Have you ever watched that show on NBC on Wednesday night @7:00p.m. called” Phenomenon” with Uri Geller? My son has become obsessed with it. I understand Psychic Energy and it’s movement, but after my son made me watch this 2 hour program for Halloween, I came away with the impression that Uri Geller and Criss Angel are illusionists, and I am not discounting their psychic ability, however it is overstated for the almighty dollar. They really are not any more powerful than Harry Houdini, who died from his very own stupidity. They have a website @ “ Phenomenon”.  I just really don’t like the influence of this on my son or daughter and the general population, which is unknowingly getting drawn into this type of entertainment. Entertainment goes so far until it becomes life threatening to immature and unknowing people. I know it’s me, but I never wanted either one of my kids living in the psychic world that the public controlled. That kind of power needs to be personally taught by someone who knows how to use it .Okay, so my kids know I have it, which is why I don’t want to use it publicly, and my sometimes out of control fire nature forces me to use it in front of them and then I regret it, knowing they are watching and learning from everything I do. Both of my kids have psychic ability, but neither one of them are focused enough yet, as teenagers, to utilize it in a positive manner.I’m just agitated over this program that I know is having an adverse effect on people who really don’t have a clue, which includes the teenage and bored adult population. Paying Raven to be on this Halloween show to influence others was just really out of line. She’s not a Psychic, she’s a T.V. Character from “That’s so Raven” acting a part on having psychic ability.Psychic Power is a Real Gift from the Spiritual Force in your essence not a program on Prime Time T.V. Illusions are fun to watch, but they are not Reality and immature people imitating them are suspect for disaster . Don’t fall into an Illusionary Trap.


4 thoughts on “Phenomenon

  1. You know, after watching that show and thinking about, it is fun to watch, but it never really dawned on me until you said it about Raven. That was kind of dumb, guess they think the whole population is stupid, but they never encountered you. lol

  2. I use to love Criss Angel, but lately I think he is becoming a little arrogant and I have to agree that placing Raven on this show, who is a t.v. character playing a psychic, and putting her on this show was just a little to obvious that the show is as phony as Raven is and I’m sorry if this comment offends anyone, but Raven has become nothing but a fat actress that can’t get parts anymore.

  3. Dang Tamara, those are almost the exact words my wife used. I think they are all stupid and a bunch of fakes putting a whole lot of money in their pockets. I agree with the Princess that this is probably going to have repercussions with the general public and I am worried that kids with try some of the stupid things shown on this program. NBC needs to re-think this program and how it is presented.

  4. I think this is thee most stupid show I have ever watched. Illusions are much like reality of those in your life trying to manipulate you and bend you to a fantasy. I have 5 teenagers obsessed with this show. Two set of twins @17 and 14 and a 13 year old.

    I hate to say it, but this show of illusion puts a whole lot of pressure on parents of teens making sure they aren’t getting into something they can’t handle.

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