The Holiday Season

This isn’t something Dr. Phil would condone, but then again Dr. Phil isn’t an only parent and the “mother” of teenagers. Most of the time my teens act like heathens, (not that they were raised that way), but…., they really only annoy me when they start fighting with each other and I’m working, or on the phone or they have left 1000’s of dishes for me to do, after they have continually eaten all day. Unless fists start to fly between the 2 of them, I just don’t want to be in the middle of their arguments, (which have no meaning to begin with.) Sometimes I have to threaten them with being knock into another dimension. Usually it’s my daughter that gets in trouble because she never lets up until I charge into the room with a 5 gallon wooden paint paddle and threaten her with a foster home. Not that I would ever hit either one of them with the paddle, (maybe I should) nor send her to a foster home, (and she knows it), but it does make a point. I have, however, hit it on the wall before, which has gotten their attention. They both know when they have pushed me too far when I am reprimanding them in a language that is not English and always one of them interrupts me to ask me what a word I said 3 minutes prior means. I’m sure that is a ploy to throw me off track.

Both of my teens have been working very hard the last 3 months to make money for the Holiday, as they claim. The Holiday in my house is celebrated with the arrival of the Winter Solstice, on December 22nd when Nature becomes dormant to rest, and Santa Claus become active to give with his heart out of love and kindness. Yes Travis, we put up a tree, but it represents the life that continues to live in the harshest elements. Although, my kids don’t get that part yet, living in the desert. Harsh weather to them is dust storms, dry lightening and thunder, sometimes turning into thunderstorms, with flooding rain, in the summer months.

My son told his sister that “Mom” would buy presents from him to give to her. (Hmmmm) To bad he didn’t tell me that, because his heart would part of his anal retentive brain right now. I’m not sure about your teens, but my Taurus the Bull daughter was irate over her selfish, self centered brother’s attitude when she ask him for money to get me a present for the Holiday and he refused claiming his money was for college.

My kids aren’t suffering, because they aren’t the ones listening to themselves fight with each other. Being the outrageous and off the wall mother that I am, in defense of living alone with teenagers, revenge is mine in the end, over any self righteous and self centered attitude from any child I have. It just doesn’t cut it with me, in my house. I spent the better part of the day utilizing TAPE. For every 1 gift I got my selfish son, I got my daughter 2. For every gift I wrapped for my son, I used a half a roll of tape, just to agitate him when he tried to open those gifts. My kids open their gifts on Christmas Eve from family, but Santa Claus always leaves a major gift on Christmas morning. The only ones receiving a gift that morning with any meaning will be my daughter and me. My son wanted a new pair of shoes from some special sports company. He wears a size 14 shoe and I was NOT going to spend that kind of money on shoes, especially, the way he has acted lately. (Selfish hormones) So, I bought my daughter and me shoes that will be opened by us Christmas morning that Santa left and my son gets a bag of m&m’s, just because he agitated me with his attitude. BTW, my son thinks there really isn’t a Santa Claus, he just hasn’t gotten a clue how Santa can affect his life. I think he might have gotten some clue tonight after my 16 year old cat fell (my cat has arthritis in his back from getting rolled by a car when he was 2 that broke his lower back.) My cat fell off the computer table and got his claws caught in my computer chair. My dogs ran to his rescue, which terrified him more. I yelled for help from both of my kids to get the dogs, but the child cleaning her room, listening to music and the furthest away came, but my son claimed he heard nothing, 20 feet away from me and no noise going on in his room. Can you say anal retentive, without a sense of helping, even his own mother in need, but expecting everything from her. NOT in my house. He probably won’t speak to me for the next week, but I did let him have it in no uncertain terms. Sorry, but he pissed me off.

Through the midst of all of this nonsense with my teens, I have had 2 proposal of marriage. Bet you guys don’t want to marry me now knowing what I deal with on a daily basis. Will I ever admit there is no modern day Santa Claus to my children, NO! Without Faith in something greater than you really understand, you have and get nothing at all;) Your Higher Power works for you in ways you can comprehend, if you take the time to pay attention to what you are doing and what is going on in your life.

Before any one of you leaves feedback about true Christian teachings and what an awful mother I am, keep in mind, my Grandmother, who was raised in the Celtic Spiritualism, became a Christian Ordained Minister when I was 17 years old. I’ve lived in both worlds and have chosen the first, regardless of your Christian beliefs. What works for one doesn’t necessarily work for all and teenagers will always be the same until they become adults and have to face life for themselves.


30 thoughts on “The Holiday Season

  1. You really are too funny, but I know how you feel over teenage attitude and being the one parent getting it all the time without someone else there to knock them out. I like the tape thing, wish I had thought of that with my son. He could have taken his aggression out as teen on Christmas. Your evil to leave your son a bag of M&M’s, but I love it and wish I had thought of it years ago.

