Expounding Exercise

It never ceases to amaze me that so many people accept all of these problems that they view as the most dramatic problems on the planet Earth. I, on the other hand, was walking along minding my own business, when all of a sudden the wind blew yet another dramatic attachment that stuck to my back side.

Being a double, red haired, green eyed Celtic woman Fire sign, with a little Earth in me, to take the death penalty edge off of the statement “OMG! I am going to have to kill you over your actions”. I have come to terms, in my middle age, that none of it is really all that important to even care, well until today anyway, when my blood pressure went into another Galaxy.

If Arizona didn’t have such a bad reputation of having the worse educational system in the Country, I might have just chilled out over the whole incidence with my children being in public school and the most asinine garbage I’ve heard and experienced over stupid teachers, not to mention the almighty report that my daughter had to do for her Social Studies class, with a teacher who swears at the students in class, tells them he hates children and his girlfriend is a successful lawyer he will never marry, but he makes more money teaching than she does.

That’s interesting, since I have taught for 32 years and my neighbor, who is an immigrate paralegal for the State, that makes 5 times what I have ever made teaching. I’m not jealous or upset over it, as everyone has their own goals to reach in their life. My neighbor and his wife were prisoners of war in their country and separated for over a year in prison camps. I didn’t come here to live their life for them, that was their job in their lifetime to deal with their situation.

However, when you, in one breath, tell My child how impressed you are over their report and 5 minutes later call them a liar over their family history on Aviation and have them verbally test your child to see if they are lying. I, as a mother, have a major problem with the education system in this State. When notable corrections were made in red by me, after reading my daughters rough draft, then to find out that your child is accused of those corrections being links to websites because they are in red. There is defiantly something wrong, especially when you put My child through the 3rd degree about her family history and call her a liar in front of the whole class, claiming plagiarism because you have read all of her information on Internet Web-Pages. (The teacher wasn’t even close)

I truly tried to maintain a distant approach of not going ballistic over a teacher for his total stupidity. However, my straight A son, who is a year ahead of his sister, has the same teacher and told me he is an idiot and should never be allowed to teach in the Universe, let alone Junior High. I was so agitated over this teachers comments about my family history, which has been taught to me my whole life, that I called my mother, that I try to avoid at all costs.

I have been reprimanded my whole life, by my mother, for expounding my opinion over issues I disagree with, but……………my mother was so mad over this whole incident that she pulled a newspaper article out that was almost older than me, which was all about her father and his contribution to Aviation History in Arizona.

Talk about an Expounding Exercise that I get accused of always doing! My quietly controlling, pushy mother was so mad that she told me to have the teacher call her because he was stepping on our Family History and she certainly took it personally.


I hate when that happens;)


12 thoughts on “Expounding Exercise

  1. LMAO! You always manage to come up with that reality check story of people and their lack of human thought before opening their mouth. I would be interested to know what your alien child from Zoldors response was, as I know she can be a pistol.

  2. OMG! And you let this teacher live? Or did your mother take him out? I would have done more than expound I probably would have punch him in the face. It just isn’t Arizona, there are stupid teachers all over this Country.

  3. I can relate to this and I live in Oregon. I was ban from ever coming on school property with the intent of telling off a teacher, who was definitely out of line with my oldest daughter, who was 7 years old.

    Parents need to monitor and question their children in this day and time on what went on in school that day. Which is probably why more parents are on blood pressure medication than in the past, just because of the stupid teachers on this planet. Since Josh came into my life I couldn’t have asked for a better back-up as a parent because my ex-husband could care less what really goes on in his children’s lives.

    By the way, I loved your Saint Patrick’s Day Page you wrote. I even learned a few new Irish words. Thanks for being here, I really appreciate all the help you have given me.

  4. Very cool page on St. Patrick’s Day. Thanks for letting everyone know how to say Happy Saint Patrick’s day in all those Celtic languages, my favorite one was. “Give me the same as the man on the floor.” LMAO! I’ve been practicing it since I read it.

  5. We know it’s your birthday and Josh and I wanted to wish you the happiest of birthdays ever. We love you;)))

  6. You are the most gracious Princess I have ever encountered and wanted you to know how much I appreciate you. I hope you have a very Happy Birthday!

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