Music Moves the Soul

Today was the concert for Live Earth. Tens of millions of people participated and watched these concerts from around this entire planet. The controversy over whether Global Warming is a man made industrial problem or a natural occurrence of this planet will rage on for hundreds of years to come.Being raised by my die hard Celtic Great Grandparents and Grandparents I am going to give you the Lessons I learned about this planet as a child. I am translating from Breton, Welsh and Gaelic to English from my Great Grandparents notes:

“The main source of life on this planet comes from the planet itself. Humans do not always perceive the repercussions of their actions on others on an everyday basis, which disrupts the natural energy flow of life itself. To believe in the Spirit is to believe that the creation of all things living on this planet came from the Source for all living things. Depending on the Ages this Universe endures, this planet will experience rapid changes of control from one Age to the next. There will be Queens, Kings, Astronomers, Astrologers, Seers, Religions and Fanatics vying for control of the Life of others and a Planet they couldn’t possibly handle without destroying it in the end. The souls created through Energy from the Light, of what Humans perceive is Above. That Light surrounds the entire structures of the Solar Systems from the ground we stand on and far beyond our imaginations. Our souls become arrogant, self centered, self righteous and extremely greedy, but we do not create us as a single unit of ONE WITH THE CREATOR OF US until we move past the destruction of our very own Souls and except LOVE, meaning we have EVOLVED to the MUSIC OF THE SOUL.”

Written history provides the clue to our ancestors that took years to pass news from one town to another. By the time it reached small towns the information was obsolete, but people acted upon it and wars continued after the fact. Minstrels were hired by the Courts to move from one town to another to sing the news of the lands. Thank your Higher Power that we actually made progress as humans and Samuel Morse was born, who invented the telegraph in the 1800’s thousands of years later.

Music has an emotional effect on humans, (I could go on about the effect of Note Sounds to the human ears, but I won’t) and everyone who attended or watched Live Earth was probably moved by what they heard from their favorite artists that took the time to perform. Changing this Planet requires Your effort in changing yourself. Stop your Greed, Control and Madness. Live long and prosper from what you will accept in others and certainly what you will not accept in others or yourself.

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17 thoughts on “Music Moves the Soul

  1. It was truly an uplifting experience to see the entire World come together to save the one home we all share called Earth.

    I recently visited the Celtic Princess and yes it does get hot on the Valley Floor of the desert, but she certainly had her nephew busy replacing energy hogging lights and ineffcient air conditioning vents. The funniest part was her giving her nephew a 45 minute lecture out in 115 degree heat on the art of NOT cutting her grass to short because it burns the ground and requires more water. She had even recycled an old eucalyptus stump in her backyard for mulch because it holds water, and the rest was given to her daughter for her guinea pig cage. I learned a lot from her in recycling the natural products of the planet.

    She makes a killer potato salad,but nothing goes to waste. Potato skins are broiled in a gas oven for snacks. Egg shells are ground up and given to plants. Seeds from fruits and vegetables are planted in recycle pots. Uneaten food is given to the birds outside or offered to homeless people that come by her house for a drink of water (and with 2 teens in her house, there isn’t a lot of that) Unused clothes and household items are given to the shelters or the homeless, who live by the canal bank not to far from her house. Instead of having items hauled to the dump she and her neighbors put them out in the yard by the street for anyone in need to take. It’s really a very cool neighborhood and they have all come together and know each other.

    It really made me realize, after moving recently to a new neighborhood that none of my neighbors have ventured over to talk to me, so I came home and took action to meet my neighbors. What I found was a whole bunch of really cool and friendly people that are really interested in saving this Planet.

    It certainly takes a major goal that involves people in masses to bring the Planet together. I love it and don’t see the Planet as so big anymore.

  2. Live Earth was the coolest thing this planet has done as a group effort. I gotta agree Tank it kind of makes you realize this Planet isn’t all that big anymore.

    Still wondering Tank why the Princess would let you come and visit her?

  3. Live Earth was great, awesome, wonderful and Josh and I took the pledge. It was very moving to see so many people come together. It was almost like you could feel the energy of the whole planet.

    I’m not even going to ask Tank what you were visiting the Princess for, but it was kind of a funny comment you posted. I could just picture it. I didn’t know you could use eggshells on plants so I learned something today and never thought to broil potato skins instead of throwing them away.

  4. Finally I get home from work. It’s been crazy around here lately, but Katie’s right, Live Earth seems to have brought a new energy to everyone. We recycle as much as we can, guess we never thought about organic recycling. That gave me a whole new concept on people who go without. It didn’t cross my mind until Tank brought this up, but homeless shelters are much better for giving usable clothes and household items to than some company’s who come and pick them up and resell them.

