Happy New Year

I am wishing all of you the happiest of times in the New Year.

Make wise choices daily, even if you have to change your mind. Live a life that suits your needs, even if you lose others. Let go of the baggage you carry, even if you end up alone. Love everyone with all your heart, even if it hurts. Forgive, Let Go and move forward as the Heavens Love you and are with you in your wise decisions to grow Spiritually.

Love, Light and Happiness to All.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!


10 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Thanks for the sentiment sounds kinda of like the tornado warning we had here right before midnight… Happy New Year! This message brought to you by your local Early Warning Emergency Weather Channel… Happy New Year to you too Kiddo! (Sounds like an ominous start ya might want to keep your head low for 2007:)

  2. After my New Years Day, I am keeping my head really low for the rest of the year. What was up with New Years Day anyway? Everyone I talk to had something wierd happen or is it just the people I know?

  3. Thank you for replying to my e-mail. I am truly sorry to hear about your daughter. I will pray for her first and foremost. Hang in there and I am here if you need me.

  4. Several of us are still waiting to know what happened to the Princess’s daughter. Obviously she can’t tell us right now Tank and you seem to be the only one on here that knows, so share.

  5. I e-mailed the Princess the day before New Years about a problem I was having with one of the boys trying to run away in the group home. She didn’t e-mail right away like she usually does when I ask her how to approach a problem kid that you just can’t get through too. She sent me an e-mail on the 3rd giving me some awesome advice that did work more than I ever imagined it would.

    In her e-mail she related a story about her daughter, that just doesn’t want to listen to people who know more than she does, that took place on New Years Day. To make a long story short, her daughter did something she was told not to do by her mother and ended up breaking her lower leg bone in half. She had to be rushed to Emergency and have surgery and pins put in her leg. She will be in a cast for 6 months and miss weeks of school while her mother takes care of her as you would an invalid. When the Princess wrote a blog on teenagers lacking common sense last July, she was absolutely right.

  6. Gee, thanks Tank I really appreciate your response.

    So, all of you regulars on here need to think about some get well thoughts for a Zoldorian Child with ADHD named Blaise.


  7. Get Well Soon Blaise and remember you have your Mom for a reason and when she tells you not to do something, don’t do it because she probably did it or knew somebody that did it and it ended up badly for them. Really good Moms always have a way of knowing something you don’t so you need to listen to what she tells you. I listen to her because she’s right and she isn’t even my mom.

    Get Well Soon Sweetie. I will keep you in my prayers!

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