  5. My son was ADHD when he was little and through his teens, but like a lot of people I couldn’t afford any medication for that kind of thing. Wish I had known the facts about ADHD then, which explains why he still is annoying in his late 20’s. Hopefully he’ll change one day, but you can’t tell him anything about him now. He is a know it all.

  6. My brother still is ADHD in his late 20’s. He really could have used something like this so he didn’t end up being such a jerk as an adult. Sorry mom, but he is a jerk and everyone knows it.

  7. I’m stuffed just like a big Turkey. Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving and gave thanks for everything they have in their life.
    I just want to say that my mother and sisters forced me to be honest this last week about all the things I gained in the last year, that I should be thankful for, and all the things I have lost or put aside through neglect. So I called my girlfriend that I was about lose and with a little preplanned advice from the Princess, were are back together and I have never been happier.
    Now, pardon me Princess, I want to give advice to all the guys out there, from a guys point of view. If you have been in a bad relationship or marriage and are looking for true love with the next woman, don’t punish her for everything your ex did to you or see traits of your ex in her. She is not the same person even though she is a female. Not all women are the same inside and ladies not all men are the same inside. We all deserve a second chance, but can we just let go of the past and move forward in love?

  8. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

    Dang Doug! That seemed a little extreme coming from you, but I gotta admit your right about people punishing their next partner over their last partners problems.

    What I learned recently from the Princess. You just have to forgive the person who used you and abused you and let them go from your life. Only then will you allow yourself to love and be loved by someone true to you. I really took time to try it and found Katie in the process.

  9. Just wanted to let everyone know I got the
    SYNAPTOL and on Friday gave my son his 3 pills throughout the day. By his bedtime I didn’t know what to expect, but he actually went to bed and went to sleep and I didn’t have to say a word to him. I have had the most pleasant weekend. He is listening, not always following direction, but definitely not out of control like he was.
    Tonight we even had a wonderful conversation and I realized just how funny and bright he is.

  10. Just thought I would also post that I see a big difference in my child’s attitude with home, siblings and school. I can’t believe the difference. Thank you for sharing this with others.

  11. SYNAPTOL is just about the best thing I have come across for my daughter’s ADHD. It agrees with her system and I put it on her cereal in the morning, all 3 doses, but she is great all day and even at bedtime. Thank you a 1000 times over. Has anybody told you how much they love you lately, because I certainly do. You are a wonderful soul for sharing this with the world.

  12. I have to admit here that I did get a few bottles of SYNAPTOL, just to try, as it is an natural product. To be honest, I didn’t believe the results until I tried it on one extreme ADHD kid. Like everybody else on here I thought it was my imagination at first, but have to say that on 5 kids they are just under control of themselves and I am not sitting up half the night hoping they go to sleep at some point.
    Thank you Princess. Will you marry me please?

  13. Back off everyone, you know how women are, but do you know how Celtic Princess’s are? She is the most adorable woman in her own right, even with her Fire temperament but………………..

  14. I just ordered a bottle for my 12 year old son. And after I try it for him, I will post. I will wait 2 weeks before I post a message on here. Keep your fingers crossed for me and say a prayer that this product will help my son. He has adhd/pdd.

  15. Shar2, keep in mind that ADHD and PDDNOS are NOT a permanent disability in children. Their symptoms and behavior diminish with age, (if you can keep them off of drugs and alcohol, as they get through their teenage hormone rage).

    The best way you can help him right now is give him the SYNAPTOL,it does help to calm the brain. Find something that really interests him and make a big deal out of it. Make it a part of his life, as well as yours. It pinpoints a focus on something he thinks is important to not only him, but to you and anyone else who shares his interest. The more people who dote to his interest, the more focused he will become on that one specific thing.

    This is kind of a dramatic point, but my 12 year old broke her leg and had to have surgery. That was the situation that pinpointed her focus because she never cared about anything else, but herself. She has gotten so involved in using self healing that her ADHD symptoms have disappeared.

    I worked with handicapped children for years, including autistic, mentally retarded and deaf children. They all have an interest in something. Sometimes it’s up to the adults to figure it out before they physically injure themselves doing something stupid that you have told them not to do.

    You must be a special MOM to have received an Indigo Child to raise and I wish you all the best.

  16. I am still waiting to find something out about Crystal and Indigo children that I am just not getting in books. How do you really know if you have an Indigo Child these days and what does it really mean to the parents? And are the parents Crystal Children of Indigo Children?

