I have had several people I know in the psychic community, ask me if I know and can explain the term clairaugust, as they cannot find a meaning, but have heard that it exists. I am not a psychic dictionary, however, I do know the term and it’s meaning. My Great-Grandfather and old school “Celtic Lord” is responsible for that information.

Clairsentience, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Claircognizance are the popular 4 Clairs that most psychics and a few seekers wanting to know more, experience at certain points in their life. What this boils down too in layman terms, you have, sensing, (physically by tasting, mentally by accepting, psychically by knowing), seeing, (visions or precognitive dreams), hearing, (from spirits, guides, angels), knowing abilities, (from information you receive from spirits, guides and angels), that others are too afraid to use or accept. There are 5 different senses and logically there has to be 5 different “Clear” uses of those senses. The 5th sense of the human body is smell, called “Clairaugust”.

BTW, the word Claire (with a second word attached is dropped to Clair) which is the old Celtic French word for Clear. Today the French word for Clear is Espace libre.

The next time you smell something that isn’t there, keep in mind, that someone or something from the spirit world is trying to get your attention for a purpose.

These are just minimal examples, but angels smell like a faint scent of roses, those you truly loved in your life who have passed and come back to you in spirit, smell as you remembered them when they were alive, past life smells come in all forms that usually give you a vision and sense, you just can’t quite place or thoroughly see. You are attracted to people who made you happy in another life, but bring in distention in your present life, that you can’t understand.

Clairaugust is the extra sensory to “smell” things that aren’t always in sight. We may not understand why we smell certain things that aren’t there, but again, it comes from, spirits, guides, angels and loved ones that have passed, that you just can’t see because you are not utilizing all of your “Clear” abilities.

If your in a relationship, what really attracts you to that person? Chances are, it’s their smell.


26 thoughts on “Clairaugust

  1. I didn’t know this, but it certainly sounds logical. Thanks for posting this info it explains the mystery of the smell in my mother’s house, in a room my great grandmother stayed in, even though it’s been totally remodeled since she died, it still smells like my great grandmother’s fried chicken. It’s weird.

  2. Interesting. Now I understand why I always seem to smell my father’s after shave in the car every time I go to a sporting event. He always took me when I was a kid, but passed on when I was 42. I guess he is still going to these games with me. I’m paying more attention to things I smell now.

  3. I never comment on blogs I read, but you have totally spooked me on this subject. My grandmother was from Ireland. She always smelled like cooked cabbage that sat to long. I used to take her to the store and she sat in the backseat behind me. 2 years ago I bought a new car 5 days after she died. 4 days after I had the car the entire car reeked of cooked cabbage. I could have sworn something died under the seat, but the dealership couldn’t smell it and couldn’t find anything. I drive with the windows down and in the winter I take the bus.

    So…celticprincess, how do you get them and there smell to go away?

  4. Now I have a question about this subject. Does this just pertain to humans because when I was a little girl I had a horse. Every afternoon I would ride him out to this apple tree and we would eat apples together. It’s been years since he passed away, but every now and then, out of the blue I smell apples, for no apparent reason and it always reminds me of him.

  5. Very nice piece, thank you Princess, to which one might only add a note for the curious that the root of all this is found in the word “Clair” to which is established the Order of the Temple (or more famous as “The Knights Templar”). The order originated with one Saint Bernard of Clairvaux In more recent times also as “Saint Clair” of “The De Vinci Code” fame. Who’s conclusions of which may be called into some question still having found root among some very well fertiled truth which is established beyond question… Altogether a very interesting study for a Celtic Princess.

  6. Thank you Lucky for your enlightenment on the subject. Although, you apparently didn’t get the part of the “Old Breton French” word for Claire, originating long ago in B.C. to a newer Breton French word in slightly after A.D., that has gone a long way in language to now. Not to mention, this isn’t an interesting study for me, it is a way of life I was raised with. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    For those of you worried or annoyed about the smell of the spirit world, keep in mind that any one “sense” can trigger another “sense” bringing in past memories of knowings, feelings, sights, sounds and smells.

