Magnetic Energy

  • The magnetic field surrounding the planet Earth is not really something we notice or talk about on a daily basis. It is somewhat amazing how that magnetic energy influences the effect of the stones on this planet, as well as the magnetic attraction we have for other human Souls that cross our path during our lifetime. It can become most complicated in understanding all the dimensions of why, we humans do so many rituals of preparations to magnetize ourselves to attract others or why many Stones on this planet are used for different purposes. Diamonds, pearls, lodestones, greenstones, bluestones ( of Stonehenge and other sandstone monuments on the planet), birthstones, month stones and the list goes on.

This is an interesting quote from writer John Cowie, who was actually explaining Crop Circles in his article:

 “In the UK, there are more than nine hundred stone circles. In England, a remarkable straight line has been traced from St Michael’s Mount in Cornwall through Glastonbury and Avebury to Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk, while another runs from the north to south from the major Arbor Low stone circle in Derbyshire through Avebury and Stonehenge. Both these lines miss absolute straightness by a few hundred yards at a few points and we should not be surprised that over the centuries some land movement such as the mid-Atlantic rift could account for these particular discrepancies. It also appears that these lines extend through Scotland into the Orkney Islands and south into Brittany (France) at a time when this was one land mass.”

Oddly, the Pyramids on this planet were made mostly from a stone created by humans, somewhat like concrete is made today, but back then the durability of their concrete is much more stable and many times longer lasting than our planet makes today.Their are a whole lot of reasons of why magnetic energy actually controls the thought process of the planet Earth and how we interact with one another. Witches, Warlocks, Shamans, Buddhists, Muslims, Jews, Christians and a variety of other religions have a Concept of Truth. However, in view of the spiral galaxies, circular planets, spinning storms on these planets as well as our own all created out of the pull of magnetic energy it isn’t surprising that the ancient tribes used this spinning motion to create these energy forces in their time.


17 thoughts on “Magnetic Energy

  1. OMG! This was so weird. I dosed off, on the couch in my livingroom, I guess, to catch up on some sleep. I had this unusual dream of standing in an entire field of rose bushes. The smell of roses was so intense it woke me up and I couldn’t fall back asleep. I decided to get up and check out your blog because of a feeling I had and all I can say at this moment is “You are the Bomb!” for posting this.

  2. WordPress must be under construction tonight. It took me 20 minutes to post a comment and when I submitted it, a page came up that said I posted it to quickly??????????
    I’m trying this again. My comment went something to the effect that I happen to agree with you over the construction of structures, in the ancient past, that are still standing, but my opinion is that women get charged more for a fix it man to come, than men do. I have never had any fix it woman show up at my door. I have a couple of really stupid male neighbors who paid half of what I had to, for the same problem.
    I’m getting tired of this and on the verge of sticking my head out the window and screaming at the World that “I’m Mad As Hell and Not Going To Take This Anymore.” I am now thinking of finding a way to become a magnetic for lower prices for woman.

  3. Its interesting to note that over time the magnetic field of the Earth has changed… some may attribute this to the fact that the Earth’s core is a liquid metallic, others say its because of the Earth’s orbit changes over time… Fact of the matter is no one really knows for certain. One fact is hard to ignore in that both the earthquakes in Kobe Japan and in Northridge CA the moon and the planet Jupiter were in “astrological” expressions, in the precise aspect (Full phase moon and Jupiter making a 90 degree astrological Square to Earth). It has more recently been determined by our planetary probes sent to Jupiter that it a magnetic field some 20,000 times stronger than that of the Earth. The aspect of the astrological square always portends a bad omen. This is one of those odd fact that ancient astrologer (to our knowledge) had no way of knowing… But still got it right. Point being that modern science can with their Hubble in space and their Jack Webb on the drawing board can peer ever deeper into the mystery of the universe but still fall miserably short to explaining the beat of their own heart. Still there is good evidence because of the stunning success of some of the probes to Mars that water did exist and as evidence mounts that the retreat of what were large areas of apparent glacial activity also correlates to changes in both the magnetic field and the orbit of Mars. Weird science… Maybe. Then again Maybe not.