  17. Anyone know how much Synaptol I need to give my 8 year old son to start? I just ordered our 1st bottle. He is about 64 lbs. Sometimes you are supposed to begin with a loading dose or something.

  18. Patty, the product isn’t effected by body weight. One capsule 30 minutes before a major meal or 2 to 3 hours after a major meal, 3 times a day.

    It’s hard when your kids are in school to give it to them before lunch, so give it to your son after he gets home from school and again before or 2 to 3 hours after dinner. I found my daughter slept better when she got her last dose at bedtime.

    My daughter will be 13 in a few days and she’s come along way with her attention and focus. She now knows how to judge when she needs it and with AIMS testing this week, she it taking it regularly until her tests are finished. She knows when she is out of control, and she goes in and takes it because she is recognizing her symptoms. Hang in there and try to find something that is of interest to your son that you can be involved in to hold his focal point for more than 3 minutes. The more he practices focusing on something that interests him the faster his ADHD symptoms diminish. It’s only a temporary disorder.

  19. I tried a product called Glyco Essentials by Nature’s Sunshine. It’s got the same ingredients as Synaptol. I can see some improvements in my 13 yo son. I wish someone else would try this whose tried Synaptol and tell me if you get the same results. Synaptol is ridiculously expensive!

  20. Thanks for this info Lisa. I find Synaptol expensive for my budget, but it does help my son along with a diet change he is much better. I will certainly look into getting this product and trying it.

  21. I too changed to Glyco Essentials and have had the same results as the Synaptol, for less money. But I took my daughter off of anything that has been bleached in food products and opted for a more healthy diet of fruits, vegetables and lean meats and a whole lot of fish. I found fish oil the most impressive in her control issues and she likes it. I also found something she was interested in doing and I spend time with her focusing on that. I really can’t tell you at the moment what is working the best, I just know I am no longer ballistic over my kid. She is actually very bright, funny and really not all that stupid that had me almost believing she was retarded.

  22. I am so glad I stumbled on this blog in an off the wall search engine I had never heard of that a friend of mine told me about. I am a single father with 2 boys and my youngest is ADHD and almost impossible to deal with at 12 years old. I guess I’ll start out with the Glyco Essentials and the diet change, which we all could use and see what happens. I’m am not going to tell you I will re-post because I will definitely re-post a comment if I see a change. BTW, I read something else you wrote on here about getting your child to focus on something they were interested in and getting involved with them over it. My son has been playing video games on motor cross racing, basketball, and baseball, (love the basketball post on your yahoo 360 and watching those Phoenix Suns, as I would definitely like to seem pull it off this year. (I live in Tucson, AZ.) I have been to Phoenix the to car races and the Diamondbacks game with my boys and my ADHD son was amazed over it and just different on the way home. The races and the game were all he focused on, which gave me a big clue that he not retarded, he just has his own interests that his special ed teacher is now using with him. He isn’t stupid in math when he relates to scores and laps. Amazing! Whatever ever you do, don’t stop giving information.

  23. I am trying to find synaptol where I live but no one has it. It is expensive but compared to the medication my 2 children are on it is nothing. My daughter’s meds cost $220.00 we get reimbursed but it takes about 2 – 4 weeks and my son’s meds are over $100.00 so between the 2 of them it is over $300.00 a month so 2 bottles should actually save me money. I guess I will have to order online but I hope they get here before school starts in Aug.

  24. I read this post 6 months ago. It took me a while to come to terms with the diagnosis of my own ADHD daughter, but I really did try the diet change with her and the synaptol. I also found something she was totally interested in doing and got involved with her on that. Today she is completely different and the most loving kid to be around.


  25. I want to say something about being ADHD. I am the CelticPrincess’s daughter and I didn’t realize that there were all these things I was missing, because I felt like I was going so fast to get things done, but I wasn’t doing anything, but making a mess and really just being stupid and getting in trouble.

    I love my Mom for the fact that she cares so much and I realize now how much pressure I put on her that I never saw before. We hug now and mean it, but before, I hugged her so she wouldn’t get mad over something stupid I was about to do.

    Hopefully I have finally become Earth bound and need to prove that I am not really from the Planet Zoldor…..but I am sure that will be for my mother to decide. She really is the coolest Mom on the Planet.

  26. Whoa! Been struggling with taking my kid to prescription meds, but have noticed a big decline since he hit hormones and I did have him on Synaptol. I have been struggling with the prescription meds for a while, but after reading this many times, I took him in to the doctor who asked me if I ever wanted any sanity for myself. I choose my sanity. He has been on them for a few days and he is at least bearable to live with, but he still has that teenage attitude I would like to knock out of him.