    Don’t change your own oil in your car and throw it away and don’t buy more paint than you need. If you can’t take mass transit to work, look for a job closer to home. Replace light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs and I never thought about the cooling and heating vents in the house, but that’s my next project.

    Oh Ya, and Tank came to Oregon and married Katie and me in June. He really is a cool guy.

    Thanks Princess for being there or I never would have met Katie.

  5. Very enlightening post and with so many friends who think the same as I do over what you write.

    Live Earth was amazing and I took the pledge. Keep it up Celtic Princess even though you are thinking of giving it up.

  6. Went to Live Earth in N.J. Awesome concert and very moving and emotional. Sting did a perfect job calling out an SOS to the entire planet. Bon Jovi can still melts the hearts of many, including my girlfriend, but it was okay that day. He kind of melted my heart too, in a different sort of testosterone way. All of the performers were magnificent. It was truly a very powerful day and really you could feel the energy that was just amazing knowing so many people around the world were so pumped up of the World Wide Event that included everyone on this planet. Music moves feelings and emotions around so it certainly does move the entire soul.

    For some of the stuff I read here on recycling, it’s great, I admit I never thought about eggshells, but duh, they are a calcium minerals. The ancient people were smart enough to utilize everything, nothing was thrown away. They didn’t have big city dumps and organic matter was put back into the Earth. They migrated from Africa across this entire planet over thousands of years and survived, but they did bring forth in their distant future offspring lazy, self centered and selfish children who thought they found a better and quicker way to do things. To my knowledge to date this is the only planet we know with many living elements containing conscious thoughts and a slew of other living things.

    Think about it. Gene Roddenberry from Star Trek fame had a vision for the future. You gotta change yourself before you can change the planet, the Solar System, Universe and the future. Did it ever occur to anyone that maybe The Great Masters of the planet came here to help us see that vision of where we need to take our Souls. We are and energy force that Something Higher than us created, we might as well take advantage of the fact we have a thought process and an ability to save our home.

    I e-mailed the Celtic Princess about writing this comment. She is a wonderful soul. She told me we are all entitled to our opinions and she would post it as long as there was no profanity in it, and if my opinion changed the mind of one person on this entire planet to take better care of themselves, their families and their environment then I was successful.


  7. Hi Princess, Just wanted to put my 2 cents worth in. There isn’t any other words to describe Live Earth other than TOTALLY AWESOME! The Energy, the Music, the People, the Planet Earth.

  8. I loved Live Earth, the Energy was unreal and I really think most people on this planet felt it. I just gotta add that my biggest concern on this Planet right now is Nuclear Waste and what it is doing to this Planet as a whole. The French are reducing nuclear waste, but what is the rest of the planet doing? I read articles about burying it and forget about it. I’m not a scientists, but isn’t that damaging or better said aging the internal structure of the Planet itself? Where is the New Age Albert Einstein when you need him?

  9. My comment is going to be a slight dampener on the beautiful note of your post.

    You claim that the controversy over the causes of global warming shall remain for hundreds of years. I beg to differ. There is enough scientific proof showing us that we — our civilization — is responsible for the destruction of this planet. Now, what appears as an apparent controversy is nothing but a race to buy the media so that the big organizations can steer clear off the responsibilities of an eco-friendly production process.

    On Tank’s comment:
    I want to share a Hindu tradition that states as a rule that one should not eat without offering food to animals, birds and guests. Of course, like all other actions that demand sensitivity and selfless dedication, even this tradition has been discontinued for long.

  10. I’m not really sure I would call that my claim on global warming as there is scientific evidence that long before modern history there is proven evidence that this planet has flooded more than once just as it has gone through more than one ice age.

    I, above all, am not trying to take away from a balanced ecological system. And I beg to differ with you that selfless dedication has been discontinued for a long time, from even a simple act of helping someone in need to a grand scale act by many who provide technology and medicines to save the lives of thousands including the plant and animal kingdom. My Grandmother and several other people, in my Generation were all Co-Founders of the Arizona Blood Bank that saves the lives of thousands, we humans brought forth. She is in the National Archives for her selflessness. She was also a Co-Founder of the Child Crisis Nursery and Child Abuse Hotline, that she worked, who help prevent Child Abuse of our future Leaders, whether they be Presidents, or your boss that gives you a paycheck to put a roof over your head and food in your stomach.

    It is the selfish and greedy attitudes that have brought this planet to this point that doesn’t stop at cutting down the Rain Forest and polluting the air through manufacturing and Nuclear waste.

