In Loving Memory

For those residents that live in the Valley of the Sun and the State of Arizona it became a very sad and tragic day for all. When you get up every morning and come home every evening to watch the days events on the news you expect to see the familiar faces and names of your favorite news channel. Today changed all of that when four well respected men in the news media died when one helicopters turned and suddenly collided into another hovering helicopter. The helicopters went down into Steele Park 9 miles directly down the street from where I live.Your Higher Power never does anything irrationally. The best way to think about this is God thought they were so Damn good at what they did He just had to take them to Heaven and make them Angels with Wings to Fly and watch over everybody else, take pictures and send reports to Him, otherwise all the children and the adults with them, that were in the park earlier would have been killed with that crash.The hearts of the entire State go out to the families of Scott Bowerbank, pilot, and Jim Cox, photographer/reporter from KTVK Channel 3, as well as, Craig Smith, pilot, and Rick Krolak, photographer, KNXV Channel 15, as well as, to all the News Media, Friends, Witnesses and Public that have been devastated by this event.


27 thoughts on “In Loving Memory

  1. Condolences go out to the families, friends and witnesses of such a sad and horrific event.

    From Phoenix, you are loved.

  2. OMG! One of the boys in the home I keep for them was watching t.v. He came up to me and asked me “Don’t you know somebody that lives in Phoenix? I gave him that sideways look and being confused over the question I asked him, “Umm, why?” He told me that there was a Chopper crash in Phoenix and 4 people were killed and I needed to look at the t.v.

    I didn’t bother to call you knowing you were at work, I was shocked that it was so close to your house, so I gathered the boys together and they decided, on their own, to hold a prayer meeting for the fallen and those affected by it. We do this prayer meeting everyday for the soldiers in Iraq and their families.

    It made me really realize that these kids come to me as unruly out of control kids, who actually have gotten control and feelings and respect for others.

    I hate to admit this, but the entire story made me cry and the kids made me cry more.

    I pray that Peace comes to the families of those that died and I think it’s wonderful to view them as Angels doing Gods Work with the skills they have.

    From New Mexico, you are loved.

  3. From the moment I heard this on the news I have thought of nothing but you. I know how people feel about the familiar News People. I have my favorites on certain stations.

    It’s very devastating. Katie keeps crying, but we send our condolences to the families, friends and news media over this tragedy in Phoenix.

    From Oregon you are loved.

  4. A very tragic event. My wife and I send condolences and blessings to the fallen and the brave.

    I’m loving this part.

    From the North Shore of New Zealand you are loved!

  5. My sincerest condolences to those living in Phoenix and the State of Arizona. I truly know how you feel over your loss.

    From Scotland you are loved!

  6. Lived in Phoenix twice. Best Friends with the Princess. There are no words to describe how I feel tonight thru to tears about what happened. My husband and I send condolences to the family, friends, co-workers and State.

    From Ohio and Pennsylvania you are loved!

  7. I have known the Celtic Princess for over 20 years. When my husband called me to tell me what happened in Phoenix today, my heart sank into despair. I have family that still lives there.

    All of us send condolences to everyone in the entire State.

    I love this and thanks for starting it Sam.

    From Louisiana and Arizona you are loved!

  8. Sam I owe you an apology and Silvia I took your advice and am getting married. This whole tragedy in Phoenix makes you wonder when your time is up and it’s time to leave this planet.

    The Celtic Princess once told me “to make an impact on your life you must use your best skills to impact others and Heaven will open It’s Arms to you when you leave this planet.” The 4 men that died certainly made an impact on others everyday and they are truly loved in Heaven.

    Condolences to family, friends and the State of Arizona.

    From Washington State you are loved!!!!!!

  9. Our deepest sympathy and condolences to the family, friends and co-workers of the 4 men that died.

    From Jackson,Tennessee you a loved!!

  10. Accidentally came across this blog. I love it!

    Phoenix our hearts down here in Tombstone go out to all.

    From Tombstone, Arizona you are most defiantly loved!!!

  11. Las condolencias y nuestros corazones y rezos están con usted de Sonora que usted es amó.

    Translated by my Mexican friend Maritza, which is why it has taken me so long to post it:

    Condolences and our hearts and prayers are with you from Sonora you are loved.

  12. From the Native American Indian Tribes in Apache County, Arizona our hearts and souls go out to the families and friends. I’m going to continue this because it’s a great way in showing Respect. Loved that post too.

    From Apache County, Arizona you are loved.

  13. Today, Radio Station, Mix 96.9, in Phoenix, raised $28,000.00 for a Memorial fund for the families of the 4 men killed in this very tragic and shocking helicopter accident.

    Chris Parker is one of the most awesome D.J.’s on this planet and we are so lucky to have him in the Valley.

    Everyone got to request their favorite song for $100.00 AND Valley companies were on top of this and got involved to help the families of Scott Bowerbank and Jim Cox from KTVK T.V. and Craig Smith and Rick Krolak from KNXV T.V.

    YOU GO ARIZONA!!!!!!!

  14. Cyfrgolli!!! Computer was down, just back online, cuz, sorry it took so long.

    To the hearts and souls of those who have lost a loved one, and my cousin, the celticprincess and I, are so familiar with that, my heart goes out to you. It’s hard and very painful to unexpectedly lose someone you love so dearly, that when others suffer from the same type of loss, you can’t help but feel their pain. I lost my child at the age of 8.

    Please post this in English, because I just couldn’t think of all the words in English at the moment. This is so sad.

    Cariad nesnes Golau. (Love and Light)

    From Cydweli, Wales you are thought of and loved.

  15. This is really sad!!! I love you so much mommy!!! I’m a kid and I lost my dad 2 years ago. I know what it is like to lose a parent. Little things like this website help make me feel happier. It might not be much for adults, but share it with your kids who have lost a parent. Cartoon Glitters

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