It Never Rains, But It Pours

Actually, I could make this statement about the monsoon weather in Phoenix during the last 2 weeks, but after my snide next door neighbor made a comment to my daughter at how awful my trees and rosebushes looked, that froze in the snow this last winter and then some of them burned to death this summer. I took the tree thing with a grain of salt, since my trees in the front yard that froze have re-bloomed, but I was a little irritated over the 3 trees between our properties. They actually belong to her, however, I’m sure I am at fault for this, because somewhere on my ass I am sure I have a tattoo that says so, but she had her block fence put up prior to me moving into my house, but illegally took a foot of my property and 3 feet of her other next door neighbors property, because she wanted a bigger backyard. She decided this year to have a fence put up around her front yard. Both of her next door neighbors insisted she have the property line marked. Her trees, between our property were in the way of her new fence so she had the fence put on her property losing a foot of her property in the front, but, leaving me to take care of her trees. Two of her trees died when they froze this last winter and she told my daughter I needed to have them cut down. This comes from a middled aged woman whose roof ended up in my yard, that I had to clean up, by the way, with the last major torrential rain that flooded my neighborhood. When her father passed away a few years ago he left her a million dollars, but she wouldn’t replace her roof, even though she was mad that her bed was soaked and her living room and kitchen had a multitude of pans catching dripping water from her ceiling. I was thinking that maybe it’s just me that thought she was stupid.

After listening to a multitude of people tell me about their personal drama over the last week, I wanted to smack them all when I got home from work, to find water running onto my driveway out of the wall from my laundry room. My water heater decided it was time to go to water heater Heaven and left me with the mess of the burial, in a 114 degree humid weather. I’m not so sure about everyone else on the planet, but I am really not enjoying this Global Warming thing right now, from snow and freezing temperatures in the winter to intense humid heat in the summer. This is the dry desert, what is up with that? A 114 degrees in June doesn’t even hold a candle to the feeling of 114 degrees in August when you walk outside and feel gills growing on your neck. I am having a hard time breathing water for air right about now.

Oh, and that dead smelly water heater sitting on my back porch, with the rest of the fallen accoutrement’s from my house this summer, well gee, I keep being told it’s going to the city dump, but if they don’t take it soon, by the end of the summer my whole house will be in that pile. Nobody wants to load it and drive it 20 miles away to unload it in the heat. I don’t blame them, I just don’t want to be part of that pile when it’s cool enough to go.

There are 3 consolations to all of this, at least my house is block, my laundry room is 1954 concrete stucco, and my roof doesn’t leak.


14 thoughts on “It Never Rains, But It Pours

  1. OMG! You are too funny. How do you manage to maintain a sense of humor over disaster. I fall to pieces out of frustration and cry. I hate what Global Warming is doing to my own house and car. I just don’t know how I am going to handle being a fish when we are all under water. Seems to me it’s happening faster than predicted.

  2. Global Warming is a serious issue. After reading several post on this blog, I’m beginning to think the the celticprincess uses humor to get the attention of those that are not so serious about wanting to get involved or make an effort.

    Losing your water heater in this awful summer is bad enough, but having to clean up the mess in the ungodly heat. I live in Nevada and it sure as heck hasn’t been a dry heat.

    I want to thank you Princess for posting this because after I read it I called the gas company to move my water heater outside of my house.

    Be thankful you live in an old house of the 50’s because drywall sucks.

    Take care, you defiantly got my attention.

  3. Gee Tank that was short and sweet and not much like you. The Princess’s Angel page was awesome. My girlfriend was so excited after she read it because she was raised on Angels and is religious. I wasn’t.

    This was a new experience for me. Her mom is diabetic and fell and broke her arm and it wasn’t healing. To make a long story short the Doctors were expecting to have to amputate it. My soon to be wife, Amanda, thought it might help console her if we went to her house and prayed to the Angels with her. She is a very religious woman. Amanda’s mom was so shocked we came to her home and actually prayed to the Angels with her.