  11. Well I guess I don’t need to put up much of an argument here because I actually believe that selfless people do exist and if you have it, know it and share it then others interested in a cause for the betterment of all become involved in their selfless way. I am an Christian Ordained Minister, we are All ONE UNDER GOD! God takes care of those who take care of themselves. Those whose take care of themselves then become the teachers of the planet of others that were never taught to do it on their own. Seems to me if no one was selfless nothing would ever be accomplished on this Planet at all and we have come along way in the thousands of years of human evolvement, but as humans we seem to be pushing the resources of this planet to the limit, which is showing in our ignorance and lack of Grace in front of God. Not so sure about you, but I would want to be on the side of the Lord than the Devil.

  12. Okay Tank your scaring me now, lol.

    I really don’t think Ritwik you could put a dampener on this post because too many people selflessly put their hearts and souls into Live Earth and as Tank says, “To Teach Others” that just don’t get it.

    BTW, Congrats to Josh and Katie. It was a beautiful wedding that made my girlfriend cry through the whole thing. You just gotta love women that cry over things they find emotional and in need of in their life. Okay, so I’m thinking about that diamond ring thing. On the other hand she cried all the way through Live Earth so I am still thinking about that diamond ring thing.

    Oh Ya! and Sam I really don’t know where you hailed from, but I doubt the Celtic Princess has what it takes in her heart to give this up:)

  13. I’ve been reading this blog for pert near a week. I’m an old lady with nothing to do but complain to everyone I know, which isn’t too many people cause most of my friends are dead. The other day this nice man, who just moved into this boring old neighborhood came by to introduce himself. He’s a really nice man. I am to say his computer name on here is Tank, which I think is dumb for a minister.

    I don’t know anything about these new fangled computers, but he brought one over and hooked it up. I don’t mind paying for this internet thing because I am learning all these new things I don’t have to go and buy to find out. I like to watch the news and didn’t know I could get more on a computer than the local paper or tv. This is becoming something that is fun or me and I have met so many interesting people.

    What I wanted to say about this subject on music was there is nothing better than music to get you up off your backside and get you moving to get things done. I play it all the time to get these old bones warmed up. I even like some of that rock and roll stuff they play on the radio. It’s not quite that jitterbug music, but some of it reminds me of the good ole days.

    I watched that Live Earth with all those young people dancing around. Wasn’t much else for me to do. Made me kind of jealous I can’t move like that or sing like that anymore.

    Conservation is the key to success. Conserve your energy, your attitude and your money. You younger people need a lesson on that. You might need that energy for something else one day. All you Corporate people need to conserve your selfish attitudes and use that for something else. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with giving to others that are in need of things you don’t want, like the Food Banks. It made me mad that woman who posted on here thinks using things and giving to others, even if it is to animals isn’t done anymore. She just needs to grow up and lose the attitude because she really came across as being a very self centered know it all that doesn’t know anything about life. You really can’t pass judgment on others until you have lived it and it is obvious you haven’t experienced much in your life after reading your website. Honey, you just need to get a boyfriend and stop trying to control the planet and what you think people are because I don’t think you really have a clue.

  14. It’s hard to believe I have missed all of this controversy all because of a computer failure and trying to find someone to set up a new computer for me.

    I watched Live Earth and if it’s any consolation Doug I cried and got emotional, it’s what woman do best. Just so you know Doug your better off with a woman who has feelings than a woman who has control issues. So get her the dang ring and go forward.

    Welcome Silvia. Your just too cool, I like the way you think. Nothing better than an opinionated woman of the world. Your not old, just experienced.

  15. Well thank you Bea that just made my day. I’ve spent a lot of time on this blog and the celticprincess’s yahoo blog. She’s quite the vocal woman, which is a good thing. She’s even very pretty by her picture. I have also been reading Lucky7Star’s blogs. He is cutie and I like his opinions. People need to express how they feel about things going on this world. That’s the only way you can change what’s wrong.

  16. Sorry Doug if I bugged you over my comment, but I hailed into the Celtic Princess’s life at the Pound when she made a scene about putting animal babies to sleep permanently. In her Celtic world every living thing has a reason to be here. I really can’t deny that, since I too was raised to believe that. Humans have a tendency to to think they are superior in their thought process, when in all actual evolvement the plant and animal kingdom have more common sense than the human thought process.

    Humans get frustrated when achievement of the good of the whole gets delayed by selfish self-centered a**holes. Maybe I shouldn’t have said what I did, but she said she would post it and I am not putting any blame on her, but maybe your problem over committing to a relationship stems from you just not wanting to accept what others feel because you don’t want to deal with it, because you don’t know how. To each his own.

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