    However, because we are composed of spirit on an Earth plane does not mean that our spirit every ceases to exist, including the animal and plant kingdom. Energy has no boundaries. You know that saying of the “time and space continuum”.

  7. A billion times over thank you celticprincess for the e-mail. I did exactly what you said and within minutes the smell was gone. I felt a little stupid doing it, but it worked. The information you gave me kind of scared me at first, but I quickly got over it after my wife threatened to blow the car up, cut me off from the married thing that couples do and divorce me while she took me to the bank. So celticprincess, how did women get that kind of verbal power over men?

  8. Dang! That just explained why Katie acts the way she does, to a tee.

    Red-headed, green eyed Irish women are a danger to the male population, but you just can’t help but love them to death do you part.

    Okay guys, Celtic women should be feared, but…. they just have that beauty within them that makes you absolutely crazy about them. I know I will never overpower Katie, but I don’t care, she’s an awesome lady with a heart of gold that would die to defend your honor. It has been a hard lesson to learn, but I think I finally got it. I now know why Katie and I both encountered the celticprincess and I am thankful to find true love and a commitment I never would have expected in a million years.

  9. I have read all of your posts. I finally figured out that each post you have inter-relate to each other in some way. You are truly amazing all because you got me out of a bi-polar relationship with my husband who tried to kill me and our children. It was your experience and strength that help me to succeed to let go and move forward with my life because it is MY LIFE and it was now or never. Thank You a hundred billion trillion times over. I love you to death for being on here and being honest about things you have experienced.

  10. These post have very interesting material contained in them. My grandmother is a psychic. She’s not very good with the computer, but she sure had a good time reading these when I pulled them up for her.

    I loved your piece on Flying.

  11. It’s me Cuzen. Thank you for all the counseling you have given me since my accident and losing my leg. You have been a great inspiration to me over the last few months.

    My sister’s brought me a laptop so I could read in bed and in reading your last 3 posts on here, with you being my little cousin, you have totally blown me away. You are just an awesome CelticPrincess. You far exceed my mom, that used you for her info. (Remember!)

    What I keep thinking of is the last words we said to each other when my mom died 5 months ago. I told you to slow down and be careful because I wanted you around a lot longer and you gave me that look. I remember that look from childhood. I knew that I just made the most stupid comment to you, but this time you didn’t tell me off and run and tattle. Instead, you hugged me and told me you loved me, and then told me I had that backwards and I needed to stay off the streets, but then you said you would always be there for me. I didn’t get it. I have thought about nothing but suicide, laying in bed after losing my leg, with my other leg so damaged. In my deepest despair, I had a dream about you smiling down on me and hugging me. I am so sure at this point, you are an Angel from Heaven with true love in your heart for all living things.

    Men just don’t always listen to what we are being told, just because we are stupid, arrogant humans sometimes.

    I love you Lady, you far exceed my Mom by a long shot and btw you do realize that your Title is now Celtic High Priestess since my mom died.;)))

  12. LOL:) I love you cuz, but sometimes we, as humans, fail to realize that when we are presented with difficulties with our lives we are just not looking at the bigger picture of why we came here, so we struggle with the small stuff.

    Your life is your Higher Powers Plan for you while you are here, but if you don’t want to accept that plan, then you are just going to have to be forced through it the hard way.

    Just ask for Divine Order with your problems, no matter how many you have each day. If you are open to receive Divine Order you will see immediate results, if you resist then you get a major lesson of learning your place here in this lifetime.

    Remember, you are only given what you need, the rest is up to you, but you have to have Faith, Belief and a Commitment in a Higher Order of this Universe and this Planet, all humans live on. Remember always! As Above, so Below.

    I love you sweetie and I will always be there for you;)

  13. Celticprincess, that was just about the most enlightening comment I have ever read.

    I will put your cousin on my prayer list and also have my prayer group pray for him.

  14. I have been away far too long from here, with my brother-in-law getting wounded in Iraq to my sister leaving me with her young kids to go be with her husband. It’s been an awful, not to mention smelly experience. I don’t really think they were psychic smells I was getting and I am sure when it’s over I will still have the smell in my mind forever.