    BTW, I loved your post on Manifesting and I am now, dramatically, trying to manifest my perfect world.

  27. Just an update for those wanting relief on a child with ADHD. My son has been on the prescription meds for almost 2 weeks and I am calm. I’m not ballistic anymore over his out of control antics.

    However he is still a teenager with an attitude.

    Thanks Celtic Princess for going a step further.

  28. I just want to say one more thing about being on Adderall. I actually feel like I really know who I am even though I do now understand that I am a mouthy teenager and I can’t help it. My Mom is just really cool and off the wall, but when my teachers called her and told her they really saw a difference in me that I was more focused in class it made me feel better about learning all the things I was taught at home and never really got until I went on Adderall.

  29. OK, I have tried BMods, Neu B’Calmd and am about to aim for Synaptol on my 7 yr old son before one of us gets hurt. Any advice, warning, recommendations? We are close to desperate…

  30. My 6yr old son is on AdderallXR right now and hopefully soon we’ll be starting him on Synaptol. I’m all about organics and natural remedies. I had a really hard time with putting him on meds, but he was on the road to getting kicked out of school. He is doing well with the Adderall, but he is experiencing some side effects that I think will only increase with time. My younger bro is ADHD, has been on meds since he was 6 and he has a lot of side effects (that he doesn’t think are side effects). I don’t want to see this happen to my child. Hopefully, Synaptol will work and I’ll remember to come back and give you the good news! Thank goodness for this forum. It is so hard to find unbiased info about Synaptol on the web.

  31. TinkB as you try Synaptol and I am not putting it down, as it really did help my daughter until she hit the hormonal teens (and boys are a little different than girls), but my daughter has had symptoms of ADHD since she was born. It really isn’t proven what actually causes the disorder and my daughter almost died at birth. She didn’t seem to know how to breath unless she cried. She was stabbed in the foot with a pin 78 times before she started breathing on her own.

    However, my father noticed her symptoms of hyperactivity (he babysat while I was working) He knew nothing about ADHD. He gave her coffee that would speed up an average child, but a stimulate on a child with ADHD slows them down. Adderall is an amphetamine and a stimulate.

    My father also fed my children his favorite lunch, which was sardines, which has been shown to contain the Omega 3 Fatty Acids that are diminishing the symptoms of ADD and ADHD, which you can also buy in the pill form.

    My daughter is willing to be a guinea pig and try it as both of us are well aware of the long term affects of prescription meds on children and into adulthood.

    I’ll let everyone know the results.

  32. I have to post this right now as in as little 9 days I have had my daughter on the Omega-3/Omega-6 Fish Oil 1200 mg. I was very shocked to find that within just a day of taking her off Adderall that was making her more ballistic than having nothing at all and giving her 3 pills of Fish Oil a day she is actually a human teenager without the unfocused rage. She’s actually a very smart and funny kid. Fish oil has also been known to reduce heart disease, which in talking to my mother, who is a nutritionist, told me that the reason my father ate sardines and fed them to my kids was to prevent the inherited male pattern heart attack that the men in his family died from.

    BTW, my father did not die from a heart problem.

    I am just giving you the info on the research and results I have experienced with my family. Everybody is different, but prevention is worth and ounce of cure;)

    Have a Great Holiday!!!

  33. Hello celtic princess,

    I use Glyco essentials with my 5 year old son. He was diagnosed at age 4 with ADHD but I opted not to use prescription medication because of side effects and I wanted him to be my child not some robot.

    So I researched the Glco essentials and they have worked for him.But I wanted to get some feedback from you about it.

    Just a few questions. Next year he will be in all day kindergarten and right now I only give him one pill in the morning, now that he’s getting older, will be in class all day and is going to need more of an attention span. Should I send a bottle of it and the fish oil to the school nurse to use after lunch and then again at home before bed? I know that they are both all natural I just don’t want to give him too much.

    An is their any other way to give the fish oil other than capsule? It is still too hard for him to swollow them. Thank you so much.


  34. Michelle, they make a capsule with powdered fish with the same ingredients as the oil. That is what I used on my daughter and poured it into a small glass of milk. She couldn’t taste the fish in it at all.

    As far as your son’s school is concerned, most public schools will not dispense anything to a child other than Tums, Tylenol, ect., without a licensed physicians approval. However, I doubled my daughters dose before school as it is an organic substance and non toxic. She was actually fine until she got out of school. As for her now in her mid teens she is off of it and is learning how to keep her focus on one project at a time and still maintaining an A average in High School.

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