Leader of the Pack

In 1964 the Shangri-Las released a song, with this title, about young love, parental disapproval and death by a Harley Davidson. I was around 9 years old when that song was released, but my oldest brother, with his hot rod cars and motorcycle became a big part of my thought process when I decided to write this post. It wasn’t just my brother. In the last several days there has been a herd of Harley Riders going down my street everyday. Very unusual for my neighborhood.

Of course, I was taught to pay attention to everything going on around me, because there “might be a meaning to what you are seeing and hearing”. The thought of my ex-boyfriend, also crossed my mind, who drove a pick-up truck, but never hesitated to drag me to every Harley shop in this State. He ended up showing extreme and verbally abusive control issues, which ended our relationship 2 months after it started, (mostly centered around my daughter), however, it took me over a year to get him out of my life and away from me. I thought he would never quit stalking me. He went so far as to take a job at a store in the same business complex where I was teaching.

Unbeknown to Lucky7 Star at the time, my ex boyfriend was actually intimidated enough by Lucky’s thought process to leave me alone in the end. He even tried to manipulate my family against me. I ended up leaving that job, but my ex boyfriend, drove down my street not less than 6 times a day and tried to hang out with my neighbors so he could spy on me. (My neighbors finally ran him out of the neighborhood.)

Fortunately, this post has nothing to do with motorcycles. It does, however, have to do with my Dogs.

I have a 2 and a 1/2 year old Ridgeback. She is long legged, completely gold and looks like a deer. Her birthday is August 13th. She is extremely lovable.

Last year I was asked if I would rescue a 8 week old puppy, who was going to be to down, just because there are more dogs than dog owners. I already have a houseful of animals, but couldn’t fathom letting such a young dog be put to sleep. The Puppy is a Chow Chow. Oddly, both of my dogs have the same birth date. Fire Leo’s.

My older dog took him in as her own baby. She plays with him, coddles him and reprimands his behavior, but completely loves him. My next door neighbor’s niece brought over her new white Lab puppy her parents paid $3000.00 for, but both of my dogs accepted her and played with her, they are used to other dogs visiting. My, almost 8 month old puppy, was more her size and they are both still babies.

Control Issues??? Yes! My Ridgeback was completely ticked off that she was in my son’s room, with the door closed and my puppy was socializing with the puppy visiting from next door, who has been over many times. After the 8 week old puppy left, my puppy attacked my older dog, to the point that my son tried to stop it and was bit by my Ridgeback in the process. I was in my bedroom, heard the attack and came out, only to raise my voice at both dogs. They stopped immediately. I found out the next day that I was “The Leader of the Pack”. Suddenly, it dawned on me how to keep both of my dogs under control, which has kept them from attacking my cats every time they moved.

It’s funny, both of my brothers, called me at the same time, from 2 different parts of the country, to tell me the Dog Whisperer was on the National Geographic Channel. I spent the good part of an hour searching for the National Geographic Channel, (I don’t watch T.V.), only to find out that I am the Leader of the Pack, without the Testosterone and Harley’s.

Pay attention to what is going on around you. You just might figure out what you are not seeing right in front of you.


15 thoughts on “Leader of the Pack

  1. That’s too cool! I love the Dog Whisperer. Very cool show. It sure has help me with all of my canine frenzy. Hope your son’s okay.

  2. I bet your Ridgeback felt guilty biting your son when she was really just trying to control your puppy’s behavior. Not to worry. Your puppy will learn his place eventually in the pack and tell your son not to break up anymore dog fights;)

  3. I really wish I had your knack for identifying situations that have nothing to do with each other but bring you the answer you seem to need. How do you do it so easily?

  4. Gee, Joe, haven’t you paid attention to this whole blog. First she is the CelticPrincess, second she was taught as a child to first pay attention to every sound, then every smell, and so on, through all the senses. At least I got that much out of it and am stilling working on it with amazing results.

  5. I get it. Two different things going on in life that inter-relate to each other. One giving you the answer to the problem before the problem happens and the second one identifying the problem that you already have the answer too, (sort of), but you have to realize it.

    So, Princess did I get it or not?

  6. Well, I suppose I was as slow about this as Doug after all this time reading this blog, but I am loving the fact that I am paying more attention to things around me right now and I am seeing things I never saw before. Amazing for a man.

  7. Okay, so I have been out of town, missed this whole post and didn’t get any of it until the comments. I know I am slow about catching on, but never thought I was this slow and Josh got it before me. What’s up with that? Doug got this before Josh and me, now I’m mad.

  8. I’m sitting in Calculus browsing the Internet and I decided to do a Google search on the name (icecreamman940) I use all the time. My results came back with my WordPress blog and your blog because I linked it way back when. I then read the first paragraph and was reminded of myself on the motorcycle. Miss you Princess and I hope all is well with you and the family. I guess I need to WordPress more so you can stay up-to-date with me. ~Mucho Love!~

  9. I knew someday I would get your attention;) We are all surviving at the moment and yes you do need to post occasionally so we know you weren’t abducted by aliens whose spaceship I taught you to break into;) We miss you and Love you.

  10. Whoa there now, listen here Mom, I was involved in that fight I stopped my dog T-Bone the 8 month old!! You did not even mention my name once. I feel hurt like my heart was ripped out!!! Oh and thank you for the blog you wrote about my on my birthday. NOT!!!! I feel even more hurt!! “Waaaaa”

    But I still love you!!!


  11. Gee, Blaise, how stupid of me to not be aware that you and your grandmother were thee most important people on this planet.

    Let’s retro this. I posted a birthday blog for you last year on your birthday. Just how many blogs have I posted for your brother’s birthday? (NONE)

    Let’s see, I let you have a birthday party that lasted 2 days with your friends spending the weekend.

    Your birthday was on Thursday, April 26th and your brother and I made sure that your birthday was acknowledged in it’s fullest form.

    You opted to have your birthday party on the weekend and I allowed you to have 2 friends spend the night, even though you had more friends come to your party.

    Hmmmm, I bought the food, including the ingredients of another cake you wanted to make for your friends. I took all of you to the movies and picked all of you up. Your grandmother allowed all of your friends to go swimming at her house. (she doesn’t like children, but catered to you and your demands.) Plus the fact that your brother took you and your friends to the movies when he really didn’t want too.

    BTW, dear, the dog fight where you pulled the puppy off wasn’t the one posted on here. Look at the date of the post child. Seems to me that you only care about YOU and what you get and everybody else is just a pawn you use in your self-centered and selfish world. Get over yourself, cause you ain’t all that girl, until you take the the time to help others, instead of complain about them.

    I love you, but you are not 9 years old anymore. You are teenager and it’s time to get a clue about growing up.

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