    I don’t know anything about taking care of children and my mother was no help. She fell on the ice and broke her collarbone. How is it that my other sisters don’t live in the same State? Conveniently, my childless girlfriend had to go visit her family, suddenly and hasn’t come back.

    Thankfully my sister’s husband didn’t lose any body parts and is going to be okay, on the other hand I lost plenty of brain cells over this ordeal. The Princess did help me with her advice on taking care of little kids, although she couldn’t keep up with my dramatic e-mails so she just gave me her cell phone number. Did you know the Princess goes to the pet store and buys dog chow and cat chow in 50 lb bags, not to mention, bird food, fish food and guinea pig food. She visits the grocery store at least 3 to 5 times a week, puts gas in her own car, air in her own tires, takes her kids to the library and yelled at a transient named Bingo at the convenient store for almost knocking her daughter down, who has a broken leg, with his bike. How many people know their neighborhood transients by name? No matter where she was when I called, somebody knew her or her kids. Okay, so I called her a lot. She’s actually a real person who does Mom things and she has a lot of animals and loud children that fight with each other and she actually sounds sane on the phone. I was the hysterical one my second day into this situation. Nobody ever told me that a 3 year old child who throws up a glass of soured milk that seemed like 10 gallons to me, all over my livingroom carpet could have such a detrimental influence on my sense of smell. The CelticPrincess actually taught me the power of white vinegar and water. How do women know these things?

  15. OMG Doug, I didn’t think you could get that stressed over little kids that you could actually be that funny, with all the harassing you have given to Tank. But in thinking back, the Princess must have had something to do with your drama with kids to make you see things differently;) There is at least one thing you learned, when I kid throws up it seems like gallons from a mere glass of milk.

  16. I don’t even know Doug, but I have been there when my girlfriends grandmother died and she left me with her kids. It was a horrifing experience because I never had kids of my own. Now that I am married to this woman and we have 2 kids together, I’m still confused over their behavior. My father would have given me the death penalty for doing some of things my kids get away with, but I have found that corporal punishment is now illegal with children. I just want to know when children became the authoritative parents and parents became the children of their children!

  17. Doug and Tim, let me be the first to say to both of you that you are missing the big picture about women, children and life with them as a rule.

    Women secretly know more than men. They don’t always share what they know with the guys in their life because it is an advantage they have to control, because they have been made to feel stupid by society. Women are not stupid at all, they are smart enough to figure out the hormonal issues of men seeking female companionship.

    Women are picky when it comes to men. They know what they want and go after it with a vengence. If you are in their path you will be sucked in by their beauty, charm and sexuality.

    On the other hand, I absolutley love the sh*t out of women regardlees of how small or big they are, just because I am a man.

  18. Can you develop clairaugust and how the heck did you know you were clairaudient without thinking you were crazy hearing voices?

  19. Never considered the “Clair”s by the body senses, but I am also young and new to the psychic world.

    I like the intermixing of the energies the way you have presented them on here. It’s kind of overwhelming at first, but I am fascinated with all of it. I keep coming back to this particular blog after reading hundreds of them.

  20. I keep reading your blog. I love all of this stuff. You give enough information to make me get off my lazy butt and look up all kinds of information.

    I’ve been recovering from surgery and so bored I can’t do much, but I can lay in bed with my laptop and be just as entertained with the internet.

    I know I read this post before and it came to mind laying here for days that I kept getting this smell of something familiar but couldn’t quite place it. Out of the blue it dawned on me that it smelled just like my mothers side of the closet, which was different from my fathers side. My mother passed away 8 years ago, but my father is still alive.

    My husband thought I was nuts when I explained this smell to him until I had him read this post. Now my husband doesn’t say anything, he just listens and reads. He’s fascinated. Thanks for being here.

  21. I have this condition. I thought there was something wrong with me. It’s weird I get these strange smells that I don’t know where they are coming from, but feel like I should know them.

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