Here is a different way of learning Manifesting things that seems to be simple in the mind of an elderly woman, which is my almost 80 year old mother. This is how my mother has worked manifesting, unknowingly or accepting to her, since my father died over 4 1/2 years ago. Almost three years ago on December 31st, my mother came over to my house to eat and watch a movie. My Ridge-back dog was a puppy then, but still big. She loves company she knew and when I opened the door to let my mother in that dog pushed past me and jumped on her, knocking her down before I could stop her.

It took my mother several months after that to manifest the fear of falling. My mother wasn’t hurt in the fall, but she has spent her entire life being afraid of everything.Three months after her first fall, she calls me in a panic because she was standing at the counter in her kitchen, lost her balance for no reason and just fell to the floor and couldn’t get up. However, she has claimed all along she didn’t know how to use her cell phone, but conveniently had it positioned on the counter to where she could reach it, just so she could call me. I had to go over and pick her up off the floor and I do have a lower back injury that I try to ignore as much as possible. Funny she knew my son wasn’t home at the time.

I went out and bought my mother a cane, but she refused to use it. I offered to move in with her, but she wanted me to give my children and my personal belongings away. She hates children and didn’t want them in her house, which is why she didn’t raise her own children and she didn’t want anything I owned in her house. With her falling experience she had all these doctors run all these tests only to tell her it was all in her head and she needed to use her cane whether she liked it or not if she wanted to believe she had no balance. It’s a pretty purple cane with pink flowers, and when she started taking it to work, because the Doctor said so, she was so happy with all the attention she got over it.

Well, her way of manifesting things gets better. I have been extremely busy as of late. My oldest brother and his youngest son have been trying to help fill in the gap by doing all this work at her house, but it hasn’t been to her satisfaction, because “they won’t cook her meals”. They both have MS and my oldest brother’s is Progressive. They will go get her food, but she doesn’t want that and she doesn’t want me putting in long hours at work. Soooo, she decides to sit in her house, by herself, and take her blood pressure every 10 minutes. She finally got it up to stroke level, so she could call me and tell me she was having a stroke or heart attack and I needed to rush to her before she died. She lives a half of a mile down the street from me. Of course she had just seen the heart doctor and he told her she was fine.

I rush over there and call the paramedics who come and monitor her heart and blood pressure and they tell her she is having an anxiety attack, which is what I said to her before they showed up, but I’m stupid. I leave my son to stay with her the night, because I had to work in the morning, but she got up at 3:30 in the morning and yelled at him for having a light on in her den. I had to go get him because she wouldn’t quit screaming at him over a light. Then she wanted to know the next day why I picked him up and left her alone to die. (eye rolling)

Of course, she didn’t want me doing anything with my children over Labor Day weekend, so she had my brother take her to the hospital, because in her mind she was dying over her blood pressure. All her tests found was, anxiety, which led me to reprimand her in front of her Doctor and he agreed with me. The doctor told her he was going to her house and throw her blood pressure machine away that made her mad. The outcome of my visit to the hospital was my mother telling my daughter she needed to have her house vacuumed and dusted before she came home in the morning. She’s going to be really disappointed that it didn’t happen. See how that works.You just cannot demand of others, what you, yourself, are just not willing to do for you or anyone else.


13 thoughts on “Manifesting

  1. OMG, I so feel your plight as I am going through the same thing with my elderly mother.

    I was so looking for some consolation tonight that I wasn’t the only one on the Planet dealing with this and I came across this blog accidentally. Thank you for posting it and having it here when I needed it. I am loving this Energy thing that connects.

  2. This explains my grandpa to a tee. I have never seen anybody create something so dramatic, in such a short time, to get their way.

  3. You have given me an idea with manifesting. I’ve watch you do it and get results rapidly, but I don’t. This post has given me a different perspective on manifesting things. Not that I am elderly nor demanding and I might add neither are you, so you don’t have to be an old cranky geezer to get what you want.

  4. This is an interesting twist to manifesting. I never really thought about it being done this way, but in thinking back, to my own parents I guess I missed that part on purpose the whole time they were doing it.

    It really explains a lot about moving Energy to suit your needs. I just think we need to be nicer to those around us when we are having a moment.

  5. How do you manage to always have a different perspective over everything on this planet than everybody else.

    I don’t really think you believe anything is cut and dried or black and white, which is what makes you unique in an unusual sort of way.

    I still think of you after the last 30 years and living down here in New Zealand, so you must have some really strong magnetic energy that keeps pulling on me.
    I haven’t heard from you in a long while, so let me know how your mum is doing.

  6. I don’t really think that your mother has done too much wrong. Being a overly middle-aged woman myself, I guess I do stupid things to get the attention of my kids.

    I don’t see this mentioned on here, but my daughter, Katie and her husband Josh are expecting their first baby together. They didn’t tell me, but my non-communicative son, who is always rude to me, told me when he made his monthly visit to my house because his wife insisted.

    I never thought I was that much of a pain as a parent, but I am happy to accept my roll and great full my son was the one who actually told me, since he has always treated me badly, but is honestly trying to overcome being his father.

  7. Wow, opened Pandora’s Box… Ok, look, really we’re all working from inside the box as far as manifesting is concerned… Sure it might seem that we’ve fallen and can’t get up, but the reality is that we are little tired and just don’t feel like anyone cares as far as if we get up or not… And if they do offer a hand, its still nice to know someone cares. But in all actual fact its a matter of perception… Chicken or egg kind of deal which “only” matters to our chicken and egg universe, which “IS” the only universe that matters to the chicken or the egg. So what you have to decide is if yours is going to be fried, hard boiled, or sunny side up. You would think most would “choose” the sunny side over the hard boiled slice of life but ya know its simply that some like it hot… Branching out to salt and pepper now but maybe leave the spice for later.

    Just give your mom a hug, you’ll still miss her when she’s gone. That’s just how maddening our universe works.

  8. Here’s your challenge Lucky7Star. Come and spend ONE week with her, if you dare, and not get run off by her because you are in her “”. You share her birthday so I am sure you can understand about other people being on your dirt and in your “”.

  9. I already have one, thank you… She has her own and, what they share in common is that they brought us into their universe so they feel no remorse if they feel forced to show us the door… What you must remember is that “Its a Small World After All”… Just some days Just feel a lot smaller than others.The critical factor when considering gravity inverse square is NOT in proportion to the mass but rather to amount of sustained suspend belief in that there is no such thing as gravity, the whole world just sucks most of the time, times the distant to square one from which mom resides in which everything that she acts upon and with has an equal but opposite reaction given times the time it takes to head for the hills… But once terminal velocity is attained the suspense is always more than enough to cause one to pause to phone home (to see if dear ole is really alright) which she is no doubt fine but laying in wait to start the entire process over again… This is sometimes call “The Big Bang” or “Oscillating Universe”… But as long as you remember its Mom’s world, you’ll be just fine.

  10. I just love male and female bantering, especially when older mother’s are involved. I would like to be right in there with the both of you, but I just want to sit this one out. It makes me feel like I am not alone between what is said over my mother and mother-in-law, but it has given me a big clue on how they just manifest things out of the blue.

  11. I’m mad I missed all of this, I was having a baby and don’t get to sleep all that much now that the munchin is here. He looks like his father. Dang! When is it going to be about me? I’m not doing something right.

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