My ancient past must be catching up with me. It took me a few days to realize who C.J. was, who left a comment on my last post on Vortex healing. How the heck he came across me after all these years can only be explained by Vortex Energy. Dang!!

I wrote a paper for an Ancient History class, in college, 33 years ago that talked about the Codes Of Life. I used lexigrams as an example in deciphering codes written by Royal Courts, who sent messengers to other, lower rulers, to let them know what the Higher King (or Ruler) wanted them to know about their decisions in running that Country against invaders. It was mostly based off of Less Brittany (now France) and Greater Britain (England, Wales and Scotland.)

In that time frame, English was not used as a common language. So to answer CJ’s question, lexigrams can be used in any language to achieve a purpose, even with primates called apes, who are smart enough to get their thoughts across on computers, to those handling them. If my dogs, cats, bird, guinea pig and fish had the ability to type, they would have their own language code to decipher their life and thoughts. Lexigrams are an Unique ability to be observed by those handling an important situation from the animal and human world.

However, when I clean the fish tank, those fish bump my arm to let me know they appreciate me feeding them, cleaning up after them and they perform their silly antics in the tank while I am standing there looking at them. My daughter’s guinea pig talks his talk when I go into her room and he waits to be petted, talked to and loved, because he loves to be coddled , held and petted. My female bird screams at the dogs, cats and anything she hears outside, since her male partner died, but she is docile when I put my hand into her cage, as if it has a calming affect on her. As for the snooty cats, they have no problem cuddling, rubbing, talking their talk and being slobs just to get food, a brushing and loving attention.

It’s the humans that can’t look beyond the everyday scenario of their life to find and see things that go beyond the “normal” path of existence.

Are we that bored as humans to make life so boring, we can’t see the forest for the trees?

The Codes of the Bible you might seek, will find you, but on the other hand, every letter of the alphabet is in the English version of the Bible. It would be an assumption that you and your life is not included in the English alphabet.

Deciphering lexigrams is done by taking a word and making new words out of the letters of that word. Peoples names can be re-written by the letters in their name to make new words and as you put the puzzle of your name together you just might be surprised what you will find out about the course of your life. I will give you a small example. I can spell my married last name out of letters from my first name. My entire maiden name, first, middle and last, reveals that my husband would die, which he did.

Don’t take any of this to heart and become obsessed with it, because you are unique and have a life path to complete, for good or bad, depending on your acceptance of what you have been offered in this life. You have been given free will to make necessary changes in your life.

Love and Light



22 thoughts on “Lexigrams

  1. You actually remembered me? I had the biggest crush on you in college.

    Thank you for the e-mail and thank you for the information on deciphering the codes of lexigrams.

  2. Thank you celtic princess, you are a sweetheart for all the help you gave me. I look forward to improving my skills in this somewhat new area to me that is fascinating.

  3. A most interesting post Princess. After reading this and trying it, I have found similarities in my name over certain things that have showed odd things that have happened in my life.

  4. You have turned my mother, Bea, into a nut over lexigrams, which has turn Josh into a nut with my mother.

    So, to share, there is this woman at work that was hired to work in my department. She has been there 6 weeks and after 3 weeks I wanted to fire her because she seemed really confused and didn’t get anything and did nothing right. Josh and my mother lexigrammed her name on the phone together. I was forced to lower myself and go ask this woman casually, what her maiden name was, by my mother and boyfriend. Of course, her name said nothing about firing, she had letters in her entire name that actually spelled “hire her, keep her”. With a lot of eye rolling on my part, I took her to lunch only to find out that she isn’t stupid, just nervous that she has never worked even though she has a college degree. Her husband left her for someone else which forced her to get a job. So… I hesitantly made her my assistant and by the end of the day she was actually calm, funny and knew what she was doing. So there is something to lexigrams.

  5. Okay, so Bea and I have gotten a little obsessive over this, but it’s really interesting and fun to do. We need to learn the number thing better, but we are getting the hang of it.

