Another Shocking Day in America

Once again the United of States of America has come under attack, but this time it wasn’t the Middle East. Sadly, it was one of our own acting in a depraved act of violence. A gunman who has taken out 33 lives to date and injuring many others at Virginia Tech University.

Saving the Children just doesn’t seem to take precedence over global warming these days, as my mail carriers are being forced to walk to deliver mail because of the gas pollution the Government attributes to Global warming. Almost unbelievable as the summer months approach and the temperatures rise to the 110 to a 118 mark in the desert.

Neglect, abusive parents, and the Internet seem to be the major problem with parents that are not concerned over their children’s welfare and behavior, who seem to have better things to do than being concerned about what their children are doing, that just want to consider them adults, because it’s easy.

Both of my teens, watching the news story at Virginia Tech, told me that some of the Middle School kids, they go to school with, have commented on how easy it is to buy illegal drugs and guns off the Internet. Some of them are arrogant enough to admit they bought guns and their parents don’t know. The majority of the kids in Middle School, go to High School. If I was that stupid I would have laughed it off, but my next door neighbors sister has a 17 year old son who gets his pot, by the pound, off the Internet and unfortunately his parents supply his alcohol habit and think it’s funny their son does what he does. The sad part is they are extremely wealthy thur inheritance and both parents are alcoholics. What’s happening in this Country? Maybe major STRESS?

However, my late ex-husband and children’s father, who became psychotic after his addiction to alcohol and drugs, admitted after his last arrest for possessing a hand gun he bought easily through the Internet, to use to kill his kids and me and then commit suicide. He told my brother about this, who moved in with me over this deep fear he had. My ex’s motive for buying the gun, was to kill me, then my children, then himself, so nobody would be held responsible. My brother was horrified, but tried to protect me without letting me know. (my ex’s admission came during a 2 year period of being clean and sober and AA made him make amends to me, but my brother had already warned me prior to that). Not a very comforting conversation, when your life and your children’s life have been put on the line by someone who tried to the end to kill those he thought the most of in his life.

BTW, for those who haven’t read my posts on bi-polar disorder and save the children, my ex-husband commited suicide by hanging himself. This has forced me into being very strict with my children, whether they like it or not.

In honor and memory of those College students that innocently died today, my heart goes out to their families. This entire drama has affected my own teens, who are thinking about just staying at home and doing online High School and College.

Guess what America, when that becomes the norm for our society there will be no need of money spent to build Colleges and no need of Government loans, High Schools or even Elementary schools, eventually, which leads to no need of human inter-action between males and females.

Hmmmm! Single people pay higher taxes. Seems to me that this is all about money, which is pretty sad for the most Powerful Nation in the World. Wake up, Only Love is Real, and the U.S. Government has just become plain greedy.

As for me, I am a Republican, but I am voting for all of them to be removed from office. What has happened to the UNTIED STATES OF AMERICA?

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin are all rolling over in their graves right now, however, I am still a Mom dealing with everyday issues all by myself.


9 thoughts on “Another Shocking Day in America

  1. OMG!!!!! I haven’t been able to go to sleep, Josh is traveling and I am alone with my kids and completely a lunatic over what happened in Virginia.

    Madness can’t even make you comprehend what happened. I don’t want my kids going to public school anymore. They are so upset over all of this because their school showed this on t.v. in the classrooms, that was announced over the in intercom to the entire school? They are in elementary school. They can’t sleep tonight because they are terrified to go back to school because it could happen to them. I don’t know if I hate the News Media, the Parents, the School or the Government right now. Grrrr!

  2. Very shocking and sad. I agree with you Princess that too much money is spent on global warming, and to add my 2 cents worth, a useless war. Raising the higher consciousness of humans would bring peace on the planet, and global warming will take care of itself. Greed and mental stupidity of humans rearing of their children will be this planets downfall in the end. Pray!

  3. Devastating tragedy. It never should have happened. It makes me sick over the insanity of some people. Grow up America, citizen’s and government.

  4. I am appalled, shocked and disgusted over this meaningless tragedy. As a parent I would have died knowing what happened to my child in school. What is wrong with this society? I have to agree with the Princess that child abuse, child neglect, illegal drugs and alcohol AND the garbage on the internet contribute to the stupidity of people in this country.

    I too am a Republican and I can hardly believe what Bush has allowed to be done to this country. It’s unfortunate that it makes Hillary Clinton look like and angel at the moment.

    Where is Harry Truman when you need someone (pardon my expression) with the balls to take on a challenge. Iraq would have been over and done with by now. And Truman was a Democrat. Sad.

    Sorry Princess I just needed to vent.

  5. Personally, I don’t really think there is anything wrong with any of the political parties, except the stupid people in them. When did they quit teaching common sense in school?

  6. I hated this day, with my own son being in middle school, and the stories he has told me about all the drugs being passed around and kids trying how not to get caught.

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