  4. Seems to me that our Universe, in which we live, is evolving (point of note with lexigramming, you can spell the word love and loving out of the word evolving. Astrology accepted Lucky7Star, on my behalf, but in defense of the post by the celticprincess on lexigrams, Mars is the “Arms” of Earth, as you can spell Mars out of Arms. Oddly you can also spell an ancient Greek word ERT out of Earth. It seems kind of funny to me after researching more on lexigramming Earth I found interesting material on ERT, that are letters formed out the letters from the word Earth, which actually originated from Ancient Greece. Most likely Mars was like Earth at one time. However, will Earth one day become just like Mars?

    I’m not trying to be skeptical, but after viewing Space shots from Nasa and “their version of what ERT means, I am bordering on thinking it’s just maybe that our own Sun is getting hotter, which is warming this Planet and fossil fuel really has nothing to do with anything other than feeding the pockets books of Governments and Oil Companies, who use it as an excuse to drain the citizen’s dry on this planet and kill it’s citizen’s with a War because of their own greed. Shouldn’t they get a clue? They won’t even be on this planet in the end. So who becomes the most powerful Nation then? This is no longer Ancient Europe with Tribes vying for control of land and power”! This has been shown, by NASA, as ONE Planet just trying to survive it’s own Global fate

    So where do “we” as the mere citizen’s pay for this? Heaven or Hell?”

    Your a psychic reader and astrologer, you tell me!

    Do Government Officials take the blame or do the citizens that followed their Government Officials because citizens don’t seem to get a voice these days, unless you cast a ballot, but then again only the “fixed” majority wins. I guess citizens in ancient times didn’t get a voice either, even if they did cast a Ballot? Has this Planet really changed that much? I’m not seeing it. I have one point to make before I stop, but in ancient times, nobody talked about Plato and Socrates being “Gay”, but Plato. On the other hand, there was the Tower of Babel that all the “psychic readers on Tarot Cards” use for destruction. Yet today, being Gay has become acceptable. The celticprincess has blown Gay people off as being a way for “Heaven” to control population on this planet. Not sure about where you live, but where I live, there is a whole lot of land that is only occupied by the weather going through it.

    I’m NOT against you or the celticprincess, just questioning the information you present to the world and where the rest “of Us” stand”.

  5. I can’t speak for Lucky7Star, but if you want me to take you to lexigramming, let’s consider your quote of “Us” as the U.S. (United States). Where are the subconscious thoughts coming from now. After all you seem to have “taken ERT out of context from the Ancient Greeks, which Nasa uses as “Earth Received Time” today. If you want to quote the Ancient Past, get your facts in line with how it applies in 2007. We have entered a “New Age”. Not everything appears as it seems to those born during the last “Age of all Things Ending” of the Age of Pisces.
    The only thing that makes or breaks you as a single soul Entity on this planet right now, is your attitude.
    When you walk outside at any given point in the day, do you really hear the birds chirping, bee’s buzzing, crickets clicking? Can you relate the clicking sound of a Quail to a Guinea Pig’s clicking, that’s happy?
    Do your dogs and cats come up to you to love you when you have personal stress, they only sense, but somehow know you NEED loving attention at that moment? Do you push them away and deny that attention?
    Where do the rest of “you” stand? How much love do you receive daily that you just don’t pay attention too? Do you even know what your, body hears, feels, sees, touches or smells on a daily basis at any given moment?
    Have you ever asked for healing and actually felt the “Warm Energy”?
    Probably not, but on the other hand Anna, it’s easier to blame others than blame yourself for having any faults.
    The past is History, the Present is up to you, which makes or breaks this planet we now live on together, regardless of what country we were born to be a part of Society as a whole.
    The Earth will be here long after our souls leave this planet. It’s the future of our family members that our bloodline of family will blame on “US”. In your world that would be the “United States” of America”.
    I really am hearing that George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein, don’t think to highly of what you have posted, but I am told to allow it to show others your stupidity. Sorry!