  2. I say what ever method works to get your teens to adulthood without losing your mind, go for it and I am going to Sam’s Club for a bulk buy on tape, only I’m not putting anything inside their Christmas boxes.

  3. If I had to buy size 14 shoes for my teenager who isn’t done growing, he would be going barefoot, let alone special sports shoes that have to just cost a fortune. D*mn. I don’t envy you in the least, but I like Mom’s revenge.

  4. Personally I think Dr. Phil is an idiot and I am going out tomorrow to get a 5 gallon wooden paint paddle from the hardware store, a crate of tape and a bunch of empty boxes. I like this blog.

  5. Jeez Tank are you ever going to give up?

    BTW Princess, I would bet at least half the men that come into your life want to marry you, but I think you are very choosy over the next man you marry, because I know I have been very choosy over the next woman I marry, just because I don’t ever want to repeat the past.

    Tank’s a good guy, but I hate to say it Tank, you are just not in her league.

  6. OMG! Will you 2 quit fighting over the celticprincess’s life. She’s doesn’t seem to appear that she is going to take any, mmmmmmmm, stuff off of any of you guys. She won’t take it off her teens, why would you think she would take it off of grown middle aged men. Okay, so Doug isn’t quite middle aged, but Tank, get a clue.

  7. I am LMAO right now. I lived with the celticprincess at one time back in Wales. I still love her to death, she is an awesome woman, but she has a unique way about her and I don’t envy her children. They will certainly have a hard road ahead of them because she will see to it,in no uncertain terms that they get back exactly what they give out. She is fair, loving, giving and honest, but if you aren’t, she will show you the bad side of you by acting like you. Been there, done that and ended up changing myself to be less self righteous, more honest, more loving and giving to my wife now.

    My wife e-mails her and I stay on track just because I don’t want to be involved. God help the next man that marries her. She is so different, she is actually unique unto herself.

  8. Now what was I doing yesterday that I missed this blog and everybody’s opinions? I hate when that happens when I’m on the road.

    Teenagers, tape, wooden paddles, M&M’s from Santa, empty Christmas boxes, marriage proposals, Tank (or Travis), Doug and the fiery redhead Katie, Big Foot and Dr. Phil (that I agree is an idiot). Someone is missing here, I just haven’t figured out who it is yet. I think I like Peters comments the best. Any man, whose gets his wife to communicate with his ex-girlfriend from another land Down Under knows how to keep peace in his world while keeping track of his past love. I don’t think Peter you have ever really gotten over the Princess. Whatever works, man.

    My most pressing question right now is, who was the second proposal from and do any of us know? Come on. Someone that knows the Princess that has been on here just has to know.

  9. Missing you and waiting for you Josh. You best be here by Christmas. And Josh, only the Princess knows sweetie and I doubt she is sharing that information at this moment.

  10. Okay, so you don’t think I am in the same league with the Princess, and maybe your right, but I do know who the other marriage proposal came from and I am not sharing it with the rest of the world. She is honest, that’s for sure, whether you want to hear it or not.

  11. Josh and I are thinking that maybe Tank, you were the one that over stepped your bounds in pushing your Christian Ordained Minister philosophy off on the Celticprincess that really must have annoyed her.

    We are all entitled to what we believe, but there is one thing that Josh and I have learned from the Princess and that is accepting yourself and others for who they are, without trying to change them. Not everyone on this planet thinks and feels the same as you and if you are trying to change there perspective of things to meet your standards then you are just a control freak.

  12. I will admit I have had a few holiday cheers tonight, but I wanted to set the record straight, even though I think she won’t post this, but I guess I would be the second marriage proposal that everyone seems to be talking about here.

    Don’t feel bad Tank because she turned me down to. Her heart belongs to someone else that no one will ever know until she decides to tell the world. She’s a spitfire and not easily tamed. Guess that would be her Celtic Blood. I do give her a whole lot of credit for what she has dealt with and raising 2 teens alone. I couldn’t do it and she seems to know that.

    I just want to say that whoever her heart truly belongs to has a courageous spirit because she will definately test you on your love and trustworthy ability to accept everything that’s happening at the moment. In other words, weak minded men or those who hesitate need not apply.

  13. OMG! Now you guys are getting it. If I had to choose one person on this planet to be in charge of a World War, this Celtic Princess would be the one.

    By the way, Princess, Happy Winter Solstice.

  14. Being a single mom myself with little money this Christmas and 2 brat teenage boys, I finally get the picture of parent slyness. Through them off track so they don’t know which way your coming. Love your children, but be smarter than they try to appear.

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