    To be honest I went through all the motions following Amanda’s lead in verbally asking for the Angels help with healing on her Mom’s arm. I really didn’t have a clue to what I was doing.

    I admit I felt stupid at the beginning, but after about 10 minutes her mom started complaining that her body felt really hot and about 5 minutes later she was really complaining that her arm was so hot it felt like it was on fire. I was getting scared over her mother’s reaction, but she and Amanda just kept asking the Angels for healing. About another 5 minutes went by and suddenly they both opened their eyes at the same time. The heat was gone and her mom seemed to feel better.

    Her mom went to the doctor yesterday for more x-rays and blood tests and had to meet with a counselor to talk about the amputation itself. I took off work to go with her and felt sick to my stomach after listening to the doom and gloom of this counselor. Amanda showed no expression, but comforted her mother when she started to cry.

    The results of her mothers blood tests and x-rays came back today. I thought I was dreaming, when the realization of what I was being told finally hit me.

    She mother’s sugar levels had dropped. The doctor was confused and wants her to back for another blood test. Her x-rays showed her arm was actually healed, but of course they want to take more x-rays before removing her cast. The doctor lowered her insulin until the results from the next blood test comes back.

    Right now I am believing in the Power of Angels, but I’ll keep you posted.

  4. Dang Doug that is just really cool. Please let us know. Josh is away right now and I have been overwhelmed at work, as usual.

  5. It’s good to be back in the States Princess, but I think I have missed a whole lot while I was away.

    Why didn’t you call my foreman? The water heater, the window and all the “accoutrement’s” would have been cleaned up and removed immediately.

    Why are you so stubborn in asking for help, when you go out of your way to help anyone that asks you? Dang Woman!

  6. Geez! I was walking along minding my own business when everything fell to pieces and Sam was in England.

    Must be rough Sam to spend the better part of the summer in England at your whim. Not sure your foreman mentioned to you he was on vacation for 6 weeks, while you were gone. Last I heard from you was, he was taking his 2 week vacation in October. You never mentioned he had 6 weeks coming after being employed by you for 2 years. I wouldn’t mind having his job.

    But thanks for sharing your comment!

  7. Well, after talking to my personal secretary on the phone for 3 hours, I guess I have some house cleaning at work to do. You flip-in drive me crazy. You could have called and told me this without posting it to the world, but you are a unique individual and knowing how you are, it’s a lesson that everybody needs to be aware of in dealing with others.

    If none of you out there get it, from the Celtic Princesses mouth to mine, you just aren’t paying attention to what is going on around your personal world.

  8. Okay Cuz, this is just to weird and you are now spooking not only me, but my “new” boyfriend that I called the same day that your water heater flooded your laundry room. I didn’t know what you were going through when the pipes under my sink flooded my kitchen the same day.

    It’s bad enough that we look like twins and we were born on the same day, in the same year, in 2 different Country’s and we both have the same middle name that nobody discussed prior to our birth.

    I’m beginning to think there is a ley line between us after the starter in my car went out and you now have to have your starter replaced.

  9. Gee Kaitlynn I would have to think that your 8 hours ahead of me, therefore, all these stupid things are happening to you first. Maybe you and your new boyfriend need to get out of that ley line of magnetic energy you live in and stop messing with my life. Don’t make me go to the airport and get on a plane to England to smack you. Dingledorf!

  10. Guess you haven’t lost that sarcastic sense of humor, now have you. I get your point and thanks for sharing that with me.

  11. I swear I was not moving Energy around to make your kitchen faucet break and flood the cabinet underneath last week.

    It just has to be the magnetic ley lines.

  12. To be honest I must have missed the rest of these comments on here. I came across this page on the internet and decided to pop in to your blog. I actually got hysterical reading this blog and the cat fight you and your cousin got into.

    My wife wanted to know why I was laughing so hard and I told her she would never understand the twin cousins that I don’t understand, but I wish at some point you would share what actually happened between the 2 of you when you were 17.

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