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  7. Finally I get my computer fixed. I feel like I have missed a whole series of what’s been going on. My mother, Bea, with pricing issues with contractors (I’m not calling her to find out), Lucky7Star’s blogs and webpages that took me forever to catch up on, Ummmm? Anna? wrong move girl! And last but not least, by any means, the celticprincess pulling an attitude. You can tell she has young teenagers at home, just don’t act like one when you leave comments Anna. Dang!, but I am glad to be back! BTW Princess, Josh should be around later tonight.

  8. Well, this post has been interesting to say the least. I had a childhood flash back to Mr. Breton in grade school science. He was big on Magnetic Energy, the Universe and without actually using the term the celticprincess uses, but hitting the same point, Wheels within Wheels.
    You might think this sounds odd coming from me, but I have this fascination with Energy. Probably why I was originally attracted to this blog in the first place. I should have seen it coming when I found out the celticprincess spoke Breton. I shared this with her in an e-mail and she informed me that her children also have a science teacher at their Middle School named Mr. Breton. I almost fell out of my chair.
    I am finding out more and more about Energy Attraction. If there is one thing I have learned from her, is that I pay attention to everything as much as possible. Amazingly you would be surprised at how much you have been missing in a day by shutting it out.

  9. I am so glad to see everyone is back! I guess we all get pulled in different directions with that magnetic energy, but we also seem to have that magnetic pull to each other and the Princess.

  10. For the last 30 something years my ex sister-in-law and ex roommate, the celticprincess, and I have bantered over religion and spiritualism. I always thought the Princess was a talented writer, but when I went to visit her children and her today she totally had me speechless on the Energy Element that I had never considered. After a major discussion on North and South Polarities and Magnetic Energy I have to concede after spending years in the Course of Miracles and getting no where. We are all looking for something special in our lives that is missing, but I have found at over 50 something, what is really missing is our very own participation in our own life. We seem to wait for somebody else to change it for us. Don’t be a victim of yourself, get involved with you and defiantly pay attention to what is happening with you. Love and Light.

  11. Man, I wish I could have read all the comments, some seemed very insightful – shame I lack the attention span.

    But something I always found interesting. On the molecular level, the energy required to make any sort of effect makes the effect the Magnetosphere that protects our planet from harmful Galactic-Radiation almost insignificant by the time it comes to us.

    I’m not saying it has no effect, but I always thought of that as pretty incredible. You’d have to get near a Quasar to actually have a magnetic force strong enough to rip you apart molecularly (comforting?).

    And as far as Jupiter’s Windsock.. err Magnetosphere – apparently if you could see it, it would be the largest object in the sky, I believe 3-5 times larger than the sun. Which is remarkable given Jupiter is like 4x farther from us than the Sun is (I believe that is accurate).

    Anyway, great site. Plan on comin back. I love any resource I can find for Galactic Information.


  12. Damn!!!!! The search engine I used to find your site after I had to replace my computer, said “the celticprincess had blown gay people off.” I certainly didn’t believe that and thankfully it is a misrepresentation of that search engine on this post, I’m believing was used to get people to read it. Bad judgment by the search engine, since I have known the celticprincess for years and am Gay, myself. She has always RESPECTED others ways of life and belief system.

    I just wanted to make that point, just in case anyone coming through that search engine thought any differently.

  13. This is an awesome article. I keep coming back to read it and thought I should finally leave you a feedback. Thanks for posting it.

  14. I found this to be an extremely interesting post. It actually has helped me with a magnetic energy paper I had to write. In my research I never came across John Cowie until I looked his name up. Thanks for this post.

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