  6. Seems that all you heathens who consider your so called psychic ability the Word Of God need to go to church and repent your sins or burn in Hell. You are trying to undermined the teachings of Jesus with concocted notions of using the Lords Energy to heal yourself when only God and His Son Jesus have that Power to heal through Prayer and Faith in Them. Trying to decipher words within words is a paranoid sign of mental illness. You can’t see that you are all spawns of Lucifer and God will take care of your Evil ways in the end.

    You, the so called Celtic Princess, with your ancient ways and this Lucky 7 Star are promoting Evil within this society and using the Internet to do it. God’s Truth will prevail and you will fall and be ban to Hell.

  7. Dr. Samuel,
    I only allowed this to be posted, as we are all entitled to our opinion and as a crazed Bible thumper, you are no acceptation. However, if you had said Praise Allah I would have marked you as spam and reported you as a terrorist.

    Your insults mean nothing to me, as I’m sure they mean nothing to Lucky7Star or the entire psychic community, but I will leave that entirely up to them to decide. After all, our Higher Power, regardless of what you call Him or Her or It gave us Free Will to make our own decisions and allowed us Guides to connect to our Higher Power.

    If anyone here is mentally ill, I would have to say it’s you!

    Love and Light

  8. This is an interesting post, not to mention the feedback. Dang!

    So, all of this has my girlfriend doing this lexigram thing. It’s been interesting to say the least and kind of eerie.

  9. This is an interesting subject and for the psychic community, which I belong too. I am also a Christian as are many psychics, however, I know God blessed me with my ability and I have helped many people in their time of need. I think Dr. Samuel you have over stepped your bounds in judging others as only God has that right.

  10. I miss you so much, you were such an awesome teacher. The last thing we talked about was you lexigramming my name because I just didn’t understand it and couldn’t get it, but after reading your e-mail I understand more than I think I should for an 18 year old. It kind of scares me, but you did teach me a lot of things and the one thing I remember the most, was accepting who I am and being okay with my life and in control of my own decisions.

    I LOVE you to death.

  11. To the person who was searching my blog for the “Celtic” word for Grandmother, that person and others who are trying to find words in the Old “Celtic” Languages, need to understand that there are several languages that are considered Celtic languages, but the Breton and Welsh word for Grandmother are closely the same for the word Grandmother, which in Welsh is Nain or mam-gu.

    However, in the pronunciation of Nain to English you get Nani or in my teachings Nana, which my kids call my mother and Mam is mom or mama and gu would be the equivalent of grand.

    Don’t stress about knowing old languages and words in that language, as my own kids will tell you that it is a language they will never speak to their friends or anyone else in todays time, even though they know it and so do my animals. It’s not important unless you are trying to decipher ancient writings and teachings, but how many of you are really that devoted to Ancient History?

    Moving along with technology and letting the past be still is your best course in this New Age;)

  12. Dang! Just read your post on yahoo 360. You definitely have that teenage and animal thing wired. I checked out this post and blog that totally blew my mind.

    You are a very cool writer with a whole lot of perception about all kinds of different things.

  13. Stumbled onto this blog looking for something to do with my Friday night. I spent the last 6 hours on my name. This is really amazing from the things I came across.

  14. WOW! This is just what I have been looking for after a few weird elements of the week. It made a big impression on me. Researching more, but a very cool beginning has begun. I’m seeing things a whole lot differently making more sense than anything thing else lately.

  15. I have read this post about 8 million times. It seemed fascinating to me. I recently started trying lexigramming. This is something that kinds of grows on you. The more you do it the weirder things become when you start putting letters of things together that make new words and suddenly realize that those things are actually a reality of your own life.

    I’m still skeptical a little, but it’s just kind of fun to do when your bored, then realize days later it makes sense.

    Try It You’ll Like It and see what you never really paid attention to.

  16. Thank you for proving a point here with lexigrams and the royal courts. I teach ancient history and this subject of communication in Europe pertaining to different languages and secret communication being sent across the lands in different languages always starts an argument with another teacher who just doesn’t believe it was possible. I am so glad to see someone else bring it to light.

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